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Join our astrology forum: the Know Yourself Astrology Circle

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Here is a special opportunity for the serious students of astrology in our community…

The Know Yourself Astrology Forum is an intimate space to connect with others and share thoughts on chart interpretation, the evolutionary power of transits and growing self-awareness, all within a safe and respectful community.

Discussion on the Know Yourself Astrology Forum ranges from personal observations on a participant’s own natal chart to explorations of more complex astrological concepts such as progressions, mid-points, declination and anaretic degrees.

Who should join the Know Yourself Astrology Forum?

  • New comers to astrology who want to connect with more experienced students
  • Those with a basic understanding who want to practice their skills with others
  • Anyone who is committed to using astrology for self-development and personal growth

The Know Yourself Astrology Forum is based on the idea that many of us learn best in community, where we are both teachers and students. Therefore everyone is encouraged not only to expand the own knowledge but also to share their experience with others.

To really grow through participation in community we must feel completely safe and respected, therefore the Know Yourself Astrology Forum is a space where only those who appreciate diversity of opinion and personality are welcome.

Participation in the Know Yourself Astrology Forum is free, however there is an obligation to be actively involved. Therefore please only apply if you have a strong desire to grow through astrology and are committed to interacting freely and openly with others.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy why not register now?

4 Comments on Join our astrology forum: the Know Yourself Astrology Circle

  1. Hi, Do we know time schedules yet for the Venus transit? There is a new proposal for a StarPark in the vast Calumet open spaces that has recently been designated Millennium Reserve as part of the the America’s Great Outdoors Act. The NE Environmental Task Force is in favor of adding the StarPark concept to their vision plan that we will be submitting to Governor Quinn’s Millennium Reserve advisory committee for inclusion. They will need to get something up in early January, so I’m depending on you (if you are interested) to help identify a date and an appropriate stars event for the 2012 calendar. They are looking for a launch date of April 20 but other dates as well. Suggestions April is Global Astronomy Month maybe that is the StarPeace week I’ll find out. SE Environmental Task Force is willing to do the marketing and other assistance if we put on the event. The Venus Transit could be a great opportunity. Like to plan out what maybe 4- 6 events in 2012? Even 1-2 special events would make an impact. This will be a great opportunity to preserve Starlight over this area. Who would like to be part of this?

  2. I have a great interest in astrology. I would like to join.. I want to know how it works and how it affect human life.

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