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Final Uranus Pluto square: integration

Final Uranus Pluto square. Image by Rebecca Haseltine.

With the final Uranus Pluto square exact on 17th March and still very much in effect until at least mid May, I’d like to share this in-depth video by astrologer Rick Levine. He’s an incredibly insightful astrologer and explains beautifully the many different energies at play during this busy astrological period.

Rick is also a very practical astrologer, which is right up there in my book! He likens this final Uranus Pluto square to two molten hot metals that are being transformed into a new alloy, and explains why it’s so important to make changes in our lives now, before the metals harden again into an unworkable solid.

To better understand this final Uranus Pluto square and how it is playing out in your life check out my previous article on the subject. And if you want to dig deeper, personal astrology readings are available with many options to suit all budgets, including mini readings by donation.

The beautiful image above is by Rebecca Haseltine. Visit her website for more gorgeous works.

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