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Take off with grand fire trine Uranus, Jupiter & Mars

Dynamic energy for change and creativity

Grand fire trine

A grand trine creates a flow of energy that propels things forward and when it falls in the fire signs this energy is creative, motivating and inspiring. This is a time when you will feel an urgent need to expand, rebel, act and initiate new projects. You are on fire – full of motivation and ready to go.

Take advantage of this trine energy while it lasts because Mars, who provides the physical energy for the change (Uranus) and expansion (Jupiter), is a fickle fellow and will move on fast. You have just a few weeks to work with this energy so make the most of it. Listen to your impulses and act on them, but be careful: though flowing this is a volatile combination and a false move now could have heavy consequences down the track. Remember the shadow side of the planets involved:

  • Mars can be rash and hot-tempered, prone to acting before thinking
  • Uranus is rebellious, happy to destroy anything for the sake of freedom
  • Jupiter is indulgent, often taking things just a little too far

All this intense fire energy can be quite intense and if not channeled carefully it can result in mania, either in yourself or those around you. As Suzanne Wagner writes in her article Intuitive Patterns for the Month of October 2014, “you can expect to see some that are abnormally elevated, expansive, or in irritable moods, self inflated grandiosity, lack of sleep, desire for huge goals, unrestrained buying sprees, and foolish behaviors.” Beware you don’t burn yourself out!

How will the grand trine affect you personally?

Take the time to look at how this grand trine will affect you personally. You will find that the energies are most strong in the houses where the planets are tenanted in your chart. Thus, if you have Uranus in the 7th House you may find yourself breaking apart old patterns in your relationships that no longer serve you or gaining some healthy detachment from your partner. You may even end a relationship or meet someone new.

Remain conscious and connected to your intuition. Allow yourself to work with the flowing energy of the grand fire trine from moment to moment. As with all planetary connections you will emerge stronger and wiser if you surrender, battered and bruised if you struggle!

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  1. ready for MUJ!

  2. MaryMary2006 // March 29, 2023 at 9:54 am // Reply

    I have this grand trine in my birth chart (Mars in Cancer,Jupiter in Scorpio,Uranus in Pisces)

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