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Mars sextile Jupiter: time to act is now

Mars sextile Jupiter Image by Autumn Sky Morrison.

Mars sextile Jupiter is exact on Sunday 14 February but will be in effect from Tuesday 9 until Friday 19 February. During this time acting on opportunities that come our way is likely to have very good results. Be on the look out: you never know where the next clue will appear. Perhaps it’s that person who strikes up a conversation on the bus, the article that catches your eye as you’re browsing or an invitation to a social occasion. Don’t let it pass you by!

With Jupiter currently conjunct the North-Node in Virgo, the actions you take during this Mars sextile Jupiter transit are likely to have big impacts on your life in terms of your inner purpose and life lesson. Jupiter conjunct the North-Node opens up opportunities for learning and growth, practical opportunities that can have real outcomes when acted upon with courage and conviction.

Whatever you do don’t sit around waiting for this opportunity to fall in your lap. Jupiter is all about expansion and Mars is the principle of action and desire, so Mars sextile Jupiter will have very little impact if you spend your time watching TV and wondering when all the good fortune is going to arrive. You have to take the initiative. This is a masculine energy. It’s all about self assertion, decisive action and going after what you want.

With Mars in Scorpio the desire nature is very strong right now so it’s likely most of you will be well aware of what your priorities are. During Mars sextile Jupiter, and with Jupiter conjunct the North-Node, good fortune is smiling on you. It’s time to go after your heart’s desire.

Be aware however that Jupiter’s placement in Virgo means that things will not be handed to you on a plate. A slapdash approach will simply not work here. Even with the lucky vibes of Mars sextile Jupiter there’s a need to plan things out and work in a systematic way if you wish to meet with long-term success.

How will Mars sextile Jupiter affect you?

Those with natal planets or points between 18 and 24 degrees of the Earth (Taurus, Caricorn and Virgo) or Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) signs will be particularly affected by Mars sextile Jupiter. For example my Sun and Moon are at 18 and 19 degrees Capricorn respectively, nicely trining Jupiter at 21 degrees Virgo. This means I’m reaping the benefits of Mars sextile Jupiter more than most!

Take note also of which house Mars and Jupiter are passing through in your natal chart to gain a better understanding of how Mars sextile Jupiter will affect you on the day-to-day level. You can learn more about how to apply transits to your own chart as well as natal chart interpretation by reading my free mini astrology lessons.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos

Saturn is now within orb of a trine to Uranus and although this transit will not be exact for some time, due to Saturn turning retrograde in March, we will still feel its effect. Saturn trine Uranus is all about taking practical steps towards personal and social change so it fits very nicely with the energy of Mars sextile Jupiter. One more reason not to put off those important actions over the coming week!

Making the most of Mars sextile Jupiter…

During Mars sextile Jupiter we should all be on the look out for synchronicities, but those who are personally affected should be particularly observant. Have you experienced any odd coincidences lately? Have you been making the most of opportunities that come your way? Feel free to share your experiences below.

5 Comments on Mars sextile Jupiter: time to act is now

  1. Weee!!! I sure welcome this transit! I have Scorpio in 9th house, a stelliuum with the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter in Scorpio at 19-20 degrees too, and Jupiter is transiting the 7th house. I’m on the hunt for a job these days, after being fores January 25 when Mercury went direct), so this should prove promising, eh?

    So…partner stuff (also in the form of opportunities through partnerships) – and 9th house stuff that benefits my stellium of planets would be on the agenda now, right? I’ve always had trouble deciphering the 9th house energies, maybe because they are so deeply ingrained in my personality LOL ;-)

    • You got it Anette :) 9th House is all about personal expansion, so travel, education, study and putting yourself into contact with other perspectives and cultures. The 9th is Jupiter’s own house so this is especially fortuitous. x

  2. Faith, I am not sure if this is going to help me in anyway personally as I am an April 5 Aries but I have my mom in Cancer, husband in Capricorn and son in Pisces. All four of us in the family are in different places due to different reasons. I am joining my husband end of the month and currently looking for job opportunities where he is. I am out of work since September 2014. I could not join anywhere as I was taking care of my mom who is aged. Now she’s moved into a hospice as it is very difficult to take care of her at home.

    • Hi Gee… I’m glad to hear you are finally rejoining your husband and hope that your mother is contented in her new home. I had a look at your chart and this transit does not affect you personally, but it sounds like things are slowly moving in the right direction. All the best, Faith

  3. Hi Faith, looking at my progressed chart Mars and Jupiter are moving across my 9th and 11th Houses – Jupiter across 9th, Mars across 11th

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