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Jupiter in Virgo: a wild bird in a cage

Jupiter in Virgo Image by Delphine Devos.

On 11 August expansive Jupiter moved from fiery Leo into earthy Virgo. During it’s year long transit Jupiter in Virgo will curb our tendency to over-do things and take on too much, but may also bring a certain frustration as we are forced to ground our energy and look to the fine print when we might prefer to spread our wings and fly freely.

Jupiter rules the principle of expansion. This is the part of us that is constantly learning, exploring and growing. Jupiter is all about abundance, generosity, openness and optimism and when Jupiter is strong in our lives we find that things flow naturally, we feel lucky and seem to encounter more than a usual number of happy coincidences and synchronicities.

The energy of Jupiter is often said to be the polar opposite of Saturn, who rules structure and contraction. In her excellent article on the Jupiter Cycle, astrologer Anne Whitaker writes:

“Jupiter and Saturn together form a symbolic, complementary whole: as its cycle unfolds, Saturn helps us to be realistic and to set limits without which no maturation or growth can take place. Jupiter creates contrast and balance to this. It energises that optimistic, expansive part of us that reaches out to the pleasure of new experience, new learning and understanding.”

With Jupiter in Virgo this instinct to expand and explore may feel more than a little thwarted. Traditionally Jupiter in Virgo is said to be in its detriment, as these two archetypes don’t naturally work well together. Jupiter is the adventurer, the optimist, the believer, while Virgo is concerned with perfecting systems, analysing facts and grounding us in material reality. The two simply don’t resonate with one another.

Virgo can be both critical and analytical so during Jupiter in Virgo you may find yourself setting aside your big plans as unrealistic or because you feel you’re just not ready. Although this may feel frustrating at times, the truth is we can all benefit from developing the finer details of our plans! Just be careful that you don’t take Virgo’s perfectionism and talent for critique too personally. This is a time for fine tuning, not for abandoning your grand plans altogether!

Jupiter is Virgo is an excellent time to begin a course of study that requires you to analyse a great deal of information or encompass a lot of small details. Learning a new language is a great example. A language is a great body of knowledge (Jupiter) with a lot of small and very specific details (Virgo). As I’m currently living in France and struggling to learn French I can personally say that even in the last few days my skills have improved markedly.

As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, Jupiter in Virgo is said to be ‘deposited’ by Mercury. This suggests that our faith may be challenged during this period as our minds will come up with all kinds of arguments as to why such things as synchronicity, coincidence and divine order are logically impossible. By staying present and observing our thoughts we can avoid losing touch with our sense of wonder and potential, or our faith that things are evolving as they should.

How will the Jupiter in Virgo transit affect you?

If Jupiter is a strong archetype in your chart, for example if it’s located on one of the angles (Ascendent, Descendent, MC or IC), is the ruler of the Sun or Moon, or is strongly aspected, then you will feel the energy of Jupiter in Virgo in your life more powerfully than others.

Jupiter in Virgo will also affect you differently depending on where in your own unique Jupiter cycle you happen to be. For example, if you have Jupiter in Virgo natally you will experience your Jupiter return this year. The Jupiter return often initiates a period of personally expansion, learning or growth, the beginning of some kind of new adventure. The form this takes will depend on which house natal Jupiter is placed in.

For example with Jupiter in Gemini in my natal chart I experienced my Jupiter return in mid 2013. As Jupiter is in my first house this transit completely transformed my view of myself and the person I identified myself to be. Now with Jupiter in Virgo I am coming into the first quarter phase of my Jupiter cycle and at the end of the year transiting Jupiter in Virgo will square my natal Jupiter at 28 degrees Gemini. This will likely stimulate a new move or shift in my life.

The ‘hard’ transits of Jupiter (such as conjunctions, squares and oppositions) are more typically associated with big changes in one’s life than the ‘easy’ transits such as trines and sextiles. For example the conception of a child often occurs when transiting Jupiter squares natal Venus or the natal Moon.

Have a look at your own natal chart to see whether Jupiter in Virgo will make any aspects to your natal planets. Look especially for planets or points in the mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Pisces) as these will form conjunctions, squares and oppositions when Jupiter in Virgo passes over that degree.

If you’re finding it difficult to get a handle on all this you may find my Free Mini Lessons useful, as they’re specifically designed to help you interpret your own birth chart. If you prefer, you can subscribe for free to receive all eight mini lessons as a pdf ebook that you can download and print for easy reference.

Like all transits, Jupiter in Virgo is just one phase in the complex system of planetary cycles that together catalyse the process of human evolution. By becoming conscious of this, and mindful of our responses in daily life, we can learn to ride the ebb and flow of the tides of change.

Are you feeling Jupiter in Virgo?

Jupiter in Virgo will affect us all differently due to the unique configuration of each person’s natal chart. Are you expecting any major transits during this time? Can you recall the last time Jupiter in Virgo occurred? Have you already begun to feel the effects of this transit? Please share your thoughts so we can all learn from each other…

16 Comments on Jupiter in Virgo: a wild bird in a cage

  1. Jupiter recently transited and has left the sign of 12th house Sun. Next up this year, it will be conjuncting my Virgo ascendant, sextiling my Moon and Pluto, and squaring my Saturn. Also trining Neptune and Mars in addition to opposing natal Jupiter. Oh and it will be quite an interesting year. I’m full of nothing but hope. (okay and a little fear)

    • Thanks for sharing Phillip. You do have a lot of Jupiter action upcoming! I wouldn’t worry about Jupiter transits though… even the hard aspects are usually fairly easy to handle :)

  2. I hope Jupiter in Virgo conjunct my Mercury Venus conjunction brings me good energy to finish old writing projects and start new ones!

  3. In June I signed for a new job with the focus of handling “Marketing KPI’s” involving the analyzing of numbers, data and statistics in the company’s marketing machine, so I’m off to a good start, since my 1st day will be in early September. I couldn’t ask for more power to do my job really well the next year, even if Jupiter per se transits my 7th House. Also, I’ve begun to notice more “nagging” in my homelife (read: my boyfriend) so Jupiter’s energy is already felt in both ways…

    At a point it will square my natal Uranus at 4 degrees Sagittarius… With Saturn soon shifting signs too, passing over Uranus in the last throes of my 9th house before jumping to the 10th also – what could this mean you think?? I’ve already felt the “inner rebel” in February, but with Jupiter in the mix too, things could get… Interesting, hmmmm??? Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi Anette… Congrats on the new job and yes Jupiter in Virgo will be a great energy for that role :) Watch out when Jupiter squares Uranus though as you may feel distinctly bored and ready to throw in the towel. Hang in there! Saturn in the 10th will help with commitment…

  5. Jupiter in Virgo I read as being significant to me with natal Jupiter conjunct Midheaven in Virgo. I am hoping it will be easy for me because I’ve been waiting for this a very long time in terms of me going a lonely path for a while so I see this year as a chance of consolidating what lessons I’ve learned by myself, of how treading an individual path may be the means of accomplishing my life work, my adventurous spirit will enable me to accomplish what others may not be able to when they are operating within the bounds of physical space and traditional career paths. So I want to use this time to expand my vision of what is possible for me with a spirit of adventure, to make real gains in the path of constructive work for myself and others, and yet coming at such work from a side angle which would not occur to others because they haven’t got exactly the same placement of Jupiter in their chart – I see Jupiter as enabling me to form a unique structure of work to me… I am getting to the place where I can see that valley of work below me.

    • Certainly when Jupiter transits your natal Jupiter and MC there will be a real opportunity for expansion within your ‘career’, or more accurately your role in the world. With your already growing awareness of how you wish to channel this energy I think it could be a very powerful time for you.

  6. I have virgo ascendant and so far… not a fan. I feel over critical of myself and others. I’m also experiencing mental paralysis so-to-speak, which is preventing me from making moves for fear of failure. I find myself focusing too much on the “small stuff” and overly concerned with what other think. Oh, and hello anxiety!

    • Thanks for sharing Kristen… Just the fact that you are becoming aware of these things in yourself is a step towards overcoming them. As we observe ourselves these habit patterns gradually lose their power over us. PS I like your blog :)

  7. Hello Faith, great faith I hope you have :) Can you tell me about Jupiter Virgo at 20 degree made trine MC – this degree exact 13 September eclipse and now my Venus 24 Virgo in 6 house will almost touch by Jupiter and north node around Christmas. In the same time transiting Venus 7 house trine natal mars (4 house) and sextile Venus (6 house) – I am Taurus rising, Libra sun. Mercury which is ruler of my 2 and 6 house trine natal Venus too. Soon Saturn makes sextile to my Libra decan 2 stellium (Pluto, Mercury, north node, Moon and Sun). My natal Jupiter 6 degree Cancer will be connect with full moon in 3 house.

    Two years I don’t have work. Can I expect news around Christmas day about work with passion and income raise? Thank you and happy holidays.

  8. Just read this and not sure I’m feeling anything and its already January 2016! I’m a Virgo sun (also have Mars and Venus in Virgo), I have a Virgo ASC/Gemini MC and 9 of my planets are on the left side of the chart funneling through my Jupiter in Pisces handle in my 6th House just under the DC. So, lots of Mercury in my chart with a Jupiter focused bucket chart. I’ve been unemployed for almost 2.5yrs, money is so tight, and the longer I’m out of work it just makes me feel worse. I’d like to go unemployed illustrating my own greeting cards as well as illustrating children’s books, but trying to get myself focused and motivated is like moving a mountain. Everything seems like such a bloody grind for me. I wish this Jupiter energy would strike me now, because it is soooo needed right now.

  9. Hi Faith, thanks for the reply :) My Saturn is in my 10th house conjunct my Moon and both are in Cancer, although my MC is actually in Gemini. A few years back I was told I had a lot of nice aspects to my MC but, I’ve never quite been able to tie it altogether and make much of a career for myself. I do think that Moon conjunct Saturn has played out a lot in my life with lack of confidence though. I hope there’s some truth in the 10th house Saturn being a late developer about getting it together late in life, although I’m 41, so probably pushing it. I just feel like I’m a powder keg at times because I’m so frustrated at both my severe lack of confidence and ambitions conflicting constantly with each other. They’re like oil and water. Sorry for the ramble. Jo :)

    • Hey Jo… I think the 10th House is often over-simplified. It represents the part of our life where we express ourselves in the outside world and this can be much more than just career. Being in Gemini suggests you play the role of communicator and that you are a person who shares information and ideas. This may not be the way in which you earn your living – that’s more 6th house stuff – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less significant. xx

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