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Mars square Pluto: struggle is optional

Mars square Pluto Tug of War by Patrick Whelan.

It may be a difficult day for some people out there. Transiting Mars square Pluto is coming into exact aspect today and within a few days will also oppose Uranus, creating a t-square with the wide square between Uranus and Pluto. This is creating some very volatile but frustrated energy that is likely to have you feeling somewhat at odds with yourself.

Mars square Pluto

The thing is we all want to feel that we have control over our lives and over the situations that affect us, but the unfortunate reality is that we often don’t. Transits such as Mars square Pluto are here to remind us of that. This feeling of powerlessness we experience can lead to deep fear and from a place of fear we often lash out, harming ourselves and others.

Somebody wise once said that ‘pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional’ and in the same way feelings of powerless are also unavoidable, but it is up to us how we choose to deal with these feelings. Struggling is but one of the options available to us during Mars square Pluto. Surrender is another. Which do you think is likely to have the more positive outcome?

Adjustment is another way we can deal with Mars square Pluto, for in reality we have a deadlock here. Something has to give. We can choose to release the tension in a positive way by consciously choosing where sacrifices are going to be made, or we can stand steadfast until the tension inevitably breaks us in ways we would least prefer, perhaps in angry outbursts towards our loved ones or compromised decisions we will later regret.

Mars square Pluto is associated with power struggles so along with the inner conflict it may be wise to anticipate possible outer confrontations, especially when Mars opposes Uranus on 11 December. Remain conscious and remember that Mars is a fast mover and will be out of aspect of both Pluto and Uranus by 16 December. After this the Pluto Uranus square, which has been passing in and out of orb for so long now, will feel far less intense.

How will Mars square Pluto affect you?

Mars square Pluto will most strongly affect those with natal planets or points between 11 and 19 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). With my Pluto at 16 degrees Libra and a stellium of personal planets between 15 and 19 degrees of Capricorn I am personally feeling this one like a kick in the teeth!

To gain a deeper understanding of the area of life that will be affected by Mars square Pluto, particularly if your chart is triggered, look to see through which houses in your chart Mars and Pluto are currently passing. For example in my natal chart, Mars’ current position of 14 degrees Libra falls half way through my 4th House of home, family and inner roots.

If you don’t yet know how to apply current transits to your natal chart but would like to learn check out my free mini astrology lessons.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

Saturn square Neptune is still very much in affect and many of us are facing reality and the painful dissolution of our illusions. But I’ve also noticed that Saturn square Neptune can make it hard to keep the faith with any of our dreams and future visions, so be careful you don’t let Saturn get the upper hand and fall into a pit of angst! You can read more about this transit in Saturn square Neptune: Sweet illusion meets cold hard reality. It will be over by the end of the month, though returning twice in 2016.

On a positive note, the Sun is forming two aspects over the next few days that will help us work with Mars square Pluto and its t-square to Uranus. The Sun is now sextile Mars and in three days it will exactly trine Uranus. The Sun is our creative magic, our power of manifestation, and these aspects will provide us with an outlet for the tension. Whether this means channeling our difficult emotions into creative self-expression or coming up with an inspired solution to a problem, the Sun can be a source of empowerment and courage during this time.

Using the energy of Mars square Pluto in a positive way

As with all transits, it is up to us how we choose to work with and respond to the energies of Mars square Pluto. If you are personally affected this may be a difficult few days but you may find yourself learning valuable lessons about power and working with challenging emotions along the way. If your chart is triggered by Mars square Pluto, or if you have this as a natal aspect, share your thoughts and experiences below.

Want to understand the impact of Mars square Pluto in your own life but don’t know where to begin? Download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

4 Comments on Mars square Pluto: struggle is optional

  1. Despite having the same as you, I’m barely noticing Pluto right now. The last week or so has been all about Neptune for me. Even the much anticipated Venus Pluto square passed in a Neptunian fog.

    Although transiting Neptune isn’t triggering any points that I can see, I’m learning just how influential it is in my horoscope and life. There’s a lot of Jupiter Neptune – Neptune in Sag., Pisces in the 9th, Jupiter in the 12th, Jupiter and Neptune vaguely opposite. Maybe it’s the Saturn in Sag. square Neptune in my 9th that’s making me see through the fog.

    And maybe I have to understand the overall Neptunian victimhood before getting to the Pluto square Venus submissivity. Or something like that… Bit hazy? Well, yes :)

  2. This week my BF and I have had not one – but TWO huuuge fights! Damn this was so typical Pluto square-something energy that played out here. Since we had a REALLY hard period last year in december (almost broke up), we sat down and decided that right now we more than anything NEED to prioritize “us”, and our relationship. So we found an – hopefully – solid action plan, drawed up the important dates we wanted to prioritize, and set about making preps for christmas. We got a lot of ebergy from the Mars/Pluto constelattion, so today we worked off some steam in the gym for the first time. It went quite well, so will def. Recommend doing something active with your spouse to alliviate the aggressive energy! Prioritizing “us” needed to be a commitment and getting out of the comfort zone. Feel free to be inspired :-)

  3. Nancy Demetrakis // December 6, 2015 at 5:18 pm // Reply

    Definitely feeling this square as Mars is passing thru my 7th House squaring Pluto on my MC. I’m also 11 Aries Rising so this is significant for me and I’m staying aware of these trends and watching for the obvious lessons.

  4. i dont think i am ready to let go of some of the things i need to let go of!

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