"Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom" Aristotle

Growing up autistic I always found relationships difficult. The things that motivated me were different from the things that mattered to neurotypical folk. When I discovered astrology and the archetypes at the age of 18 it opened up my eyes. It gave me insight into my own and other's inner lives.

Since then astrology has been a passion of mine. As well, I've worked for many years in community development, sustainability and youth mentoring. I have a Masters in Education (Social Ecology), majoring in collaborative learning.

I now enjoy applying this knowledge and experience within an online learning environment. Astrology teaches us about ourselves, but it also helps us connect with others. I'm glad you've found our little community. Please make yourself at home :)

Faith Thomas astrology course

Here's what people say about our community...

"There is so much to love about this experience! This opportunity gave me the chance to learn so much more than I ever could have on my own... Everyone had different levels of knowledge of astrology and yet we were all able to gain from each others experiences, insights and perspectives. It was amazing to share with like minded souls!

This was the first time I participated in an online forum. It was wonderful to connect with people from all over the world. It was a beautiful journey that I am grateful to have been a part of."

“It has been a great experience. I have been looking at my note books for these last weeks and they are filled with astrology: drawings, thoughts… It has been very inspirational and also grounding.”

"I enjoyed interacting with everyone in the group the most. I appreciate having the chance to write about my experiences and to find that no one shied away from non textbook interpretations or considerations. What a great group of people!"

"I have never experienced this before online - totally unlike Facebook or texting - civil in tone, words and respect for other members with wonderful interaction... I experienced the forum as a lively, engaging meeting place. Each participant offered insight and new questions. Because this was such a safe environment, members felt free to reveal themselves and their life struggles relating the former to astrological principles with the aim of attaining self knowledge and insight. This was about personal growth with no cheap labeling or knee jerk assumptions."

To help you learn astrology Insight Astrology provides: 

    • ~ Regular astro updates that help you apply the current transits to your own natal chart. Subscription is free!
    • ~ Recorded readings on how specific outer planet transits will impact you personally
    • ~ Easy-to-follow courses to help you apply astrology in your own life


Having worked as a professional astrologer for over ten years, I now focus solely on exploring outer planet transits with clients who are experiencing challenging times. 

As a late identified autistic with heavy Pluto natal aspects, I understands the experiences of trauma, exclusion, betrayal and addiction. I also identify as kinky so very little shocks me!

All my readings are recorded. When you purchase be sure to include plenty of detail about your situation and the challenges you're facing. This will ensure your reading is specific and relevant, focused on what matters most to you.

You can order a reading here. There are options to suit all budgets.

“Thank you so much for your reading! It was tremendously insightful and packed with useful information about myself as a person and about the challenges I’m currently facing. I actually listened to the recording a couple of times and needed a week to process all that new information and formulate a response. You mentioned some pervasive issues in my life clearly and elegantly and helped me improve my understanding of their dynamics…. Thank you again for your very professional, sensitive and comprehensive reading!” Andra, Germany

“Eek!! And wow!!... You truly have a fine gift at this Ms Faith – though don’t hold back when you interpret some of the rougher chart navigation. Some bits you absolutely nailed – esp around decision making which has to be honest moved into some less than normal paradigm… And I very much appreciate the emotional preparation advice for the year ahead… The info you give is insightful, measured, considerate and makes me feel like I can always pack better for this particular life adventure and all its changing seasons, fellow passengers and crazy terrain I’ve yet to meet and traverse… I have to have a second listen!!!” Kylie, Australia

Courses and workshops...

Astrology is a powerful tool for success in life and relationships. It inspires us to work through our life lessons and overcome trauma. Readings are a great way to access the insights of your chart and transits, but it can get expensive fast! I'd prefer to teach you the language of astrology for yourself.

To get started learning astrology download my free mini book The Language of Astrology, or check out our course offerings. We have both on-demand and live courses running regularly.

“[Faith] helped me ground and structure my relationship to astrology, leaving freedom to my personal way of experiencing it... This to me is key in a teacher. She has been able to move from those old power relationships in teaching, being one with us, but always the teacher, authority and guide.”

"Faith is a perfect teacher. She generously shares her wealth of knowledge and experience. She is down-to-earth, patient, straight forward, kind and approachable. She touches on personal experiences within her feedback and answers (her own as well as her students) which makes a huge difference in applying the complex concepts of astrology to everyday life experience."

This is a neuro diversity affirming and LGBT+ friendly community. We stand for social justice and inclusion.

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