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Fear not the Mercury retrograde!

A time of reflection and clearing out-dated thought patterns

Mercury retrogrades have a bad reputation. “Here we go again,” I hear you say…  “Brace yourself for another period of messed up communication, misplaced emails and delayed flights.” Well perhaps we need to take another look… Astrologer Andrew Smith, who writes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, has this to say about Mercury retrograde:

“Largely misunderstood, Mercury retrogrades periods are not challenging times wherein matter breaks, emails go missing, hard drives cease to work and your phone decides to incorrectly autocorrect your texts. I don’t believe that nature intended these pauses in time to be dominated by such trivial concerns as matter fighting back! Three times a year you are afforded an extended period of stillness and deep reflection so that you can move out of your mental body and into your heart. Stillness of heart is all that is needed so you can start to find your way out of the dark and into your heart energy.”

Andrew’s entire article is well-worth a read.

When Mercury retrogrades we have an opportunity to clean up bugs in the intellectual system. It’s a time to clear out old ideas that no longer serve us, as well as any old clutter we’ve got stored up in our sub-conscious that is slowing us down. We can take a fresh look at our thoughts about ourselves, our life situation, in fact our entire reality and ask ourselves whether they are in alignment with our highest selves.

Then when Mercury goes direct we can make a new decision, a decision that truly reflects who we are and how we wish to respond to this moment Now. For as Andrew points out, in Mercury retrograde periods “the conditions are… ripe for molding and shaping a new way of being.”

Image How Can You Stay by Ralph Lemon.

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