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Mercury conjunct Jupiter: keep an open mind

Mercury conjunct Jupiter Open your mind by Edit Ballai.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter occurs for the third time this year on 5 March 2021. Mercury first passed over Jupiter on 12 January, then turned retrograde and passed back over the planet of expansion on 14 February. This is a fast moving transit of about a week’s duration but it can split open your mind and make you receptive to a new point of view.

Back in February retrograde Mercury and Jupiter were both square to Lilith, suggesting outbursts of pent up frustration. This time a supportive sextile between the Sun and Lilith on the same day will give this day a quality of open-mindedness and creative healing. Productive conversations will be easier.

With Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius the mind is likely to be sharp and astute with flashes of inspiration, and there will be a tendency to look at things in a very objective, scientific, and perhaps even detached manner. This will help keep things from getting out of hand.

At the same time, Mercury conjunct Jupiter helps us keep an open mind. It can can offer new perspectives on old problems that will enable us to develop innovative solutions. Jupiter is also our ally when it comes to communicating our ideas to others, who are likely to be more open and receptive to us at this time.

How Mercury conjunct Jupiter will affect you

Those with planets or points between 14 and 20 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) will feel Mercury conjunct Jupiter most strongly. To understand which area of your life will be most affected check to see through which house Mercury and Jupiter are currently traveling.

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4 Comments on Mercury conjunct Jupiter: keep an open mind

  1. The past year Saturn and Neptune has helped me de-clutter the cobwebs from my eyes in a BIG way! A lot of things and realizations that have shaken up my life has come to the forth.

    These days the effect of this square – and the coming solar eclipse in Virgo – is felt to the max. With Merc now retrograde I need to ponder my forward course. I will have to set up a battle plan, do a plus/minus list for each option and use the Virgo analytical skills to choose the wisest way, although never forgetting to have my heart in it.

    So many things I didn’t want to know but needed to know has come up to the surface with this somar eclipse and now we need to ponder the best way to move forward. With Merc in Virgo this should be – if not easy – then at least achievable. Because yes, everything is crumbling these days. Even my relationship. Everything is up in the air and I am afraid what this solar eclipse will mean for me since Virgo is my 7th house.
    I have moon in Libra/8th house, at 12 degrees. Is there any aspects you could say relate to each other, Faith? I also have Mercury at 15 degrees Scorpio, so at least the realizations is not too difficult. It’s just sad ones, with a theme of “loss”, death and transformation/rebirth. Typical Scorpio stuff.

    My BF asked for a break in our living situation – he needs time to be himself on his own. Not from us but from living together. And I have come to realize he probably harbors feelings for his best friend’s partner – even if HE doesn’t know yet, since he has three planets in the 3rd house…

    Transformational phase, but will it rebirth? Even if we love each other very much? I don’t know. I don’t want to me compared to their relationship/her, but I might have to go far away before he finds out of his mistake/feelings in all of this. Because, that’s what usually works for men…

  2. Not 3ed house. 12th house… (Argh, Mercury!)

  3. Thanks Faith, it is so good to have your insight about Mercury retrograde. I hope you don’t mind me expressing some thoughts from the influences of my own natal and transiting aspects. I have natal Mars on this Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in quincunx to my natal Mercury (mutual reception) which Uranus is transiting in Aries. Also, my Mars in later Virgo is a Yod with natal Jupiter-Venus conjunct in Aquarius. So what is going on now is lighting up my life and my insight is keen, clear and journeying through the Virgo archetype like a Victorean virgin riding a white horse . . As a Dharma teacher, fasting coach and nutritionist, with an Aries Sun and North Node in the 6th house, studying the dynamic interface of mind and body, of the communication within the nervous system is very important during this Mercury retrograde; the divine connection of our higher wisdom of our body (Jupiter in Virgo) with a love for detail and all things Virgo (Venus in Virgo); adding to this the ability and function to communicate the combined characteristics with clarity (Mercury in Virgo) is a key vision I have of this retrograde period. . Blessings of Divine Light and Love to You

  4. With the current transits, including Mercury retrograde conjunct Jupiter and this week’s solar eclipse in Virgo, I have found myself in a mode of quite pain-inducing self-reassessment. Who am I? Where am I going? What in me is stopping me from being the best I can be? Where do I belong? A lot of scenarios are coming up in my mind and the subconscious which silently makes itself known when I open up to it.

    The transiting Mercury and Jupiter in my 3rd (Virgo) house, with my natal Sun and Mars in the 6th house (between 25 and 30 degrees of Sag) seem to be illuminating the state of my relationships with my siblings, acquaintances, and co-workers. The challenging aspect between Saturn in Sag squaring Neptune in Pisces is manifesting in me as a friction between the states of dreaming and of reining in my dreams to fit into what is possible. However, this negotiation remains unresolved. The line between what can be real and what will have to remain unrealized is still blurry. Becoming clear on a balanced resolution to where I should head (how I should be) next is still being worked out on a level beyond my grasp.

    I hope by the time Mercury goes direct, and the lunar eclipse in Pisces visits us in mid-September, I’ll become more aware of the path that the Universe is nudging me to follow at this juncture in my life.

    Faith, thanks for encouraging us to stay open to whatever may come!

    Love and blessings to all!

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