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Mars in Pisces: Invoke your divine will

A guest post by Rose Reiki

Mars in Pisces

Mars, our symbol for action, instinct and will, is currently transiting Pisces, the holder of connection, understanding and meaning. We’ll be experiencing Mars in Pisces from 19 December to 28 January, when enters into the empowerment of its natural ruler, Aries.

How would it feel to trust yourself to make the right decision in what is best for you? How would it feel to know that you are the only person qualified to make those decisions on your behalf? And are you coming to realize how divinely supported you are to do so?

Mars in Pisces helps us connect action with intuition. It’s a big part of why we’re even here in these bodies: to witness and know of our expansion beyond them and to master the capabilities of what divine will powered by your conscious intention, can really do.

My experience of Mars in Pisces

This is a personal transit for me as I have natal Mars in Pisces. This means I am experiencing my Mars return at this time. When I think of how it feels to have Mars in Pisces natally this is what comes to mind:

Mars in Pisces

For me, there has always been a sense of bigness with natal Mars in Pisces, but it is uncomfortable with how confined the physical body feels. When I am passionate about something, there are tears to help me release and I am susceptible to feeling wilted when I need energy to do something.

But I have learned a lot of positive things from Mars in Pisces as well: I know of my spiritual expansion. I am connected with it and work it through my body so that my body no longer feels this cumbersome heaviness. I am learning that when I do things I really want to do (and not only what I think I am supposed to do) then my energy is never watered down and it feels easy, most of the time, to accomplish what I am doing.

I am very aware of the freedom others have to do what they want/need for their own path and I have learned impulse control on things I may want to say or do that only serves my interests, because I know what it means to love unconditionally. No matter what sign Mars is travelling through, I expand the Mars in Pisces energy for myself and consequently others, and as it reaches its return in my chart – I have knowing of my alignment with purpose. But as with any placement/transit, it can manifest in different ways for different people.

What can we learn from Mars in Pisces?

Mars is generally seen as an impulsive, act first – think later energy; it is self gratifying, it is the gratification of Now and it is a testament to all the effort we put forth to get what we desire. With Mars in Pisces, the energy can feel muted, held back. It easily shifts,is noncommittal and the focus is more on the desires of others than on the actual self.

This can be frustrating and self-limiting; when convinced that the needs of others are more important than our own, we can harbour resentment and martyrdom. We can escape into our desires, our will to do anything-we-damn-well-please, and be passive aggressive in meeting our wants and needs.

But with Mars in Pisces we can also develop a highly defined impulse control system because we are thinking of others and we can hold the bigger picture in front of us to delay gratification until the right moment. We can align with something far bigger than just ourselves when Mars in Pisces is the mirror we are looking into.

I mention often that we are bigger than we see ourselves to be, we are more powerful than we know ourselves to be and we are empowered in every moment to realize a very deep and abiding truth about our self, and that is that we are all connected by a unifying force at an energetic level, so that one action by one person is never an “isolated” action. Everything connects, everything shifts and one person’s will is the template for the will of All.

Mars/Aries wants to shout out “It’s mine! I was here first. I’m important. I’m faster. I’m better. I want it more than anybody else”. Pisces reminds us that there is enough for everybody, we were (and still are) all here at the same time, we’re all important, we all go at our own pace, we all have qualities that connect us in just the perfect way to all other things and when connected with the Source that connects us all, our will is in turn, divine and intentioned towards a purpose higher and not just toward what the self may want.

The purpose of Mars in Pisces

The purpose of Mars in Pisces is to release fear from action and effort and to transmute our desires to be in the highest order and in connection with the biggest part of who we truly are. When that is aligned within you, you begin to trust your decisions about what you want and why you want it and you are empowered to act because you do not have to employ Plutonian characteristics to get what you want from others. This is important to understand before starting a new cycle with Mars in Aries.

Mars in Pisces teaches us that not only are we connected to the Source of all – but we are also the Source of all; it shows us that not everything is about hard work and supreme effort but also about the transformation that can occur through the seemingly effortless ebb and flow of changing conditions in our life and our ability to act consciously through them to effect the greatest change and maximum benefit, not just for our self, but for all.

Mars shows us that our desires are valid and that it is okay to want things! It feels good to feel fired up about something and passionate in our endeavors and that above all else, we are Creators. We make, we do, we act, we supply, we engage, we love, we move, we simply just Are. But we are not energetically separate from any other one person and in Pisces, we acknowledge the source in others as we do in our self.

One of the truths of healing our wounds, is that when a person heals, other people benefit from that healing and the effect is multiplied. This is because when one person realises what it takes to release the fear and control of circumstances, to be empowered in their own action and relax into the flow of their own effort to live the life they want to live, then they begin to understand why others do what they do. They understand the personal nature of this path and instead of trying to control others, they embody that control within themselves.

When this is understood every act is one that is divinely best for the self but harms no one; impulses are controlled because they can see where their effort is best applied. There is no competition because time and resources cease to be an issue. The peace from that knowing releases others to enact their own best interest, without attachment, but through the connection of an unconditional love that is first forged through the knowing of the self. What the self needs, what the self really wants, and how complete and powerful the self, truly is.

Mars in Pisces is an awakening to our Divine Will. What would it look like if you could do, act and be what you really wanted without fear? How would it feel to know you are bigger than your body and connected to something far greater than you could possibly conceive? What would it look like if we all made decisions based on what we want when we are feeling love and connection?

What would it mean to act out of love instead of reacting out of fear?

When we are acting in line with what we truly want and feel, we will leave the company of some people while we find resonance with others who connect and strengthen our focus – and because it is aligned in that way, our will holds divine intention. There is nothing you cannot do, see, be or have and when you are acting within the empowerment of yourself – you support the empowerment of all.

We are heading into a time where it is imperative we practice acting out of love. We must hold the bigger picture in front of us as we take into account the divine will of everyone who walks with us. Where Mars can represent confrontation, Pisces urges us to let it go and apply our effort where it will be best maximised.

Mars wants to effect immediate change, Pisces enacts lasting change. When the two combine, we can create conscious, connected change. We act in ways that are true to who we are and that feel good on an emotional and mental level. This in turn allows others to benefit from this space we have first found and anchored within our self.

May you all find and know this space in yourselves and be empowered to make this year the year you let everything go that does not resonate with who you are and what you want to do. Be empowered to act in your own self-interest because when it is aligned with love for yourself, your self-interest is the interest of the entire collective and everybody benefits, everybody shifts, everybody grows. It is enough. You are enough.

Mars direct Rose is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practising Astrologer for over 15 years. Immersed in the healing arts, her focus on Energy Healing and Astrology facilitates a deeper understanding of how to improve Mental Health and Physical Well-being. She lives and practises near Toronto, Ontario. Enjoy her website Healing Everyday with Reiki.

How are you experiencing Mars in Pisces?

With Mars in Pisces since 19 December many of you who have natal planets in Pisces will have already experienced Mars triggering aspect configurations in their chart. This may have brought up interesting emotions or experiences, perhaps related to how you express or fail to express anger, agression or desire. Anyone care to share? Please leave your thoughts below.

4 Comments on Mars in Pisces: Invoke your divine will

  1. This was a great read! In 2016, my progressed Mars entered Pisces. Mars is now joined by my progressed Mercury RX. 2016 was hands down a hard year, well, the first 6 months. The second half of the year was awesome. It reflected self mastery, compassion and a greater awareness. My natal Mars is conjunct my Ascendent in Aquarius, this progression is much need!!

    • Thank you! It sounds like you had a busy year! I also have an Aquarius Ascendant – I tend to find all of my lessons a bit shocking at first, as though, even if I am looking directly at it, it still surprises me with what becomes revealed in the way of necessary change. :) Wishing you all the best in 2017 -xo

  2. This was an interesting read. I have natal Mars in Pisces. 2016 was an extremely difficult year with a build up of emotional issues reaching a climax where I just crumbled. Since transit Mars in Pisces there has been a shift I have started to feel stronger and more able to cope and it does feel like an awakening to my true Pisces nature.

  3. Thankyou .Im natal Mars in Pisces too!
    Is it safe for sea travel when Mars is in
    Pisces ?

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