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Mercury trine Pluto and Jupiter in Earth: open and direct communication

Mercury trine Pluto Listen by Catrin Welz-Stein.

Mercury turns direct tomorrow as it forms a beautiful grand trine in Earth with Jupiter and Pluto. Mercury trine Pluto is exact on 1 June and is an extremely direct combination. It gets straight to the point. And with the Sun in Gemini opposed Mars in Sagittarius today and the Moon about to trigger the mutable t-square via a conjunction to Saturn there may well be plenty you want to talk about!

Venus’ ingress into Mercury’s sign of Gemini will heighten this need to talk things through in relationships and with Mercury trine Pluto until the 5th of June this is a real opportunity to bring things up that may have been festering beneath the surface for a while.

The conversations we have under Mercury trine Pluto will flow more smoothly if we take advantage of the additional trine from Mercury to Jupiter, an aspect that is more short-lived. This contact has already begun to separate, so take advantage of its energy over the coming week if you’d prefer your communications to be more open, generous and synchronous. To understand this aspect more fully check out my article Mercury trine Jupiter: open your mind.

During Mercury trine Pluto it’s important to remember that the most crucial part of good communication is listening to the other. This may not always be easy as Mercury in the sign of Taurus can be stubborn and Pluto is not known for its flexibility. This is where Jupiter can really help things along so don’t hold your tongue: get things out in the open earlier rather than later if you want things to be resolved more easily.

Of course Mercury trine Pluto and the grand trine in Earth isn’t just about communication; it will also have a positive affect on the way you think. This is a great time to hone your ideas and indeed those whose charts are personally triggered are likely to have plenty of new ones. Your mind is likely to be very open and receptive but sharp enough to easily differentiate between what is worthwhile and what is not.

This is the third grand trine in Earth we have experienced over the last month as the Sun and then Venus both triggered Jupiter and Pluto as they passed through Taurus. It’s a wonderful energy that can do much to offset the challenge of working with the long-lasting grand square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Mercury trine Pluto is particularly good at helping us see the practical steps towards change that may need to be taken in our lives at this time.

How will Mercury trine Pluto and Jupiter affect you

Those who have natal planets or points between 13 and 20 degrees of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) will feel this configuration most strongly. For example in my chart Sun, Moon and Venus in Capricorn will all be triggered by this transit. In particular I hope that Mercury trine Pluto will help me confront the underlying issues in one particularly difficult relationship in my life and to say what needs to be said both directly and courageously.

On the other hand, if you have natal planets or point between 10 and 14 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) you will be feeling the grand square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, which may well eclipse all other transits. If you haven’t explored this important aspect configuration yet, but suspect it is affecting you, check out my previous articles on the subject:

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

Venus will oppose Mars on 25 May, just before Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio for a two month stay. This may create conflict, particularly between members of the opposite sex, as well as a tendency to project our aggression onto others. Be cautious of this dynamic over the next few days as it can strongly colour the way you relate. Mars retrograde in Scorpio may well bring up deeply buried anger so observe yourself closely. For more on working with this energy refer to Mars in Scorpio: the art of getting what you want.

While Mercury will move rapidly out of orb with both Jupiter and Pluto, Jupiter trine Pluto is a slow moving aspect that only perfects on 26 June, just a few days after the second contact of Saturn square Neptune. This highly positive energy will do much to help us rise above the feelings of disillusionment that could arise during this time. To read more about this important transit refer to Jupiter trine Pluto: the magic of ambition and synchronicity.

Working with Mercury trine Pluto and the grand trine in Earth

With Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto all working together harmoniously in the element of Earth we have an opportunity to turn vague ideas into concrete reality. After all the Earth signs are about manifesting real outcomes on the material plane. Whether you work with this energy in your relationships or through the medium of the written word you are likely to find that there is a power to your thoughts and communications.

Have you been feeling this energy already? Please share your experiences below.

7 Comments on Mercury trine Pluto and Jupiter in Earth: open and direct communication

  1. I feel very confused about it all to be honest – but again, that should be a concrete effect of the square, huh?! ;-)

    I have uranus at my MC, transit neptune in 1st house squaring MC, and Saturn retro nearing MC. One effect of this is angst and anxiety about starting in a new job. I’m so tense and I have bach aches on 9th month now.

    I’ve recently begun in a new job position but due to very bad experinces in the past job I’m worked up in a tense ball inside (“is this going south too??!”). It really affects my sleep because my back gets so tense that I wake up with muscle pains…

    So yeah, for me it’s probably the square unfortunately… It’s taking it’s time and Neptune seems like it will never ever leave that damned MC. Grr! *sigh*

    • The Saturn – Neptune square is very bound up with disappointment so it’s natural to fear that this new job might ‘go south’ too. However it’s important not to project the past onto the present. The new job could also be fantastic :)

      • Hi Faith.
        Thanks for replying :-) I wish this Neptune/Saturn stuff would just dissapear. We’ve had so much difficult transits the past years (or maybe it’s just me or the Square talking now…). I know the new job is right for me, it feels RIGHT somehow, and I’m very grateful to finally have found a nice place to be for sure!

  2. I started working last week after a gap of 1.5 years now. The new job seems exciting as well as lots of loose ends to be brought together as I am a member of the management team. I cant complain. So far it is smooth sailing.

  3. Hi. I have Mercury conjunct Pluto (0’06 orb) in Libra trine Jupiter (1 degree orb) and now Mercury has gone into Gemini, the transit makes a grand air trine. Is this a supercharged time for me mentally?

  4. It worked out pretty well for me. I had a telephone interview for what would pretty much me a dream job for me. I spent a day researching (mercury cj Pluto lol) the company, the software system the job referred to and during the interview I had many pages of notes to refer to.

    I sucked up information like a sponge at a prodigious rate and it flowed from me easily during the interview.

    I have another interview today, although my research on this one hasn’t shown them in a great light. I’ll be using today’s interview just to dust off cobwebs from my face to face performance. I don’t really want to work for this firm. I see right through this firm and it’s not too good :) also have natal Saturn conjunct the sun in Cancer, so that hard work pays off in bucket loads

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