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Mercury in Aries: say it like it is (but try to be gentle)

Sun conjunct Mercury Image author unknown.

With Mercury in Aries there isn’t much beating around the bush when it comes to putting our point across. In fact if you’ve been biding your time, waiting for the right words and the right moment to say what needs to be said then you may find that caution goes out the window now. Aries is not known for tact or diplomacy and you might simply open your mouth and let fly with very little thought for the possible fall out.

Over the past two months Mercury has been in Pisces, retrograding briefly back into Aquarius in mid March. During this time my Facebook feed has been full of fake news. I’ve never seen so many conspiracy theories making the rounds! COVID-19 is caused by 5G, developed by Bill Gates, a complete hoax, a ploy to introduce mass vaccination and human micro-chipping. It’s understandable in this challenging time that people go into a state of denial and fear but I for one am looking forward to the straight talking, no bull shit of Mercury in Aries.

But it’s important to remember that Mercury in Aries can sometimes take you too far. Instead of simply asserting yourself and setting healthy boundaries you end up pushing your ideas down someone’s throat and making them feel violated. Watch yourself that the energy of Aries does not overwhelm your sense of fairness and respect for the needs of others.

Mercury in Aries can be relied upon to tell the truth but he’s certainly tactful about it. This tendency to bluntness can be very confronting and it’s important to bear in mind during this time that many people are feeling fragile and a little shell shocked. Aries can be very aggressive at times; take care of each other.

Mercury in Aries will also bring new ideas to the fore. This is very important right now when so many of the old ways, things we have taken for granted, are no longer tenable. Aries sees things with new eyes and can come up with fresh approaches. Mind-mapping and other brainstorming techniques are a great way to work with this energy.

Mercury in Aires also affects the way we think about life and how we approach the awesome task of manifesting our destiny. It’s a courageous, creative energy, ready for anything. It can provide a real boost to the business of getting things done, shifting stuck patterns and asserting our right to be our own unique and powerful selves.

How will Mercury in Aries affect you?

Mercury in Aires will affect you most strongly if you have planets or points in Aries. These planets will be triggered by conjunction over the next two weeks before Mercury moves into Taurus on 28 April. You can also look to see in which house Mercury is currently located. In my chart Mercury is transiting my 10th House. This suggests a time when I am communicating assertively with the outer world. It is a very outgoing time for me.

If you’re still not sure how to track the transits in your life grab your natal chart from and then download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

During its transit through Aires, Mercury will form several aspects with other planets, most notably squaring Pluto and Jupiter around 26 April, just before Pluto turns retrograde. This is a period when discussions could very easily become fiery arguments and power struggles.

Working with Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aires can be a source truth and new ideas, but we we need to be careful with this energy as it can also be volatile! Assertive communication can easily become rudeness and it will be harder to see other people’s point of view. It’s very easy to get stuck in an egocentric mentality such as ‘us vs them’ or ‘every man (or woman) for themselves.’ Be careful or by the end of the month you may be feeling more isolated than ever.

How are you experiencing this transit? Please share your thoughts below.

9 Comments on Mercury in Aries: say it like it is (but try to be gentle)

  1. “When we set boundaries firmly but gently we demonstrate to others the self respect that sets the bar for how they will treat us in future.” Faith, love this :)

  2. I am in need of confronting a friend/business partner for lack of integrity and follow through and have been stressing on it through the entire eclipse window (the Libra Lunar eclipse was right on my moon/ Pluto conjunction in the 8th house)… And I’m now, finally feeling a little more detachment and clarity to state my boundaries and decision to dissolve the partnership and move forward on my own.

    • Thanks for sharing Shanny :) I can really see how this process would have progressed for you with the eclipse, then Saturn turning retrograde and now Mercury and the Sun conjoined. And it sounds like you know you are on the right path… xx

  3. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having massive health issues these weeks… Back pains, low energy, dizziness, feeling “out of sorts” physically as well as emotionally. Don’t know what it is. Saturn in my 10th house, in a square with Neptune in the 1st? (While Neptune also squaring my MC)… Pluto transiting the 12th setting off with transiting Jupiter in the 7th? I have Aquarius, Pisces and Aries in the 1st house, so maybe it could be the volatile fire energy, since I’m all-about-water-Scorpio with 4 planets here. They make steam, huh? By the way, nice picture! Her glasses are actually very steampunk-ish, so this fire energy combined with Venus in a water sigh… yeah. That’s steam :P Hehe…

    • Steam is very useful for clearing the lungs, hydrating dry skin, preparing healthy vegetables and removing postage stamps from old letters (among other things ;)

  4. ” I’m right and you’re wrong” seems a very Mercury in Aries statement,at least we’re out of the Pisces fog.

  5. I have been shocked at some of the comments
    some friends have made lately with
    Mercury in Aries but it clarified the truth
    about these people to me.Its interesting
    about the masks we must wear at the moment .
    It’s quite symbolic as some have been
    wearing them for much longer to hide
    their truth .

  6. Thank you for sending your knowing it will help me stay on track love Anna

  7. I have Mercury in Aries in my 5th house. It’s no wonder that I seem to be speaking fairly bluntly to my husband and my kids about my thoughts and feelings as of late. I have taken to writing note cards and extra emails to my clients during the Covid-19 event. It’s been not only financially hard , but also professionally hard not to be offering healing in person to my clients. And I am grieving not being able to spend time with my grandkids. And then there’s Pluto in my mid Heaven, but that’s a story for another day.

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