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Saturn in Aquarius: activists and visionaries, get organised!

Saturn in Aquarius Image author unknown.

As the world reels at the rapid spread of COVID-19 and prepares for the economic fallout, Saturn moves quietly into the sign of Aquarius, bringing with it the capacity to organise our communities in the face of this crisis.

We will be okay. Saturn in Aquarius has the potential to be a powerful force for positive change in our society. It gives us the gifts of perseverance, stamina, goal orientation and commitment that will help us make the necessary changes and set us on a course towards a more sustainable and socially just society.

Due to retrograde motion Saturn will be in Aquarius from 21 March until 1 July before heading back into Capricorn until 7 December 2020. It will then remain in Aquarius until it moves into Pisces on 7 March 2023.

Saturn in Aquarius is an interesting combination. Although Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, in many ways the two energies are very, very different. Aquarius is the archetype of the rebel, the visionary, the activist, the one who sees a better way forward for humanity. On the other hand, Saturn rules structure and form, the status quo.

With Saturn in Aquarius we see these two energies combined. Saturn brings its qualities of structuring and building, it’s skill at achieving goals and planning strategically to the social change movement. This could turn what is often perceived to be a bunch of disorganised rabble-rouses into a coherent, structured and organised force.

The danger of course is that one or other of these energies falls into it’s darker, heavier manifestation. Aquarius is not only a visionary and social advocate, he can also be a violent and ruthless terrorist. And Saturn is well known for being heavy-handed when it comes to repression, paternalism and social control.

Like any transit, Saturn in Aquarius could go either way in terms of the impacts it has on the here and now. Much depends on the aspects that are formed to other planets during the course of the transit, but much also depends on our response and the choices we make.

It’s possible that Saturn in Aquarius could manifest as heavier social restrictions placed on the public by panic stricken governments, or people rising up in violent reaction in the name of social justice. But it could also stimulate organised revolutionary actions and a more humanised social structure designed to create greater equity and prepare for a better future.

What does the Saturn in Aquarius revolution look like?

Many intelligent people are predicting that the economic fall-out of the COVID-19 crisis may well be a global recession. In Australia we have already seen a major drop in the stock market and Australian dollar, interests rates have been cut dramatically and spending is down as people self-isolate. Many smaller businesses will not survive.

All over the world, families have lost their incomes and may need to simplify their lives and live with less money. They may have to buy less and produce more. They may find that regular things such as fuel for their car become more expensive. So what does revolution look like in this context?

A revolutionary act inspired by Saturn in Aquarius might mean:

  • Setting up a garden at your kid’s school that distributes produce to families in need.
  • Starting a seed bank for your local community.
  • Organising online systems for local trade.
  • Presenting a skill-sharing day where old school crafts such as mending, food growing or preserving are relearned.
  • Organising a roster to pick up food and essentials for the elderly and those most vulnerable to the virus.

This list is only limited by your imagination and with Neptune in its rulership in Pisces, forming a harmonious sextile to Mars and Jupiter, now is the time to act :)

How will Saturn in Aquarius affect you?

Saturn in Aquarius will be especially relevant to you if you have planets or points in Aquarius, or in the other Fixed signs Taurus, Leo or Scorpio. During the course of the transit Saturn will conjunct any planets in Aquarius one by one, and form squares or oppositions to the planets in Fixed signs. Aspects will be formed to planets in other signs but these will tend to be harmonious and represent less dramatic change.

It’s also helpful to note which house Saturn will be traveling through in your chart during its passage through Aquarius. For example, in my natal chart Aquarius is on the cusp of the 9th House. I may experience limitations in terms of overseas travel and perhaps time and resources for my own personal development, however I may also experience increased commitment to my higher educational goals.

The way Saturn in Aquarius plays out for you will depend on the aspects that are formed to other planets and points in your natal chart. This will occur in sequence over the course of the transit. In my case Saturn will first form a square to Chiron in Aries, then an opposition to Mars in Leo, a square to natal Uranus, a trine to natal Pluto, a trine to natal Jupiter and then a final opposition to natal Saturn in Leo.

Want to understand the impact of Saturn in Aquarius in your own life but don’t know where to begin? Download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

What are your thoughts on Saturn in Aquarius?

Saturn in Aquarius is a big shift in energy and it will have both positive and negative impacts on the world’s economy and social structure. How do you feel this transit will play out? Are you feeling optimistic or do you worry about our capacity to adapt? Can you think of any other revolutionary actions that could support our community during this stressful time?

Please share your thoughts below.

3 Comments on Saturn in Aquarius: activists and visionaries, get organised!

  1. Thanks for your updates. It is interesting, the stern Capricorn containing possible rebel energies. Sounds like a caged pet. Or parent of a teenager! I think we’ve all got to meditate, pray and send loving, healing energy out into the World and to ourselves❤️

    • Sorry, Saturn in Aquarius won’t be pretty! It reeks of oppression and dictatorship! Soviet Nazism
      But after Corona, Satan’s Children will rule so that makes sense……..

      • Personally I prefer not to be fatalistic Dan. Yes Saturn was in Aquarius when Soviet Russia was in a state of extreme dictatorship but what other aspects and factors (astrological and other) were at play at that time? With each cycle of Saturn (and all the other outer planets) humanity evolves just that little bit further. It is our choice how we use these energies. We have creative power in all situations and although we cannot control everything we can decide how we are going to respond to the events around us. Making a pessimistic conclusion at the outset is not helpful. It only makes people feel disempowered and less capable of acting in a proactive manner.

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