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Mercury square Mars: active mind, impulsive action

Mercury square Mars Deliberation by Mario S. Nevado.

Mercury square Mars is a volatile aspect that can spur us into action, stir up fiery arguments out of the blue or send our minds racing wildly. Exact on 30 December it has been in affect since Christmas day and, due to Mercury turning retrograde, will last until 9 January.

During Mercury square Mars our minds are likely to be very active and it may be difficult to slow thoughts down enough to get clear on the details of a situation. There will be a tendency to jump into action without considering all the possible consequences, especially if you are emotionally agitated or angry. On the other hand, those prone to over-analysis may find themselves having a hard time acting at all!

Be careful during Mercury square Mars that you don’t jump into attack mode and react aggressively to those who don’t agree with you. Arguments could erupt out of nowhere and those who have strong Mars in their natal chart should be especially cautious as things said in the heat of the moment during this transit could really hurt. Mars is the archetypal warrior and during Mercury square Mars our words can literally become weapons.

The tools and techniques of Non Violent Communication will be very useful during Mercury square Mars as we will be prone to pushing our opinions onto others instead of listening with an open heart to the other person’s perspective. Remember everyone we meet has something to teach us and keep an open mind: our version of reality is only part of the picture.

Fortunately with Mercury in sensible Capricorn and Mars in cooperative, harmony-loving Libra this Mercury square Mars transit is less likely to affect us in a negative way than it might do if we were working with more volatile signs. Nevertheless there is still a high chance that we will be reactive and defensive during this period, particularly if we are personally affected.

On the positive side you are more likely to act on new information that you encounter during Mercury square Mars and like all squares the tension can often push you to make necessary changes in your life that you may have been putting off. Just be conscious of where you are going; a rash action today could be something you regret tomorrow.

How will Mercury square Mars affect you?

Those with planets or points between 21 and 30 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be most strongly affected by Mercury square Mars, and when the two planets shift sign at the beginning of January those with planets or points between 0 and 2 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) will also be impacted.

Look also to see through which houses in your natal chart Mercury and Mars are transiting as this will tell you the area of your life that is likely to be affected. To better understand how current transits affect you personally check out my free mini lessons.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

The Moon is just moving out of trine aspect to Saturn and into trine aspect with Uranus so on an emotional level we will likely feel both stable and lighthearted. For the next three days even those who usually dislike surprises are likely to be more comfortable with the spontaneous and unexpected.

Mercury has been flirting with our femme fatale Venus in Scorpio since mid December, hovering within orb of a sextile but not quite going exact. This provides valuable support in relationships during Mercury square Mars as it helps greatly with communication. Mercury will retrograde on the 6 January.

The Sun will sextile Neptune tomorrow so for the next week we will likely feel more connected to our spiritual core, as well as to others around us. Empathy and compassion will come more naturally and this will help greatly with the volatile and intellectually aggressive tendencies of Mercury square Mars.

Although it will not be exact again for a long time Uranus square Pluto is still within orb and affecting those with natal planets or points between 13 and 17 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Check out my article Uranus square Pluto: how it affects you, to understand this important and long-lasting generational transit.

Those who have been personally affected by Saturn square Neptune will be relieved to know that is now officially over, at least for this year. Due to retrograde motion this somewhat demoralising transit will occur two more times in 2016, in June and in September, but for now finding the balance between our ideals and practical reality will be a lot easier.

Managing the energy of Mercury square Mars

If you’re personally affected the unsettled energy of Mercury square Mars may be difficult to manage. Taking time out to meditate and quiet the mind will be enormously helpful. What other strategies can you think of that may be useful for working with this transit? Feel free to share you thoughts below.

Want to understand the impact of Mercury square Mars in your own life but don’t know where to begin? Download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

6 Comments on Mercury square Mars: active mind, impulsive action

  1. Faith?you are absolutely brilliant! Your easy to understand reading & interpretations are greatly read & received weekly?I love your work. Thanks very much always. Love & happy wishes?✨? Paulaxx

  2. My natal Mercury in Aries square Mars in Cancer. This article is so spot on. Sometimes this aspect is helpful but sometimes it could put in trouble.

    • Thanks Diana… yes like all aspects Mercury square Mars has it’s gifts and challenges. The square is generally very dynamic and pushes us into action – particularly when Mars is involved!

  3. I have mercury in the 5th house cancer square mars in libra in the 7th, i also have mars 1st in pisces square sagittarius in saturn in 10th as well as sun in the 4th gemini square saturn in the 10th all at really crazy degrees and all depicting accidents or tragedy, do degrees really make hard aspects to all of this and do all these trigger each other, all of this next week…

    • Ride it like a wild stallion Josh! Stay centred with meditation and express all that Mars energy with physical activity. This is a short-lived transit and will be over before you know it.

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