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Mars in Sagittarius: may your aim be steady and true

Mars in Sagittarius Image author unknown.

Has anyone else been feeling the lighter, more outward going energy of Mars in Sagittarius? What a relief after his long stay in intensely introverted Scorpio! Mars entered the sign of the archer on 3 August, after shifting out of its retrograde cycle on 30 June. After traveling at a snail’s pace throughout July, Mars is finally picking up speed and we’re probably all feeling a lot more energetic and motivated.

However this dynamic energy won’t last for long as Mars conjuncts Saturn on 24 August. This transit will last from 17 to 31 August and is likely to feel a little like walking through glue. Mars in Sagittarius wants to get things moving but Saturn will be putting on the brakes. Use this time to assess your actions with the practical, objective wisdom of Saturn and don’t be discouraged. The motivation you felt at the beginning of the month will return once this transit has passed.

This Mars in Sagittarius transit coincides with Virgo season which may have a further dampening affect on your enthusiasm. The Sun moves into Virgo on 23 August, joining Mercury, Venus and Jupiter and squaring Mars in Sagittarius. Although only the Sun and Venus actually square Mars exactly, the nature of the signs are inharmonious. Beware of the Virgoan tendency to criticise and nit-pick. Be gentle with yourself and nurture your projects into being.

The good news is you’ll probably be feeling a lot more strategic and careful in your approach after Mars conjuncts Saturn. The problem with Mars in Sagittarius is that it tends to be a bit scattered, aiming its arrows willy-nilly and having a hard time deciding where to focus its attention. The conjunction with Saturn will bring clarity around objectives and a more determined, objective-orientated approach.

How Mars in Sagittarius will affect you

Mars in Sagittarius will resonate most strongly for those who have Mars placed in Sagittarius or the 9th House natally. You may also feel it if you have strong natal aspects between Mars and Jupiter. Those with planets or points in Sagittarius will feel this energy kick in as Mars transits these natal placements. The area of your life that will be most affected depends on which house Mars is transiting through in your chart.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

Venus is moving into opposition with Neptune in Pisces, forming a t-square with Saturn in Sagittarius, so we may have to face some harsh realities about our relationships in the coming week, especially where we’ve been in denial about our own or another person’s truth. If you’ve been wearing the rosy coloured glasses, refusing to acknowledge issues that need addressing, this transit may bring disappointment, but it will be worth to see the situation as it really is.

This t-square is likely to be activated as the Moon moves over Saturn on Friday 12 August, even though Venus is still not exactly aligned yet. There may be a feeling of sadness, a sense of something not quite right, that will become clearer over the coming days. Venus squares Saturn on 13 August, just as Saturn turns direct, and opposes Neptune two days later.

Fortunately the Sun will trine Uranus on 17 August helping us channel our disappointment into positive change and growth, particularly in the areas of life represented by the houses the Sun and Uranus are transiting in your natal chart. With both the Sun and Uranus in fire signs this is a vibrant, positive energy that works well with the enthusiasm of Mars in Sagittarius.

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Working with Mars in Sagittarius

Are you feeling a sudden urge to get involved in multiple new projects? Do you suspect you may already have bitten off more than you can chew? With Mars in Sagittarius we can be prone to overdoing things and spreading ourselves too thin, giving up when it all gets a bit too much. How have you been experiencing this energy? Please share your thoughts below.

3 Comments on Mars in Sagittarius: may your aim be steady and true

  1. I think I had my Venus-Saturn moment last weekend actually. My boss did something so… unresponsible that I simply knew I could not continue in this job after the contract runs out. I don’t know why, but I’ve been very down in the dumps this week, taking myself off for a bit, licking my wounds. I mean, she’s a nice PERSON – but as a boss she’s simply… well, not to my liking for sure. That’s a harsh reality, but I fear that if I stay I will only end up with depression.

    Therefore I’ve realized I will need to focus my job hunting in a whole other region of where I live, but with Mars nearing Saturn, I need to be methodically. Taking one step at a time, consider my options, review my plans several times to be sure that this is what I want. Especially since this could mean my BF and I will have to do a long distance relationship again. I don’t know, but I think I need to look further than where I live to find a good job (and a better boss!).

    Saturn is turning direct almost on the exact spot of my MC-line, so in your eyes, Faith, what could this signal? It’s in Sagitarius after all… All of the above? Or more obstacles on my way? Saturn has a way with roadblocks, but I feel like I’ve just had “enough!” of this place and the culture here. I fear for my mental health if I stay in a job here, because of the cultural differences is so big. (Like – the Saturnian mountain you gotta climb I guess).

    I don’t think I can do this one more time, I’ve tried and tried – more than two years have gone by this way, always ending the same way: Me being depressed by this work culture (no feedback, no recognition, no compliments for my work). It’s like “ENOUGH!!” is running through my mind at the moment (Mars??) and I want to go back to where I came from, work-wise at least.

  2. Oh, and my Uranus is located at 4 degrees Sag, 9th house by the way. This could probably signal something significant too, since Uranus is in a wide sextile to my moon…

  3. Mars in Sagittarius, coinciding with the Virgo season, is no stranger to me, given that my natal Mars is in Sagittarius in my chart’s 6th (Virgoan) house. Currently, I’m feeling more upbeat and active than I did while Mars was retrograde in Scorpio. However, simultaneously, I’m experiencing a lot of distracting mental chatter. I do feel somewhat undecided and scattered about which way I’d like to proceed after the last six months of inner reflection. So, I don’t look forward to the Sun entering Virgo, which presumably will dampen my sights even further.

    Though, as the current Saturn and Mars transit my house of work/service and Venus in Virgo faces my Midheaven in Pisces, I hope the influence of these constellations will imbue me with worthwhile realizations that will illuminate the most inspiring paths for me to follow in my professional and personal lives from hereon. On the other hand, Venus, Mercury, North Node, and Jupiter in Virgo, transiting my planet-less 3rd house, are making me work on a bunch of side-to-side relationship issues, while facing off the compassion-oriented Neptune and wound-focused Chiron, transiting my planet-less 9th house.

    Anyway, I sense the cosmos has quite a few developmental opportunities in store for me, as Mars and Saturn go direct this August. Faith, thanks for gently encouraging us to work with whatever the stars have in store for us.

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