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Astrology of November 2020: Jupiter Pluto Pallas conjunction

Astrology of November 2020

After the turmoil of the last few months the astrology of November 2020 is looking like a piece of cake! I for one am incredibly relieved as the t-square between Mars and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn has hit our family pretty hard. It’s been a tough time and even while I see that the hard work has been productive, I am looking forward to some quieter astro weather.

However it’s important to remember that storms can wreak havoc and destruction and once they’ve passed there’s usually a fair bit of cleaning up and rebuilding to do. Health, finances, family harmony, whatever has taken the brunt of these recent difficult transits is going to need some time and energy put into its repair.

But the time and resources will be there! And although we may continue to be low in energy, for the first hald of the month while Mars is still retrograde, we will no longer have the feeling that we are working against ourselves and others.

So on to the astrology of November 2020…

November begins with a double square from Mercury to Saturn. Mercury is currently retrograde so it first squares Saturn on 1 November, before turning direct on 3 November, then making a second pass on 6 November. This square represents the intellect in conflict with established authority and is likely to influence the outcome of the US election on 3 November.

On 9 November Venus opposes Mars, one of the few tense aspects occurring this month. Venus is a fast mover so this is only likely to impact those with planetsor points between 15 and 17 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Cap). Watch out for conflict between the masculine and feminine aspects, either within yourself or in relationship with others.

On 10 November Mercury enters Scorpio and we’re ready to start considering and discussing the deeper implications of current changes, both in our personal lives as well as politically. With Mercury now direct things can be brought out into the open that may have previously been too painful to acknowledge. It’s time to look at things square on and accept that which we do not like.

Fortunately on 10 November the Sun trines Neptune, which brings a powerful injection of divine inspiration and connection to spirit. We are one. We need only see and acknowledge this oneness to tap into the realisation that everything we do to another, or to the smallest creature on this planet, we do also to ourselves. This realization can empower us to choose and create more wisely.

On 12 November Jupiter conjoins Pluto. This is the most powerful and long lasting transit in the astrology of November 2020. Jupiter amplifies everything it touches and Pluto is the God of Death so it is likely we will see an increase in the number of deaths from COVID-19 this month.

However Pluto also represents power. Personally, if your chart is touched by this conjunction (planets or points between 20 and 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs), you may feel especially determined and ambitous. Be careful though as this transit also tends to make people less concerned with stepping on others to get what they want!

This is the third of three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions in 2020 and all of them have been conjunct the asteroid Pallas, or Pallas Athena. Pallas Athena emerged fully armed from her father Zeus’ head and is the goddess of warfare. However she also rules wisdom, courage and political skill. Her involvement suggests a transformation in the established status quo that will not be without bloodshed, but will ultimately be positive for humanity.

On 14 November Mars turns direct. Yay! If you’re chart has been triggered the fatigue that has been hanging over you will lift and energy will return. This pairs very well with the Pluto Jupiter conjunction, still very much in effect, especially as a sextile from the Sun to Pluto and Jupiter over the next couple of days enhances the positive impacts of this transit. Work hard and you will see results!

On 15 November the New Moon rises in Scorpio, just as the Sun forms a sextile to Jupiter. This aspect brings good fortune, so don’t neglect to set your intentions for the month as they will be super charged.

A Scorpio New Moon is definitely a time to go inward or intimate and as Venus is forming a square to Pluto and Jupiter over the next two days it would be worthwhile exploring any painful, bruised areas of the psyche or of intimate relationships and attending to them.

Venus in square aspect to the Pluto Jupiter conjunction will bring out some of the ruthless qualities of this transit that I mentioned earlier. Be careful! Remember the rules of relationship we all learned in kindergarten: don’t snatch, share, take turns. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you get to take it from someone else.

This mid part of the month is where things get a little rock and roll with an opposition from Mercury to Uranus perfecting on 17 November. This is the second of three oppositions between the pair, with the first two occuring in October. Mercury opposed Uranus can make us argumentative, however there is potential here to learn a great deal if we keep an open mind.

On 19 November Venus squares Saturn which can make relationship commitments and responsibilities feel arduous, but a sextile from the Sun to Saturn will help. Practice gratitude and remind yourself of the positive things the relationship brings to your life.

Venus enters Scorpio on 21 November so for the next month we’ll likely favour one-on-one interactions and intimacy over shallower social interactions. This is timely with so many countries back in lock-down, but may also have you exploring the darker corners of your relationships. This can be painful but ultimately healing and transformative.

On the same day the Sun enters Sagittarius, sign of the traveller and explorer. If you’re cooped up inside, channel this energy into creative projects, specialist study or research. Learning everything there is to know about a culture or country might be just as satisfying as visiting it!

On 24 November Venus opposes Lilith and we might see some righteous anger energe in our relationships, especially if resentments have been building up. A trine from Mercury to Neptune on the same day, followed by a trine from the Sun to Chiron on 26 November, will do much to ensure compassion and healing are the ultimate outcome of any stoushes.

On 27 November Mercury begins a series of sextiles with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn, ending on 30 November with the full Moon in Gemini, the sign of Mercury’s rulership. This suggests an open mind, learning and steady thinking, as well as clear communication.

These will all be valuable assets as Venus opposes Uranus on 27 November, bringing brief turmult into our relationships. There may be things that need to be changed up or rearranged so allow yourself to go with the flow and consider unconventional or out-of-the-box solutions.

On 29 November Neptune turns direct and we are finally out of the fog. With new clarity we may see where we have been deluding ourselves, where we have failed to set appropriate boundaries, allowed others to take advantage of us or played the victim or martyr.

Adjustment may be necessay and as the Full Moon rises in Gemini on 30 November it is a good time to share our new knowing, communicating clearly to others where changes need to be made, and expressing ourselves with both courage and compassion.

Until next month,
X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the Astrology of November 2020 in the comments below.

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3 Comments on Astrology of November 2020: Jupiter Pluto Pallas conjunction

  1. Hi Faith, I really enjoy your Month Ahead column. Thank you, you bring in some Asteroids, which are expanding my understanding. What a fantastic year! I’ve hated most of it, but always appreciate the hard miles when I turn back to see how high I’ve climbed. Looking forward to a sneak preview of 2021! Dinah Morris

  2. I am with you Faith! Cancer Sun, Aries rising. Hasn’t been much fun. My family has been hit hard too and I really hope we have turned the corner. Thank you for your forecasts and your insights which we can enjoy for free but also help us feel connected. Best wishes to you and your family! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! Love and light to you Faith. ?

  3. Dank je Faith , dat je ons op de hoogte houd van de toekomstige gebeurtenissen. Wens je een goede tijd toe . anna

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