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Chiron in Aries: Its healing influence on your ascendant, sign by sign

By Rose Birt

Chiron in Aries

On 15 December, Chiron turns direct after over four months in retrograde motion. Chiron has been in Aries since the beginning of 2019, which represents the initiation of healing in whatever area of your life Chiron is passing through.

In my previous article, The Journey of the Chiron archetype, I explored the symbolism of Chiron through our charts and how the foundation of our wounding can direct our story into cycle after cycle of painful experiences that we must learn from. In that article we learned that one of our keys to healing is found in the act of surrender. In this article I will explore the specific qualities of Chiron in Aries.

Chiron entered Aries in February 2019 and due to its erratic elliptical will stay in the sign of Aries for 8 years – the longest transit of its orbit. There are many layers of symbolism in this transit and many awakenings on tap for all of us as Chiron in Aries hits directly to the heart of why we are even here in this current life, at this present time, in this collective space.

Chiron in Aries asks us the questions “What do you want now? Who are you truly wanting to be?” Through this transit, you can collect the keys to unlock the limited beliefs you hold and begin to see yourself in a whole, new light. You were born with a purpose, before anybody else ever had an opinion about it.

When Chiron was moving through Pisces (2010 – 2018) we all found ourselves with plenty of opportunities to practice letting go of what did not serve or belong to us. The ability to receive information from all sources, at all times also induces a certain type of surrender to the events happening around us, where we have to give up our attachment to most of them if we want to move forward.

Chiron in Pisces taught us that nothing truly ends and everything is always in a state of transformation. So, it is okay to rest when we need to rest.

With Chiron in Aries there is a greater urgency for divinely guided action and a louder call to arms in our spiritual revolution made manifest here on Earth. We intuitively and inherently know that all humans are free spirits and that it is an abomination to oppress, enslave or harm any one of us through willful, deliberate action and even more so when it happens to be our own beliefs that hold us captive in a particular cycle.

Chiron in Aries helps us understand that our spiritual truth is casting out the human beliefs of hierarchy and worthiness as we see warriors of all races and genders rising up to light the path forward with their individualistic fire to help create a better world.

Chiron in Pisces inspired us to see our shared humanity and release limited beliefs associated to race, religions and genders. Chiron in Aries urges us to face the reality we collectively created, while at the same time, feeling our way towards a more authentic, better feeling world we can all enjoy. In order to be truly free, you must acknowledge the freedom born in others.

With Chiron in Aries, we are learning to set ourselves and each other free by pursuing our souls desire and embodying the creative solutions that this world is calling for.

Chiron in Aries will activate the Ascendant

Because Aries is the natural ruler of the Ascendant, Chiron in Aries will activate this area of our chart strongly.

Chiron in Aries is pointing to that pivotal moment where we decided to make our entrance and create the ripple through this cosmos that has yet to end. This transit asks you to remember why you’re here. What impulses do you have to become who you are? What or who do you need freedom from in order to evolve? What are you waiting for? What is your true story?

We are the wounded healers in action on our own way to wholeness. But we have also forgotten that it is supposed to be a fun journey! Aries is not always the most serious of signs and with Jupiter in Sagittarius, we are reminded that we came here for fun, to learn, to play, to grow and expand in our intention to connect our humanities together.

Chiron in Aries helps us realise that it is possible to face the world as it is, breathe enthusiasm into our purpose and to do it all while laughing at the absurdities of our human condition and employing the compassion to give grace when needed. We are all in this together and it will do all of us well to remember that.

How Chiron in Aries will affect your ascendant

Let’s take a look at what this Chiron in Aries transit may be invoking for you through your Ascendant. I tend to think of the Ascendant as the promise of the present moment. At any moment you are aware, you can invoke the strengths of this archetype and further influence the way your energetic intentions flow.

Chiron in Aries with an Aries Ascendant

There may still be remnants of the Chiron in Pisces lessons to move through. Letting go of what is or what was, and coming to terms with yet another “new normal”.

Part of your wounding is feeling like you’re always having to start over but the wisdom is in knowing that you always will be in this flowing state of creation, so you may as well learn to relax, enjoy it and have fun. You can trust your own instincts about yourself and you are free to go in the direction that feels the best for you.

Chiron in Aries with a Taurus Ascendant

You may be inspired to find the places where you truly feel like you belong. Places that inspire creativity and reflect your inner light. When we are learning to tune into our own guidance, we can be heavily influenced by others and it becomes challenging to hear what our own wisdom has to say about our own experiences.

Your feelings are your own. You are free to transform them into any new aspect of yourself you want to explore. You have an inner compass that will guide you whereever you want to go.

Chiron in Aries with a Gemini Ascendant

Things are never as final as they seem, circumstances are forever in flux and it helps to keep an open and flexible mind about what is already created so that we can see the possibilities of what it is becoming.

This Chiron in Aries transit may be the paradigm shift you’ve been waiting for as you are learning to detach your feelings from what does not serve you so that you can better define that which you are wanting to see, feel and create for yourself. Explore and expand your belief system and let the break-throughs speak for themselves.

Chiron in Aries with a Cancer Ascendant

Which belief(s) are you holding that prevents you from feeling safe and secure in your own body. When you believe something about yourself, you attract the proof of it to wherever you are. Things that are true for ourselves and others are that way because we believe them into our experience.

You are wanting the comforts of home and the freedom to explore – you can have both. The healing realization will come that if your beliefs create your reality, you can then change your beliefs and invoke the discipline needed to follow what feels best and nurturing to you on the way. It is then that you discover that you can be home wherever you are; safe, comforted and a catalyst for compassionate change.

Chiron in Aries with a Leo Ascendant

If you are disillusioned with the world and your place in it, you are in the right place at the right time. This is the perfect opportunity to liberate yourself from certain relationships that you feel no longer align with who you are wanting to be.

These relationships extend also into your employment. If you are not happy where you are, it is within your power and purpose to start moving in the right direction of the service you are best suited for. Start exploring your own brand of brilliance and follow your own light shining at the end of this tunnel.

Chiron in Aries with a Virgo Ascendant

You may have seen some relationships come to an end recently and in their place new connections are able and ready to form. Whoever you see and the thoughts that are your habit to think, are a direct reflection of where your own energy is at in the present moment.

If you are overly critical of others, you are trying to heal your own self-criticisms. Relationships continue to be your mirror as the more you practice self-compassion the easier all of your relationships, professional and personal, will become.

Chiron in Aries with a Libra Ascendant

In a world seemingly dominated by the needs of others, this is the time to invoke the need for yourself. You need your own attention and self-service in order to buffer the noise of everyone around you.

You are moving more towards individuating your thoughts and feelings in your own relationships to know that you are more than capable of deciding what you need and who you want to be. We are as wired for companionship as we are solitude – and both compliment the other when we are securing the foundation of what we are want.

Chiron in Aries with a Scorpio Ascendant

Transforming any situation can be second nature, but are you aware of what you are changing and why you feel compelled to do it?

Sometimes we induce chaos just to feel things move. Other times we consciously set our path in motion and carve our identity out with intention and purpose. You do not need chaos to evolve. Your power to transform can happen by thought, alone. You simply have to decide where to focus and keep your intentions moving forward and free from the past.

Chiron in Aries with a Sagittarius Ascendant

You are more than the physical body you see and you know more than you think you do about expanding that sense of self. Healing comes in the form of tapping into your own cosmic link into who you are and the truth that is found in that space that belongs only to you.

This knowledge of our true self is the only security we need. When we have that, we can free the old stories from our lives and begin shining the light on and for ourselves.

Chiron in Aries with a Capricorn Ascendant

Let the monuments of your past fall where they are. It is exhausting trying to keep maintenance up on what is outdated and crumbling. You are freeing yourself from all of it and in that clear space is plenty of room for new words, new perceptions, new ideas and new realities to start to take form.

Having the emotional discipline to authentically say yes and no to yourself and in your relationships means you are building and maintaining only what is in working order. You can take whatever materials that are at your disposal and create something beautiful no matter where you are.

Chiron in Aries with an Aquarius Ascendant

Freedom has always been the goal and it may feel so close that you can taste it. Being pulled in many directions only scatters your energy and dissolves your intentions. This Chiron in Aries transit guides you towards the anchor you need to carry out the vision you have.

In every moment is the promise to be true to who you are. You are learning to match your words to your actions and your actions to your identity. You are knowing it is okay to be who you are and your focus now goes into the present moment practice of that unique expression.

Chiron in Aries with a Pisces Ascandant

No experience is ever wasted in our life. The lessons we learn are invaluable and it all becomes part of the wholeness of our being. In a world where it is expected to be self-sacrificing, you are learning to take your freedom for yourself to be and do what you want to do. You no longer need to justify your existence by what you give to others.

Step by step you are paving that path for yourself. During this transit, you can explore what you really want and use your feelings to guide you on your path. The compassion that you have sewn lifetime over lifetime yields a phenomenal return of that loving investment right back to you where it is needed most.

Chiron in Aries urges us all to initiate healing

No matter what your ascendant, Chiron in our chart reminds us that the unhealed parts of our self will always attract the experiences that need healing. And that the healed parts of our self can create a life that is free from needing to be healed.

Our intentions, desires, feelings, thoughts and words coalesce into the emotion which creates the framework of our everyday reality. Knowing this is to practice the freedom of your spirit and the consciousness of your soul in everything you choose to do.

Sending so much love to you on your healing path, Rose.

Rose Birt is an Astrologer, Doula and Reiki Master practicing in the Durham Region of Canada. You can learn more about here work at Transitions Reiki.

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  1. Brilliant faith
    Just brilliant!

    Blessings and love sent to you.
    Paula ????X

  2. May the Divine continue to flow through you Rose, and all who may allow this flow beyond Self imposition. The more light Felt on earth, the higher Our vibration rises. By being a high vibratory existence, you will in turn produce and affect the World with high vibration. All is you and you are Any.

  3. March 21, 2021
    Transit Chiron is opposite my 9°libra ascendant.
    … the midst of healing broke heart.

  4. Transiting Chiron square natal ascendant 9degree painful slow healing injury

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