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Astrology of September 2020: it’s hip to be square

Astrology of September 2020

If you’re feeling exhausted by the current astro weather and looking for some relief I can say right off the bat that the astrology of September 2020 only takes things up a notch. We are in the midst of unprecedented social change and the transits reflect this. From whatever angle and scale we look life is intense and chaotic right now. However looking further forward into 2021 there are strong indications of new growth and positive change that we can look forward to as the dust of 2020 settles.

The big feature of this month’s astrology is the ongoing square from Mars to Saturn. As a fast moving personal planet the transits of Mars are not usually the ones astrologers look to when analysing major shifts on a social scale. However Mars is one of our key players at present and plays a particularly important role in the astrology of September 2020.

While no longer in exact square aspect to Saturn, Mars remains in orb of this giant of authority and structure for the entire month, shifting into retrograde on the 10 September before making its second exact square on 29 September. During this time both Venus and Mercury form t-squares with this team of change agents, Venus right now and until the end of the first week of September and Mercury in the second half of the month.

This energy is playing out as an eruption of long-held frustrations with the inequalities, injustices and oppression symbolised by the excesses of Capricorn, including unbridled power wielded by a few over the many, and unequal distribution of resources on a global scale. Catalysed by increased regulation and lock downs brought on by the pandemic, Mars in Aires now stands for personal rights and freedom, in conflict with authority and hierarchical control.

From gun toting Republican voters to Molotov cocktail tossing Antifa protesters, all over the world this energy of Mars square Saturn is creating upheaval and conflict, as people stand up for their rights as they see them. Unfortunately Mars is not a particularly empathetic or cooperative energy and so each group of freedom fighters will find it hard to see one another point of view, until Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius at the end of the year.

Yes things are shifting but the energy for the moment feels stuck, edgy and abrasive both on the personal and on the political level. However there are some nice supportive transits coming into play that will make the hard work feel more worthwhile. Transient trines from the Sun to Uranus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, as well as from Venus to Mars (later in the month) will help take the edge of things and remind us that, despite the huge shifts occurring all around us, we still hold personal power over how we respond to and work with the energies at play.

Also, Jupiter’s slowing building sextile to Neptune, which perfects on 12 October, is already casting a light of hope and promise for the future.

Key dates in the Astrology of September 2020

On 3 September Mercury forms a trine to Saturn which steadies the mind and helps us to think and communicate in a structured and organised manner. With Mercury in its rulership in Virgo this is good energy for setting up systems, planning and getting on top of negative self-talk and destructive over-thinking.

This mental stability is a gift as on 4 September Venus in Cancer will square Mars in Aries bringing up both conflict and passion in relationships, especially as Mars is still within orb of its square to Saturn in Capricorn.

This first t-square of the month is already very much in effect and could be pretty tough on personal relationships. Conflict and struggle with authority is highly likely, so tread carefully. Fortunately, those supportive aspects from transiting Mercury to Saturn and Venus will help us keep a steady head and communicate with clarity.

On 6 September Mercury moves into Libra which is a placement that favours communication in relationships. This may be the time to work through issues that were brought to a head during the Mars / Saturn / Venus t-square.

On 7 September Venus moves into Leo, freed from the cardinal t-square. Phew!

From the 9 September the Sun forms a series of trines with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, reminding us that we have creative agency in our relationship with reality. What we do with the circumstances we find ourselves in, what we manifest from the resources that are available to us, is our choice. The Sun is our magic and in harmonious alignment with these three heavy weights we can position ourselves to make the most of, and to utilise our gifts most powerfully, in the face of the greater forces of change that are at play in our lives.

These trines also provide support as we head into the Mars retrograde period which commences on 10 September. Due to turning retrograde in its final degrees of Aries, Mars will remain in this sign for much longer than usual – six months as opposed to a usual stay of around six weeks. The retrograde period lasts until 14 November.

Mars in its rulership in Aries is fiery, feisty and ready to fight, so take care, especially as the planet of warfare squares Saturn, and then Pluto and Jupiter, over the next two months. During the retrograde period this energy may also manifest on the inner level, or it may become underhand or shady in its dealings. Certainly conflict is likely to be a theme over the coming months and this appears to be a necessary catalyst for the major shifts that are occurring for human civilisation at this time.

On 11 September the Sun opposes Neptune. This aspect can bring disillusionment and disappointment as we suddenly see things more clearly. If you have been living in fantasy or denial this will likely be a painful transit as things come to light that you were unwilling or unable to accept. This transit will likely dissolve any illusions we have about ourselves or our capacity, and highlights the tension between the demands of everyday life and the still small voice that suggests we pay attention to our spirit. Finding balance between the two will help.

On 13 September Jupiter turns direct (yay!) which will open up and expand our world just that little bit more, revealing new opportunities and possibilities that may not have been available to us before. As the Sun trines Pluto on 14 September, you may feel newly empowered, especially if your chart is touched (you have planets or points between 19 and 25 degrees of the Earth signs).

These positive transits support us as Mercury moves in to square our Cap trio and oppose Mars, our second t-square of the month. Our thoughts may be quite negative and agitated. Meditation could be your lifeline here – if so, take it!

Just to ramp things up that little bit more, on 15 September Venus squares Uranus, which generally brings disruption and change in relationships. This time round those with planets or points between 6 and 12 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will likely feel this energy strongly.

On 17 September the Dark Moon rises in Virgo, just as Mercury squares Jupiter. Fortunately a trine from the Sun and Moon to Saturn provides stability and a sense of responsibility to our commitments, health and well-being.

On 21 September Mercury moves on to square Pluto and then Saturn on 23 September. It then opposes Mars on 24 September before moving on into Scorpio on the 28th. Beware of negative self-talk during this period!

On 29 September Venus forms a trine to Mars which provides welcome ballast as our Warrior exactly squares Saturn for the second time. Remember that Mars has never really left the orb of its square to Saturn which has remained in affect over the entire month. With Saturn turning direct on the same day (yay!) these two will now head away from each other. This second square will be over and done with by 10 October, though Mars will then continue back to square Pluto and Jupiter.

Yes this is some gnarly energy and we can see it playing out on the world stage in numerous uprisings and protest actions occurring in cities all over the globe. On the personal level these squares between Mars and our trio in Capricorn are likely to play out as a direct attack on our inner authority, personal power and sense of truth and rightness. Don’t be surprised if you observe yourself playing out themes of self sabotage, inner conflict and feelings of helplessness, frustration or rage.

Meanwhile, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron remain retrograde for the entire month of September, so be sure to set time aside for inner work and reflection. Observing yourself closely, especially your reactions to the changes that are going on around you, may be helpful in transitioning more smoothly into the new way of being.

Will you be hit hard by the astrology of September 2020?

If you have planets or points in the second half of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) you are likely to be feeling the t-squares that dominate the astrology of September 2020 very strongly. Be kind to yourself! And remember, we are all in this together…

Love to you all,

PS If you’re not sure if you’ll be hit by these t-squares, grab a free natal chart at and start reading your own astrology with our Free Language of Astrology ebook.

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  1. Awesome report, Faith!
    My head is pounding with transiting and natal Mars and Mercury, quincunx in mutual reception.
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