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Saturn conjunct Pluto exact: an alliance for change

Saturn conjunct Pluto Image by Andreas Levers.

Well it’s finally upon us. The long-awaited, much discussed and often over dramatised alignment of Saturn and Pluto in the sign of Capricorn. Although already well within orb, Saturn will conjunct Pluto exactly on 12 January, ushering in some pretty important social and economic changes.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is a big deal. It’s the first time in 35 years that these two hard-hitting astro players have connected and it will have far reaching impacts on our society as a whole. However, unless you have planets or points between 19 and 25 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn) this transit is unlikely to impact you personally.

If you are personally affected it’s useful to know that Saturn conjunct Pluto will be felt right through January and into early February. Due to retrograde motion the two will reconnect again in September and October 2020, however they will only be within 3 degrees orb and won’t fully conjoin.

The main impact of Saturn conjunct Pluto will be to break down and recreate social structures that are no longer working. This could mean a significant reworking of political systems and economic frameworks that benefit an elite group at the top of the social hierarchy at the expense of our environment and society as a whole.

This social change may well be catalysed by social unrest, rebellion and upheaval and is likely to be particularly related to the environmental destruction and social injustice that the current regime has been responsible for over the past 35 years. Extinction Rebellion, a worldwide movement for action on climate change is one example of people all over the world uniting and demanding change with one voice.

Natural disasters such as the Australian bushfires may also catalyse action, as we are reminded that there are always consequences to our actions here on Earth. Saturn is the ruler of responsibility and will never allow us to walk away from our mistakes without learning the lesson that comes with it. As a species we have run rough shod over our planet for more than a century. Now we must face the mess we have made and take responsibility for the clean up.

For those personally affected, the impact of Saturn conjunct Pluto will depend on whether the planets or points that are triggered in the natal chart are positively or negatively aspected. For example, say your natal Venus is at 22 degrees Capricorn and is directly hit by this transit. If your Venus is sextile Mars and trine Uranus this transit is likely to have a very positive outcome for you, perhaps ushering in a new and long term relationship.

On the other hand, if your natal Venus at 22 Capricorn is square to your natal Sun, Saturn conjunct Pluto will likely bring about a difficult and painful reworking of how you do relationships with an emphasis on power dynamics and personal responsibility.

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Saturn conjunct Pluto is nothing to be afraid of. In fact it is a powerful catalyst for positive change, pushing us to acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions. We can no longer keep our heads in the sand, ignoring the breakdown of our social and ecological systems. We must face these problems head on even if it is painful. Only through looking directly at ourselves and our mistakes can we evolve.

6 Comments on Saturn conjunct Pluto exact: an alliance for change

  1. Thanks, Faith,

    I am being heavily affected by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto transiting through my 4th house, squaring my natal Mercury and Sun in Aries and my ascendant in Libra. My whole sense of who I am is being pulled apart by the Capricorn earth, and I am containing many memories that are dying from the Cancer south node transiting my natal Uranus in the 9th house of travel. . . Teaching abroad, here I come!

    • Exciting times Hilary. I really believe that if we can relax into a difficult transit and surrender to the changes that it brings then we will come out the other end at an exciting new place. It’s exhausting of course but if we can remain as conscious as possible… Easier said than done I know :)

  2. Such a great post, Faith. Today I posted a color along on my IG profile to bring awareness and support to the Australian Bush fires with an artistic approach. I hope a lot of the coloring community will join and spread the awareness.

    As you say, we cannot go on without acknowledge our responsibility for others – as Saturn and Pluto in Libra so clearly show. The worst part of this is the Pluto power – showing how state government has been blind and refuse to acknowledge their responsibility in the climate crisis, bringing other people’s life in danger. So now I am hosting a color along instead. Make art, not war. Create, do not kill ;-)

    Personally I have the Libra conjunction of these 2 in my 8th house, so the last year a lot of my relationships took a hit. My progressed Moon was also hitting natal S&P from Cap, my 12th house, before crossing my ascendant into Aquariu.
    This transit sextile my Sun-Venus-Jupiter constellation, and last year I met a really wonderful man, which I am now completely committed to, and we are moving in together this January. It’s a very mature relationship, a meeting of minds and heart, with a tint of Pluto (after all, I am a plutonian). We have the most beautiful synastry I have seen anywhere in my love life before.

    My thoughts go out to you and your Australian family and hope you will make it through this catastrophic event <3

    • Thank you so much dear Anette, and how lovely to hear that you have found someone you resonate so strongly with. We are all well here and the fires that were burning very close to our place are now under control. Thank goodness! Much love to you xxx

  3. Yes, ‘surrender’is the correct word for the saturn conjunct pluto transit. I find sometimes that’s all we can do in a Pluto transit. Surrender doesn’t mean give up, runaway either, what it means for me is to demonstrate it’s transformative energies.

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