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Know Yourself Natal Astrology Fundamentals – Independent Study

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Know Yourself is a comprehensive and popular eight-week natal astrology course designed to help you fully understand your own birth chart and begin using it as a tool for self development.

Know Yourself is ideal for beginners but advanced students have also reported learning a great deal, and it’s easy to skip through modules that you’re all ready familiar with.

Know Yourself has been developed by astrologer and teacher Faith Thomas, who has over twenty years experience working with both online and participatory learning models. She has been a practicing astrologer for fifteen years and also worked as a mentor, community educator and curriculum designer.

This DIY version of the course is ideal for self-motivated students. You can enrol anytime, study at your own pace and participate in discussions with other students if you wish. Faith will drop in to the forum once a week to answer questions.

It’s also possible to enrol in one of our regular ‘Live’ courses, where Faith facilitates group discussion and answers questions every day for the full eight weeks of the course. Find out more about this small group mentoring option.

The following lessons are made available weekly to allow you to work through the material systematically. Each lesson contains audio content as well as chart investigation activities and suggestions for further reading, as well as a full transcript of all audio content.

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