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Astrology of April 2021: moving towards social ecology

The Astrology of April 2021 sees the Sun, Mercury and Venus all moving through Taurus. This energy is usually very grounding, but in this case each of these fast moving planets will pass over Uranus at 9/10 degrees Taurus, triggering the square between Saturn and Uranus, which is the defining transit of 2021. Saturn square Uranus will [read more...]

The Astrology of March 2021: reconnect with spirit

The Astrology of March 2021 has a very Piscean quality to it with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all spending about half the month in the sign. Over the course of the month they all conjoin Neptune, ruler of Pisces, further enhancing the energy of Pisces and creating conditions favourable to spiritual connection and empathy. Beware however, [read more...]

Astrology of February 2021: Saturn square Uranus

The astrology of February 2021 is less busy than January, in terms of the number of transits occurring, but the whole month is over-shadowed by continuing squares between Aquarius and Taurus, most importantly the much discussed square between Saturn and Uranus, which is likely to stir things up quite a bit. The Saturn Uranus square is [read more...]

Saturn square Uranus: old structures succumb to a new vision

On 17 February we will experience the first of three exact contacts of Saturn square Uranus, the much discussed and defining transit of 2021. Rebellion against authority is the key theme of Saturn square Uranus and we can see its influence already in the recent riots in the Netherlands against COVID-19 curfews, protest against new [read more...]

Astrology of January 2021: a powerful force for change

Welcome to 2021! I think it’s safe to say that many of us are relieved to see the back of 2020, which has been a tough year on so many levels. And from where I’m sitting 2021 is looking way less intense. Of course every year has its challenges and in 2021 this comes in the form of a square between Saturn and Uranus. Due to retrograde [read more...]

Saturn conjunct Jupiter: the Great Conjunction. What rules you?

Saturn conjunct Jupiter, called the Great Conjunction, occurs once every twenty years or so. It lasts for around a month and due to its significant impact on the socio-political level, and especially on governance, it is known traditionally as the King Maker. Saturn and Jupiter connect at 0’30” of Aquarius, on 21 December [read more...]

Astrology of December 2020: the Great Conjunction in Aquarius

The big highlight of the Astrology of December 2020 is the long awaited and much discussed Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, just days after the pair enter the visionary sign of Aquarius. This transit happens around once every twenty years. Known as the ‘king-maker’ it brings a significant shift in the governance. [read more...]

Astrology of November 2020: Jupiter Pluto Pallas conjunction

After the turmoil of the last few months the astrology of November 2020 is looking like a piece of cake! I for one am incredibly relieved as the t-square between Mars and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn has hit our family pretty hard. It’s been a tough time and even while I see that the hard work has been productive, I am looking forward [read more...]

Astrology of October 2020: Retrograde Mercury opposed Uranus

The Astrology of October 2020 is a mixed bag and how it plays out for you will depend greatly on your natal placements. September was a challenging month for many with the square between Mars and Saturn creating a tension that while highly productive for many, was also exhausting and relentless. Squares are like that: they signify [read more...]

Astrology of September 2020: it’s hip to be square

If you’re feeling exhausted by the current astro weather and looking for some relief I can say right off the bat that the astrology of September 2020 only takes things up a notch. We are in the midst of unprecedented social change and the transits reflect this. From whatever angle and scale we look life is intense and chaotic right [read more...]

Astrology of August 2020: Conflict can be creative

While conflict features heavily in the astrology of August 2020, if handled creatively and constructively, it can be part of a broader evolutionary process. This month features the first of three squares between Mars and our amigos in Capricorn, as it makes it’s unusually long, six month passage through it’s own war-like sign [read more...]

Astrology of July 2020: BLM, change and renewal

The astrology of July 2020 is certainly not calm and sedate. Shit is being stirred up and many things are never going to be the same again. But we must remember that change is fundamental to our survival and it pushes us to adapt and to evolve, as well as to advocate for our rights. Those that thrive are those who make the most of the [read more...]

Astrology of June 2020: a wild wave then the sea calms

The astrology of June 2020 is going to be like a rough wave rolling in. The first half of the month will be heavy, with Sun / Venus conjunct and square Mars / Neptune, all under the influence of Jupiter conjunct Pluto. But, apart from the longer dance of Jupiter and Pluto, all this rolls through before the middle of the month, replaced [read more...]

Full Moon in Sagittarius 5 June 2020: Turn the Page

The upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius arrives on 5 June and is also an Eclipse. A Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, to be precise, which means that the themes of culmination and release that are usually associated with Full Moons will be felt even more intensely. Occurring at 15 degrees of Sagittarius, you will feel this eclipse if you have natal [read more...]

New Moon in Gemini 22 May 2020: Read Between the Lines

If you have been keeping up to date with the astrology lately, you most likely know that the air all around us is buzzing with cerebral, vibrant Gemini energy. We may have four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) travelling backwards through the Zodiac, but the stillness is only surface-level. Things are churning and stirring [read more...]
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