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Astrology testimonials

“I love the reading you gave me.  It’s by far the most thorough reading I’ve ever had and completely accurate.  I’ve been listening to the part about the progressed transits and aspects a few times now.  It is helping me to see a direction I think I’m moving through now and in the next few years.  The fact that I feel my past has been validated by your reading assures me that I’ve always been actively involved in my own evolution.  For the first time I feel better about what may come in the future. I will recommend your readings to everyone I know who wants one.  You’re very good, and very kind about how you approach the harder parts and I’m very grateful that you acknowledged them and talked about them.  That’s how I know you’re very good.  You didn’t run away from telling me the truth about what you see.” Judith Foster, USA

“Thank you for your kindness and generosity in offering this ‘mini’ reading… which was such a pleasant surprise and so much more than I expected! I just listened to it and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was wonderful to hear your perspective, and my first impression is that I could definitely relate to the dynamics as you describe them. Your interpretation was pretty amazing – considering we have never met – it was as though you knew me, which of course you do… from my chart! You made so much sense, and I deeply appreciate you pointing out the solutions (or resolution). Thank you again for your incisive insight Faith, which has indeed been helpful to me as I navigate through these changing times!” Ruth Hadikin, England

“Meeting you was definitely a serendipitous event. You made me feel like it was okay to want the things I want and to be who I am, and although since I had my reading I’ve had a rough time with all this change, I’ve been holding on to the things you told me and taking strength from that. I don’t feel blindsided by my interesting times. I feel forewarned and its helping me roll with it… You really helped. And the things you told me are continuing to help. I keep trying to go into a ball and pretend to be something normal again. Knee jerk. But I keep telling myself if I do that I won’t find the things I need.” Sam St John, Australia

“Faith’s reading was exactly what I needed at a difficult junction of my life. I found the way she explained the more complicated parts of astrology very clear and I love the way she uses analogies to make concepts come alive. Having it on MP3 was also nice as I can listen to it whenever I like. Thank you Faith for opening the door to astrology to me.” Lauren Bolton, England

“After having my first astrology reading by Faith (Personal Horoscope) I came for second one (Relationship Horoscope) and I wish I can come more and more, especially when facing with some big decisions. I would recommend her to anyone who’s interested in astrology. She is not a magician, but just very smart and knowledgeable guide for you to the unknown (for most of us) world/language of stars. What I appreciated about her is her warmth and her ability to make you feel very comfortable. I have had readings before in my lifetime, but this was a new type of reading for me. Instead of jumping right away into my history or future prediction, she started from brief explanation of “what astrology is”. This was the winning move for me, cause I do like to understand where things come from. Nothing she told me was mind blowing but everything was insightful. Her ability to dig in to certain areas and help guide is what makes her unique. She seems to be a great problem solver / advice giver. My reading not only helped to bring new things to light, but also brought about a better awareness and understanding of other things that I had recognized and acknowledged in my life. Much love Faith, thank you for everything.” Jenny S, Israel

“I was looking forward to this reading, and I wasn’t disappointed. You really touched on so many important things, and you helped me understand my chart a lot better… Thank you so much, I’m sure I’ll be ordering another reading very soon!” Hayley, United States

“Thank you so much for your reading! It was tremendously insightful and packed with useful information about myself as a person and about the challenges I’m currently facing. I actually listened to the recording a couple of times and needed a week to process all that new information and formulate a response. You mentioned some pervasive issues in my life clearly and elegantly and helped me improve my understanding of their dynamics…. Thank you again for your very professional, sensitive and comprehensive reading!” Andra, Germany

“Eek!! And wow!! Just finished the big listen… You truly have a fine gift at this Ms Faith – though don’t hold back when you interpret some of the rougher chart navigation. Some bits you absolutely nailed – esp around decision making which has to be honest moved into some less than normal paradigm… And I very much appreciate the emotional preparation advice for the year ahead… The info you give is insightful, measured, considerate and makes me feel like I can always pack better for this particular life adventure and all its changing seasons, fellow passengers and crazy terrain I’ve yet to meet and traverse… I have to have a second listen!!!” Kylie, Australia

“We always felt there was a strong element of ‘destiny’ in our relationship, and both of us were drawn to the idea of having our astrology charts read. Faith read our charts with language and feeling that was accurate to the universal meanings of the planets alignments, and sensitive to how their powers manifest in our relationship. The experience was at once revealing and confirming, and left us both with a beautiful sense of wonder and gratitude for Faith’s deep knowledge and precise reading. We both highly recommend a session, with or without your partner, and whatever stage in life you are at!” Sophie Kyle and Derek Birrell, England

“Faith’s readings have given me great insights into my personality and helped me better understand my relationships. She has helped me make more sense of my life.” Isa Ritchie, New Zealand

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