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Mars Venus conjunction: integrate masculine and feminine

Mars Venus conjunction The Alchemical Marriage by Emily Balivet.

The Mars Venus conjunction is exact on 13 July 2021. This transit aligns the inner masculine and feminine, the yin and yang within, or what Jung calls the anima and the animus. This is a great time for opening up to a more balanced way of expressing our gender and sexuality and letting go of the need to project the ‘other’ onto somebody else.

In Leo the Mars Venus conjunction turns outward toward relationships. It combines both the masculine and feminine energies in Leo to create a passionate, sexy and creative energy. Connection between lovers is especially favoured and if your natal chart aligns well you can expect fireworks in the bedroom!

However there is a deeper side to this transit as well. Too often we look for the aspects of ourselves that we have trouble expressing in a partner or lover. As women we may look for strength and determination, self-assertion and courage, while men may seek out a partner who is nurturing, gentle and receptive.

Finding a partner who has these missing pieces, who ‘completes us’ as the saying goes, can feel fantastic. However after a while most people resent having to provide these qualities we are too lazy to cultivate in ourselves, and so the dissatisfaction begins. Here we have ourselves a perfect opportunity to work on this common pattern and in doing so bring healing to ourselves and our relationships. Make the most of the Mars Venus conjunction to do this important inner work.

Looking at you natal Venus and Mars can be helpful in this process. For example my Mars is in fiery masculine Leo and my Venus is in earthy feminine Capricorn. Due to the experiences of my early life, as well as Capricorn’s tendency to withhold its expression, for many years I found Mars easier to manifest than Venus. However I soon became aware that this aspect of my self was being neglected, that through fear of being vulnerable I was unable to show my Venus to the world. Over time I have learned to express my feminine side more fully.

How will the Mars Venus conjunction affect you?

As with all transits the Mars Venus conjunction will affect some people more strongly than others. In particularly those with planets or points between 16 and 22 degrees of the Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sag) will likely feel this transit as a positive boost, bringing physical energy and ease to relationships as well as energising the areas of life ruled by the house through which Venus and Mars are passing.

On the other hand, those with planets or points between 16 and 22 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) may find this energy stirs up things that they would rather were left untouched. Depending on the planets and houses involved this transit could catalyse healing of a less pleasant variety, though just as worthwhile in the end.

Look to see through which house transiting Mars conjunct Venus is passing, as this will tell you which area of life will be most affected.

For example in my natal chart 19 degrees Leo is in the 3rd House of communication making this a transit that will probably have an inspired affect on my writing and help me to articulate my ideas with fervour.

If you don’t have one yet, you can get a free birth chart at To understand how to read your birth chart, and follow the transits in your own life, download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

Although a fast moving transit Venus conjunct Mars will bring a very pleasant few days where you are likely to feel outgoing, social and attractive. Both physical and creative energy will be heightened so engaging in a group activity such as dancing, sport or performance will bring out the best in you. In fact physical activity of any kind will probably feel great!

Venus conjunct Mars in Leo is a fiery, passionate energy that could have you jumping into a new relationship without thinking. If you choose the right person this will probably result in a pleasant though ephemeral connection. Venus conjunct Mars will last until 19 July. This is a great time for taking action, meeting new people and making connections.

How have you experienced the Mars Venus conjunction?

Did you notice any interesting developments in your relationships or inner life during this Mars Venus conjunction? How have you grown through these experiences? Do you think you will have work to do integrating your inner masculine and feminine during this final Mars Venus conjunction?

Those with Venus conjunct Mars in their natal chart may be able to share a little about the affect of this aspect. If you have this conjunction in your natal chart, which sign and house does it fall in? How do you experience Venus conjunct Mars in your life?

5 Comments on Mars Venus conjunction: integrate masculine and feminine

  1. Acceptance of myself as bridging characteristics of the female and male – I’ve had envy of the female even though I am a woman because I see the male characteristics inside me as somehow unacceptable and symbols of the all-female to me have really triggered anxiety and insecurity of being less than perfect in how I am knit together. But the strength and assertiveness does not need to take away at all from my empathy and kindness or tenderness.

    • So true Liv… There is such a pressure in society to fit into a certain stereotype of femininity and a lot of disapproval of women who are too ‘butch’… but all this is just propaganda. We need to look within to find our true yin, our true yang. This can be an incredibly empowering process. I remember when I first began this at the age of 22 or so: I sat up all night cutting images of goddesses out of a book on mythology and sticking them in my journal. And I started wearing skirts for the first time since I was a kid. May sound like little things but they were big for me at the time. Shifted a lot of stuff for me.

  2. Interesting. I think I’ve always relied mostly on my slightly androgynous Mercury opposite Jupiter. But now that Pluto transits Venus and approaches my Sun it feels as if both the Venus and the Leo Mars are waking up. In February I think it was definitely about the inner masculine and standing up for myself (does’t come easily). Can’t remember the start of September. Now I’m learning about the Venus. She is a Capricorn with a love for Virgo aesthetics (6th house) and a lot of Scorpio all-or-nothing attitude (natal Pluto square).

    • Love the way you describe these placements Eva :) For me Venus is in the 8th so that square to Pluto is all the more emphasised. She’s an intense creature for sure, though clad in a demure Capricorn exterior…

  3. I have this exact natal conjunction in Leo. So it feels amazing when they are both back in Leo, especially now at the same time. This conjunction explains so much about my close to the heart relationships, dear friendships and lovers. I had an arsenal of Leo boyfriends my whole life ( I even married one) but to me doesn’t feel too crazy, i feel I am extra motivated and it’s nice. After 2020 the fire 🔥 inside me was sort of put out. But it’s good to feel alive and a have a little bit of that fire back. It gave me the motivation I needed.

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