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Astrology of October 2020: Retrograde Mercury opposed Uranus

Astrology of October 2020 Image copyright Hubbard Street Dance Chicago.

The Astrology of October 2020 is a mixed bag and how it plays out for you will depend greatly on your natal placements.

September was a challenging month for many with the square between Mars and Saturn creating a tension that while highly productive for many, was also exhausting and relentless. Squares are like that: they signify periods of intense change, of building and development, but this progress is never without its challenges.

Personally I found this latest square between Mars and Saturn, exact yesterday, particularly challenging. It hit several sensitive points in my natal chart including my Sun and Moon. Ouch! Cue major emotional melt down and domestic combat. I hope you have all fared a little better.

Having said this it’s important to acknowledge that in the process of said emotional meltdown, things were said that needed to be said. Perhaps not in the kindest or most compassionate way, but at least now they are out in the open and can be addressed. Squares, especially cardinal squares can shift things because they bring tension to the surface, and after the eruption things tend to feel a lot better.

So on to the astrology of October 2020…

The Astrology of October 2020 features two full moons, a reactivation of the cardinal t-square and of course Mercury turning retrograde on 14 October. On the plus side there are a bunch of supportive trines and sextiles to provide support and stability, and Pluto finally shifts into direct motion after a long period in retrograde. Phew!

The month opens with a Full Moon in Aries on 1 October. Aires is an energy of initiation and action, however with Aries’ ruler Mars still tracking retrograde, and in separating square to Saturn, the energetic gang-ho feelings usually associated with this sign may feel thwarted and frustrated.

Pluto turns direct on 4 October, which will come as a relief to most people. Confronting inner demons ain’t most people’s idea of a good time after all! However Mars is already within orb of a square to Pluto, perfecting on 9 October, and this may bring certain conflicts and resentments out of the shadows and in to the open. Be careful you don’t hurt anyone with those claws of yours!

On 7 October Mercury forms the first of two oppositions to Uranus this month. Mercury in opposition to Uranus can be volatile and a little crazy-making so try to make time to quiet the mind. Spend time in nature, do some mediation, be still and quiet as often as you can. A supportive trine / sextile configuration will help here. Venus moved into Virgo on 2 October suggesting that connecting with others can help bring us back down to Earth, to be practical and grounded.

This is very important as from 8 October the Sun begins to square Jupiter, taking its place in the Libra position of the Cardinal t-square so recently vacated by Mercury. This t-square will be active for around ten days with the following key dates:

9 October – Mars squares Pluto
11 October – Sun squares Jupiter
13 October – Sun opposes Mars
15 October – Sun squares Pluto
18 October – Sun squares Saturn
19 October – Mars squares Jupiter

On 14 October, mid-way through the most challenging part of the month, Mercury turns retrograde in Scorpio. Personally I don’t find this a particularly challenging transit but many do, and combined with the shit storm of the cardinal t-square it might be wise to put off certain conversations, proposals or new initiatives, especially of the technological kind. To read more about Mercury Retrograde check out this article.

Significantly, on 16 October the New Moon in Libra joins the Sun in its square to Pluto and Saturn, activating the t-square big time. This is a time when emotions will be very high, so tread especially carefully.

Also, on 18 October Venus opposes Neptune, trining Jupiter the next day. This may bring things to light in our relationships that will ultimately benefit us, but that may be painful to accept at first. Connect to spirit in any way you prefer to avoid projection, delusion and disappointment.

Fortunately, during this difficult week we also see a number of supportive transits that will help keep us us grounded. A sextile from Jupiter to Neptune on 12 October brings faith in ourselves and in the benevolence of the universe, while the sextile from Mercury to practical Venus in Virgo on the same day reminds us that we need each other, and helps with communication.

By 20 October we will feel some relief. Remember that Mars is retrograde at present and will not turn direct until 14 November. Having squared Jupiter for the second time this year, it will now back away and we will get some respite. Thankfully, by the time Mars squares Pluto for the last time on 20 December, Saturn and Jupiter will have already moved on into Aquarius.

On 20 October Mercury opposes Uranus for the second time, retrograding back through Scorpio. Thoughts are intense and obsessive, however a trine from Venus to Scorpio’s ruler Pluto helps channel this energy more productively. In particular, sex can be a good way to release some of the tension that has built up over the course of the last two weeks so get into it if you can.

The Sun enters Scorpio on 22 October and conjoins Mercury three days later. This can feel like a light going on in your mind. Suddenly you can see and understand things clearly.

Meanwhile Venus is coming into trine with Saturn, exact on 24 October, solidifying and stabilising our relationships, which have likely been under a lot of strain over the past two weeks. On 28 October Venus moves into Libra where it rules, and relationships are further strengthened.

On 31 October the Full Moon rises for the second time this month, in the earthy sign of Taurus and exactly conjunct Uranus. This is likely to be a very volatile transit so connect with nature, sit with presence in your physical form and get rooted in the solidity of Now. This groundedness can be your anchor as you navigate the stormy seas of the astrology of October 2020.

Until next month,
X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits of the planets and the transformations that are occurring in your lives. Join the conversation and share your thoughts on the Astrology of October 2020 in the comments below.

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  1. Thank you Faith for sharing and have a good time . Anna

  2. I’m really curious what can I expect today as the full moon practically falls on my Acs at 11 degrees Aries. I have a really positive vibe about it though.

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