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Astrology readings are back at last!

After two years down the rabbit hole of motherhood I’m now offering astrology readings again. Thanks to Pluto’s transit of my Sun, Moon and Venus in Capricorn my life has been turned completely upside down. What a ride it has been! If you want proof of the power of outer planet transits, then my experience over the last three [read more...]

Next Know Yourself Online Astrology Course begins 2 March

Since the last Know Yourself Astrology Course some pretty amazing changes have occurred in my life: the most exciting is that my husband and I found out we are pregnant with our first child and have made the big move home from Europe to live in Australia. After a lot of tumult, and a very pleasant few weeks catching up with friends and [read more...]

Join our astrology forum: the Know Yourself Astrology Circle

Here is a special opportunity for the serious students of astrology in our community… The Know Yourself Astrology Forum is an intimate space to connect with others and share thoughts on chart interpretation, the evolutionary power of transits and growing self-awareness, all within a safe and respectful community. Discussion on the [read more...]

Insight Astrology’s free mini readings are back!

Long-time readers will be pleased to hear that I’ve finally dug my way out of the avalanche of free mini reading requests that descended on me when I first offered them in February 2015! Yes, free mini readings are back but, to make the process a little more manageable, they now come with a little Saturnian structure around them.  [read more...]

Free readings, mini lessons and more

I live in a community of people who understand that money and material possessions aren’t really where it’s at. As most of my friends and clients don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on luxury items such as astrology readings, I felt drawn to offer a series of short, present-moment specific free readings for [read more...]

Subscribe to Insight Astrology for free

Become part of an astrology community focused on personal growth. Bring astrology into your daily life and learn to use it as a tool for change. An Insight Astrology subscription will give you: New articles delivered to your inbox once or twice a week Free “Astrology 101” ebook to help you apply these insights to your own life [read more...]