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Cancer season: sow the seed but let the fruit take care of itself

Cancer season Image author unknown.

It’s Cancer season, and with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of the Mother there’s a strong energy of nurturing at work. However with Pluto opposing this stellium from Capricorn our attempts to nurture those we love can easily become fixated and controlling, especially if we haven’t done the work of nurturing ourselves first.

Consider the mother who’s expectations of her child are so high and her concerns for their well-being so consuming that she’s unable to let him thrive in his own way. Well the same thing can occur in any area of our lives where nurturing is played out, whether this be in the development of a creative project, in our relationships or in our attempts to support our own spiritual growth.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to force something to fit our ideal, instead of allowing it to develop and grow in its own way and in its own time. During this Cancer season we may find ourselves reminded of this in no uncertain terms. Just as we would never consider trying to unwrap a flower from its bud before it is ready to emerge, so too should we be patient with the pace of growth in all areas of our lives.

This is even more important as Mars, our energy and libido, will be moving very slowly through July. Although now direct it will take some time for Mars to pick up speed and then he needs to pass Saturn at the beginning of Sagittarius before things can really get moving again. We need to be patient, setting things in motion while at the same time realising that the fruit of the seeds we sow will only appear when the time is right. This is the lesson of Cancer season.

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

As the New Moon rises on 4 July in Cancer she joins the Sun and Venus in opposition with Pluto, deepening and intensifying our emotional reactions and particularly impacting our relationships. Be especially careful that you don’t push your views onto others or try to convince them to go along with the way you think things should be. There is a danger you will be convinced you know what is best for those you love and fall into the trap of manipulating them into going along with you.

As Venus moves out of opposition to Pluto she begins to form a square with Uranus, exact on 8 July. This is likely to cause turmoil in relationships, particularly where one person requires more time and space away from the other. Frustration can result as one person distances themselves while the other demands more intimacy. Again, be careful to acknowledge the needs of the other instead of pushing for what you think is right for them.

Between 6 and 11 July a loose grand trine forms between Mars, Venus and Chiron which can be very healing for relationships. As these planets are all in water signs emotional connection and rapport will be enhanced and we are more likely to empathise with one another and have compassion for the challenges the other is facing. This configuration will be very helpful in working with the more challenging energy of the opposition to Pluto.

The ongoing square between Saturn and Neptune continues to influence many of us, even as it begins to separate from the second of its three exact contacts. For more on this challenging aspect check out my previous articles:

Working with the energies at play during Cancer season

Some people will feel the lessons of Cancer season more strongly than others, particularly those with planets or points in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. For example I have the Sun, Moon and Venus all placed in Capricorn so I may well experience some strong inner conflict between the need to nurture my inner life and family and the demands of my career.

If you have a strong Cancerian influence in your natal chart this is a time when you can really come into your power, provided of course that other transits to your chart are conducive! On the other hand many people may be experiencing the darker side of the Cancerian archetype as Pluto brings up themes of control, obsession and power struggle, particularly with mother figures in your life.

How are you experiencing Cancer season?

Have you been feeling the tension of the opposition to Pluto as the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury pass through the sign of Cancer? What themes are emerging for you during this Cancer season? Is this archetype one you feel comfortable with or do you struggle to manifest it in a healthy way in your life? Feel free to share your experiences below…

3 Comments on Cancer season: sow the seed but let the fruit take care of itself

  1. I think the best course of action here is to nip the rose in the bud. Instead of changing other – be the change for yourself, thereby do the stuff that nurtures you. That sounds so zen-wise, but in reality it’s pretty hard to do I think. Especially if you don’t know what you want exactly.

    I can feel the pressure boiling, especially since I have my True Node in 6th house Cancer. But maybe some unexpected opportunity could improve my work situation during this time. Or, I could plant the seed for improved health. Funnily I’ve just set up a goal of eating smaller portions and to get into a better shape by going to that gym (sigh). With mars in my natal Sun sign, I should feel the energy improving…

    Still, I strongly feel that my long term plans needs some nurturing/weeding out before I can go further. I can sense that time is not right. Time will come though. But at some level I’ve begun saying goodbye somehow to the place where I live. Mentally at least. I’ve been here for two years, and I’ve always known that I wasn’t going to live here forever. Well, the time is drawing close for that, I sense it in my soul. But until I’m ready to move, I must practise, plan and reconsider every angle of it.

    • Oh my goodness! This new moon is pretty much conjunct my natal True Node! According to Google, this is like a “personal Solar Eclipse”?! Either way, this is potent! I really really wonder how this will play out the next months…

  2. Belinda Romero // July 6, 2016 at 1:01 am // Reply

    Looking at my chart, I see Uranus is my natal planet in Cancer which is in my eight house. Since the transiting sun is in my eight house, too I wonder if my dark side will appear from my second house which holds my natal venus in Capricorn and transiting Pluto is there too. Time will tell what will happen.

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