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Jupiter turns direct: the path opens up

Jupiter turns direct

You’ll be pleased to hear that Jupiter turns direct on 18 October, bringing a wave of expansive, open and generous energy that generates good fortune and opportunity. When Jupiter turns direct many of the obstacles that seemed insurmountable will simply dissolve as we move toward them.

Yes this will very likely be a time of great progress, but don’t expect things to always go the way you’ve planned. Sometimes life has other things in mind. However we tend to feel more flexible and easy-going under the influence of this transit anyway, more able to go with the flow of life.

When Jupiter turns direct we also get a big picture perspective. It will probably be a relief to come out of the almost four month period of naval gazing we’ve been experiencing while Jupiter’s been retrograde and see things holistically again. This can help us see how the inner growth we’ve been busy with fits into the greater scheme of things. We’ll be able to see that, although we’ve been working internally, we’ve actually come a long way over the past few months.

With Jupiter in Aquarius there’s a real emphasis on change and moving outside the square. The desire for personal freedom, independence and space is greatly enhanced by this placement, which can be challenging in the current restrictive climate. When Jupiter turns direct in Aquarius our drive to be free may clash with the needs of others and our social expectations.

Be conscious of a tendency to excess which can show up as outright rebellion against anything we perceive to threaten our personal sovereignty.. This is more likely if you have a strong Aquarian influence or if Jupiter has heavy aspects in your natal chart. If you have a square or opposition between Jupiter and the Uranus (Aquarius’ ruler), there’s a particular danger here. This can lead to unfortunate outcomes such as running foul of authority figures or the law.

How will you be affected when Jupiter turns directjupiter

To understand how you’ll be personally affected when Jupiter turns direct you need to check your birth chart to see which house Jupiter is currently transiting.

A few people have written asking me to explain how to locate the transiting planets in a birth chart. So, first think about the sign the planet is passing through, in this case Aquarius. Now, look to see where Aquarius is in your chart. In my chart Aquarius lies between the 5th and 6th Houses. As Jupiter is currently at 22 degrees of Aquarius I know it is now moving through my 6th House, and affecting the affairs of that house.

If you’re not yet familiar with them, check out this quick reference to the 12 Houses.

Now that you’ve located which house Jupiter is in you can also look to see whether any aspects are formed with your natal planets. On the day it turns direct, Jupiter will form strong aspects with planets of points that are located between 19 and 25 degrees of any sign. Those in the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will have the strongest influence in your life.

If you don’t already have one, download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

Your turn…

What is Jupiter up to in your chart? In what areas are you likely to see newly emerging possibilities after Jupiter turns direct?

The beautiful image above is by Jazmin Witrago.

5 Comments on Jupiter turns direct: the path opens up

  1. I have been waiting for this for a while. The Uranus action is also very interesting since I am sun in Aquarius.

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME!! my birthday is June 23. What a great birthday energy- Uranus Trine Jupiter. My Jupiter is in Leo and I am very confident and can be bossy at times. I just know what I want. I wish that I could keep my opinion to myself sometimes.

    • Thanks for dropping by Acadia. I love how astrology helps us become more self aware so that we can work with the energies within us more consciously. It allows us to move on from being a victim to taking back our personal power and living with intention. Love to you…

  3. Jupiter is stationary direct conjunct my north node. For the last several years, Neptune and Pluto have in a yod pointing at my south node for some time. Great opening.

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