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Terms of Service

At Insight Astrology we believe people are influenced by the energies around us, but we also believe in free will. Therefore, although astrologers can read these energies and foresee certain tendencies that will emerge both now and in the future, Insight Astrology makes no claim to be able to ‘tell the future’ or ‘read your fortune’.

If you purchase a reading or a course on Insight Astrology you must do so in full knowledge of these terms of service:

  • We will not tell you what is going to happen next;
  • We will not tell you what you should do next; and
  • We take no responsibility for the results of actions you take, even if you believe you are doing them with our guidance.

Each person is responsible for their own actions and for the consequences of the choices they make. Ultimately we should all be guided by our own intellect and intuition.

Important! Astrology cannot take the place of a competent therapist or counselor. If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or mental illness, or are deeply distressed by the events of your life, please reach out to an appropriate professional in your local area.

Astrology is for entertainment purposes only.