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Mars in Pisces: the warrior attempts to meditate

Mars in pisces Image Meditation of the Warrior by Marco ~

Mars in Pisces is not a combination that works easily together. Imagine that on his adventures Hercules met a monk who told him all his problems would be solved if he just sat down under a tree and meditated. Being open to any idea that might help him get ahead Hercules decides to give it a try. He sits down as he’s told and begins to observe his breath as it comes and goes, letting each thought pass away as the monk advises him.

But within a short time Hercules is consumed with impatience and frustration. What is the point of this mystical mumbo jumbo!? All this sitting around is wasting valuable time he could be using to fight monsters, rescue fair maidens and overthrow civilizations! His energy is at boiling point and with no physical outlet it turns to irritability and anger. This is how many people experience Mars in Pisces.

In traditional astrology Mars in Pisces in not considered a beneficial placing because the two energies just don’t fit. To begin with we have fire and water, never an easy combination; water puts out fire and fire can easily dry up water. But consider the way in which fire heats water, how it can create vapour, or how water can calm a fire down, just a little, without quite putting it out. The key here is balance: when the fire of Mars is added to the water of Pisces we can get inspired mysticism, passionate spiritual questing and warmhearted empathy.

Consider now the qualities of Mars in Pisces. Mar is ruler of Aries, a cardinal sign; this makes Mars all about initiation and action. One the other hand, Pisces is a mutable sign which suggests flexibility, fluidity and change. Mars, always impatient and ready to go, can be frustrated by Pisces tendency towards dreamily moving from one thing to another without a fixed goal, while Pisces finds Mars too hotheaded, a little uncouth for her finer sensibilities.

As I mentioned, Mars rules Aries, the archetypal warrior; bold, rash and just a little too sure of himself. Aries relies on Mars for his stamina, his bravery and passion. The ruler of all forms of physical energy Mars is what gets us up in the morning and pushes us to achieve our goals. In fact it is the energy of Mars that sustains the process of life itself, because Mars also rules the raw primitive sexual urges that drive us to reproduce.

On the other hand, Pisces is a dreamer. Mystical, illusive and changeable, Pisces seeks connection with others and with the divine, not through communication, but through direct merging on the energetic level. Mars doesn’t understand this at all. To Mars, energy is the rush he feels after a long run, the desire to jump headlong into the ocean, the urge to push his lover roughly against the wall and kiss her passionately. The energy of Pisces, that ephemeral field of connective threads that bind us together as one, is completely alien to Mars.

But with mutual respect Pisces can teach Mars to be open to other possibilities, to find a way around obstacles instead of struggling against them and exhausting himself. In the same way Mars can lend Pisces the strength to get started on those projects she’s always dreaming about.

How can we flow with the energy of Mars in Pisces?

For very Martian types, and indeed for most of us brought up in the high energy, success driven culture of the west, Mars in Pisces can be a source of frustration. If your natal chart or current transits are very supportive of Mars, this transit may feel like a bucket of cold water has been poured over you. When Mars squares with Saturn on the 15th January you may feel particularly blocked. You just don’t have that vim and vigour you had last week when you were pumping and productive and extroverted. Now you feel a bit drained. You want to crawl into yourself and hide. What the hell is wrong here?

Nothing. Like all the planets Mars moves in a cycle and this cycle gives us the seasons of our physical energy. Our energy ebbs and flows as Mars moves through his 685 day journey around the Sun. If we are wise we will learn to go with this, slowing down or accelerating our efforts in response to these natural rhythms. Instead of worrying that we are not being as productive as we were, we embrace our new desire to daydream, to draw, to play with that deck of Tarot cards we haven’t touched in months.

Mars in Pisces is definitely one of those times when the physical energy of Mars is lowest. But instead of fighting against this, embrace it. Let this period be a time for reflection, rest and relaxation. Particularly if you’ve been pushing really hard, rushing here and there, juggling a hundred things as Mars in Aquarius would have you do, then this is the time to take things down a notch. Mars may not like it at first, but if you don’t you may find yourself burning out. In two or three months Mars will move into his own sign of Aries and then it will be action stations again. Take the opportunity to slow down now!

And seriously, more than any other planet Mars is probably the one that most needs to meditate, although sitting meditation may be a bit ambitious! Instead try yoga, tai chi, or the walking meditation advocated by Thich Nhat Hanh. With Mars in Pisces allow the physical energy of Mars to be channeled into conscious doing. Become aware of your body and use this awareness as the focal point of your meditation.

As with all transits Mars in Pisces is bringing new levels of awareness and realisation for those who are willing to receive them. Remain present and open, listening to both your body and your intuition as they guide you during this time.

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  1. I’m enjoying your articles and like having email alerts.

  2. Just started a training for willpower. Good to know that the stars are supportive. Maybe I’ll keep it going for the full period.

    • Unfortunately Mars in Pisces isn’t going to be very supportive of willpower! It’s more likely to have you wandering of in a daydream when you’re trying to stay focused. Hang in there though, the added challenge of this transit will probably make you even stronger, like tying weights to you ankles when running…

  3. Hi, thank you so much for the free mini reading you sent me a couple of years ago, unfortunately I am unable to open the file on my I pad. Please is it possible for you to sent it in a different format. I love reading all the different article on you web site, very interesting. Kindest regards joan

  4. Great interpretation!!

  5. marcelle pasquale // January 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm // Reply

    Hi there.. I have mars in pisces in my natal. My mars is in square with neptune and right now I have transiting mars in pisces, with this saturn square going on.. Ive been absolutely exhausted and unable to stay focussed.. Thanks for your post.. whenever I feel exhaustion i check to see what is going on with neptune normally but now I know to watch mars as well.. So thank you.. this clarifies things nicely

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