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Mars square Saturn: Resistance is futile, surrender to limits

Mars square Saturn Image created by Sarah Bauer and Robin Assner.

Mars square Saturn is exact on 28 October but if your chart is triggered, as mine is, you’ll probably already be feeling its affect. It’s a sensation of pushing an elephant up a hill, of trying to overcome an insurmountable obstacle, of working against yourself.

Mars square Saturn in the natal chart

Anyone who has Mars square Saturn natally will be familiar with the sensations of inner conflict this aspect brings up. In fact, inner conflict is a trait of almost all square aspects, both natally and by transit. It can be a especially grueling when the natal aspect is triggered by transit. Ultimately one part of your being will have to surrender to the other, or else come to some kind of compromise.

Whether by transit or natally, a Mars square Saturn aspect creates limitations around our physical energy and libido. It curtails our get up and go, undermines our health, pours cold water on our passion. Many people with Mars square Saturn suffer from chronic illness, fatigue easily or are challenged with keeping fit and strong.

The positive thing about having Mars square Saturn in your natal chart is that you’re probably accutely aware of these things about yourself. You’re probably even critical of yourself for these ‘failings’. If acted on, this self knowledge can be very beneficial and can help you move forward and resolve the tension of the square.

The current Mars square Saturn transit

Mars is currently traveling through Libra and this gives a distinct character to our warrior. The being that pops into mind is an elegant Sumarai warrior or debonair pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow perhaps. Mars is not particularly happy in Libra, in fact traditionally Mars is said to be in his ‘detriment’ here. This is because Libra is all too willing to see things from the other perspective and this doesn’t bode well if you want to win a war, or make an important life decision.

Mars in Libra is good at starting things but not necessarily that good at completing them. When Saturn is applying pressure as it is with this Mars square Saturn transit, then our stamina can become positively languid, even fatigued. This isn’t at all surprising. I mean who wants to put in all that effort when it feels like you’re getting nowhere?

Saturn on the other hand is in its rulership in Capricorn. The determination and persistence of this placement will kick butt when it comes to a power struggle between these two energies. Mars will be completely exhausted before Saturn even considers giving up. If you tie your allegiance to Saturn you may make smaller steps and the pace may be slower but you’ll certainly get there in the end.

How I’m experiencing Mars square Saturn

In my birth chart there is an existing exact square between natal Venus and natal Pluto. This makes my relationships somewhat intense and I prefer deep one-on-one interactions to the shallow formalities of social necessity. I can do all that quite well, I do have Gemini on the Ascendant, but I find it boring and unfulfilling. I am often preoccupied in such situations and, ironically, miss out on the potential for connections to deepen over time.

Mars square Saturn is currently sitting right on top of this natal square, with Mars about to hit Pluto and Saturn slap bang on top of my Venus. I experience this as an incredible pressure in my personal relationships. I feel almost as if there are too many people in my life and that I cannot give enough to any of them. This is both draining and frustrating.

I woke up this morning from a strange dream that reflects my experience of Mars square Saturn. I got home late and there was a serious dance party going on in my living room. Someone was riffling through the underwear drawers in my bedroom. I found the kitchen so crowded with people I wasn’t able to get to the fridge to find something to eat. In the dream, as in life, I felt overwhelmed by my commitments to others. I am deeply in need of solitude, privacy and nourishment.

Because a long term transit, such as that of Saturn over my natal Venus, can take a year or more to complete, it will be triggered multiple times over that period by the fast movers. The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Moon will create multiple t-squares and oppositions in your chart as they pass through the signs. In this case, with Saturn in Capricorn, the t-squares and oppositions occur when the personal planets pass through Aries, Cancer and Libra. This is useful to know if you are experiencing a major outer planet transit.

Is Mars square Saturn triggering your chart?

Remember that not all transits will affect everyone. Mars square Saturn will only really impact you if it creates aspects with planets or points in your birth chart. In this case, if you have planets or points between 12 and 18 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), then you are likely to feel the pressure quite strongly.

With Mars square Saturn, putting in more effort is not going to win you any more gains. Instead you are likely to exhaust and frustrate yourself. If your chart is touched by either of these planets then take care of yourself. Submit to the part of you that says ‘stop, enough’. Don’t try to push through this. Instead, let go. Surrender to your own limitations. You can always pick up where you left off next week.

Want to understand the impact of Mars squre Saturn in your own life but don’t know where to begin? Download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

Are you feeling Mars square Saturn? Share your experiences below.

3 Comments on Mars square Saturn: Resistance is futile, surrender to limits

  1. Faith, thank you for your useful insights on the current Mars (in Libra) square Saturn (in Capricorn) transit. This week, after my last week’s experiences of “being in the wrong”, I’m feeling pretty sluggish and needing some kind of (figuratively speaking) mental down/away time at work and at home.

    Transiting Mars is currently within 2 degrees of my natal Pluto in Libra, in my 4th house, and transiting Saturn is within 2 degrees of my natal Mercury in Cap, in the 7th. With this, so far, there’s been a lot of “going to the past”, spontaneously happening in my psyche, of reflecting on my recurring patterns of behavior in relationships with others at home and/or outside of home. These reflections have been shedding some unflattering light on the inner limits that keep me from being in the flow with “what is”. All that I can do at the moment is just watch/accept the inner impasse be, since struggling to “do” anything about/with it feels useless.

    • Hi Anahit, I seem to have missed your comment here somehow… so sorry for the delay in my reply. It’s interesting to consider the difference between inner and outer limits, because while we usually have very little control over the latter, we can often shift the former significantly through changing our perception. As someone who has a lot of inner limits (Sun conjunct Moon in Capricorn square Pluto) I understand that they can be both beneficial and detrimental; while they keep me on track with what I am trying to achieve, they can also keep me from ‘being in the flow’ as you say. It’s so important to observe oneself and understand which of our inner limits are serving us and which are not. Much love to you, xxx

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