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Midheaven transits: career change

The A to Z: from adjustment to total upheaval

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The midheaven represents the zenith of our human accomplishment. The sign that sits on your midheaven, as well as any planets that lie on or near the midheaven, will determine what kind of accomplishment this will be, and in what niche, or profession you are likely to achieve it.

The midheaven represents the time and sphere of our lives when we reap the fruit from seeds we planted earlier in life, and to a lesser extent by our parents when we were children. Some say that such seeds can also be planted far further back, in lives we no longer remember. The midheaven shows our status in society and how we will influence and shape the world around us. Whether this influence is powerful or weak, positive or negative, depends on the sign on the cusp of the midheaven, as well as any aspects from the planets or points.

Midheaven transits by the slow moving outer planets often initiate big changes to the role we play in our community, triggering some of our most important life lessons and opportunities. The nature and extent of this change depends on the planet involved and whether natal aspects are activated by its passing.

My own experience of midheaven transits

In 2007 Uranus passed over my mid-heaven in Pisces. During that year I quit my comfortable full-time job with a government agency and took off to spend time teaching in a Permaculture centre in Brazil. Upon my return, after some pretty mind-blowing experiences, I set up my own business in an unusual field. I was independent, my own boss, and I was working for the revolution: all strong Uranian qualities.

Since then Uranus has been moving slowly through my tenth house of professional life bringing with it one dramatic career change after another. And it’s not like I planned it that way; on the contrary I feel that as I’ve responded to life’s opportunities and taken new directions I’ve had to quickly adapt to my changing circumstances. At times I’ve felt as though my skills were suddenly useless, only to turn around and find myself using another set of skills in a completely new context.

Midheaven transits and how they might affect you

  • Mars: During this transit you’re likely to feel great enthusiasm for your career and have a lot of energy to invest in moving it forward. You may become more assertive, even pushy (depending on sign and aspects), in the pursuit of what you wish to achieve and more prominent in your community. Others may find you a tad aggressive, especially if this is not your usual mode of behaviour. This is a transit of short duration, a rocket boost of energy to initiate change rather than sustained fuel for a long-term project.
  • Jupiter: Especially good fortune is likely to come your way and career change will occur through chance meetings with the right people or being in the right place at the right time. Others may remark on how lucky you are in your career and you’ll probably agree! Jupiter brings abundance, opportunity and expansion in any area of life that it touches.
  • Saturn: Things may start to get serious and you are likely to be given heavy responsibilities in your career that could push you in one of two directions. Either you will feel claustrophobic and trapped, eventually breaking free to pursue something that allows you more freedom, or you will take up the burden willingly and achieve great things through your determined efforts.
  • Uranus: During this transit you may find yourself unable to tolerate hierarchy, authority figures, rules or schedules that curtail your freedom to choose. Both the inner rebel and the inner revolutionary will come to the fore; the one most prominent in you will depend on the other planets and signs that are involved. Neither you or your employer is unlikely to tolerate this stressful situation for long and something will have to give. Let go and enjoy the ride: you are moving towards a role that better suits your thirst for independence, innovation and social change.
  • Neptune: Ah Neptune! Both visionary and illusionist she will surely lead you from your path. You may find yourself sacked for spending too much time on Facebook during work time, escaping from the fact that your current role bores you out of your mind. Or you might have an epiphany, realising your purpose in life for the first time, and throw in your high powered career to become a meditation teacher. Much depends on how awake you are…
  • Pluto: All Pluto transits bring some kind of death or ending and this is no exception. Like Uranus, Pluto changes are often intense and sudden. You may fall from grace or experience a drop in status or influence, or conversely you may find yourself having to deal wisely with a sudden increase in your power. Someone else may appear to be involved, as we project our lessons outward, and you may find yourself encountering someone who is manipulative, controlling or obsessive.

How you experience these midheaven transits depends to a large extent on the other factors in your chart that are interacting with and modifying its affects. However the most important thing here is how present and responsive you are. If you are able to accept each moment as it arises, whether or not it is what you planned or wanted, you will glide through these changes and emerge in a role that is far better suited to your evolving soul.

For more on midheaven transits read this excellent article by Dana Gerhardt.

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46 Comments on Midheaven transits: career change

  1. I am having the same experience you were having back in 2007, Uranus is going back and forth in my 10th House and I’m constantly steering my direction, career-wise. The only certainty is my increasing intolerance to restrictive social structures and the lack of ethics in the job market. I surely would love to become my own boss :)

  2. Exciting times Aeterna! And I say why not be your own boss? So many things we are told are impossible can be achieved with just a little courage, faith and determination.

  3. Smilling – my MC is also 20 degress Pisces in the 10th. I enjoyed your post. Thanks!

  4. Oh thank you for this! Saturn is currently transiting my Midheaven in Sag, while Neptune is squaring my Midheaven from the 1st house. So many opportunities/promotions keep popping up, but I’m so disenchanted with my current job and feeling lost and confused about what to do. Ideally, I’d love to work for myself as a full-time astrological counselor, but I’m afraid (Saturn) and doubt my abilities to earn a sustainable income from it. So, I find that I am staying at a job I don’t like, and despite the fact that they have offered 2 promotional opportunities, I don’t want the extra responsibility because it’s ultimately not what I want to do. I wonder if I’m going to look back and wish I took the promotions just for the sake of the extra income, and possibly the experience. But I’m feeling more intuitively drawn to eventually quitting and going out on my own. It’s a scary and anxious time!

    • Hi Danielle… thanks for sharing :) Remember that Saturn on the MC can also give you a huge boost of determination to reach your goals. This is Saturn’s house after all! The Neptune square on the other hand… phew! Don’t believe everything you think (as they say) I looked at your site – how lovely :) As another on the same path I can only say: don’t give up! Read everything you can about SEO and internet marketing, blog every week without fail, do everything you can to build you mailing list and don’t give up! Oh yeah I said that already ;) Blessings to you xxx

  5. What does the full moon conjunct the MC ( coming up in Nov for me at 3-4 Gemini) signify? I am in the process of applying for a job. Transit Saturn opposite this MC. And jupiter conjunct pluto / uranus conjunction ( which conjuncts my ascendant at 10 Virgo). Virgo / Pisces Eclipse cycle is picking up my angles too. Back to main point though – full moon conjunct the MC in Nov 2016

    • Hi Mary… The transiting Moon is such a fast moving phenomena that its influence on our lives is not very substantial. It may be that when it is conjunct the MC you feel more empowered, confident or determined but it is unlikely to influence the outcome of your job application. Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant on the other hand has a much more powerful impact, especially when triggering other planets in your natal chart. The Moon’s influence will work well with this, but won’t have a big affect on its own.

      • I agree that the moon’s transits over any point or planet in a chart wouldn’t mean too much, but surely with it being a full moon it would make more of an impact, as it would also signify the Sun on the IC and, as Mary said, Saturn was transiting there also. I share her 10 Virgo ASC and 3-4 Gemini Midheaven so was interested in this as well

        • Hey Halla… The impact of Saturn on the IC will definitely have an impact and the Sun/Moon will catalyse that. The full Moon can catalyse things on it’s own too but I’ve never noticed anything very significant: the Moon represents emotional response which is pretty ephemeral stuff… but yes in opposition to the Sun it has a bit more oomph. Observe for yourself and see… Would love to hear what you discover :)

  6. I’m experiencing Saturn nearing my MC at 8 degree Sagitarius at the moment.

    At 4 degrees Sagitarius sits my natal Uranus. Which is (as far as I’m concerned) in a loose sextile with my moon. So far so good.

    I’m a person who is fond of structure and systems – but at my new workplace (finally found a great job after 1 year of looking this June!) – things aren’t always very controlled, systematic or anything else. I have to be my own boss and apply structure in the way I need it/feel it. I feel sad/confused/dissuaded by the lack of direction from my boss which is not the most structured kind of person. So – Saturn also being the ruler of fears, is probably trying to teach me some things about being my own boss at my workplace. My area manager is located in the States – I’m in Europe. This makes it a little hard to coordinate work – so I have to be very proactive, even though I’ve only been there for 2-3 months.

    Also, I want to make changes at work (typical Uranian fashion), but Saturn won’t allow it. So I have to fend for myself and be my own authority. This is fearful for me, since I’m used to having some kind of boss/manager around to do these things. I am struggling a lot at the moment, no energy and being a little depressed at home, having difficulty setting up a work-life balance.

    Any thoughts you’d like to share on this Faith?
    And thank you for your great blog by the way – I love your articles and coming here :-)

    • I think your thoughts on this are spot on Anette. Perhaps it is also useful to remember that although Saturn and Uranus might seem at first to be at odds with one another, Uranus’ sign Aquarius was traditionally ruled by Saturn. Uranus may break down old structures that are no longer useful but he is by no means against structures all together. The structures of Uranus are more like networks, while the structures of Saturn are more like hierarchies. This new role is perhaps actually ideal for you with Uranus so close to the mid-heaven and this is a time when you are learning to manifest your own structures in your workplace. It may be challenging at first (most Saturn transits are!) but if you take up the challenge I think you will come out the other side much empowered in this sphere of your life.

      • Hi Faith,

        Just a short update on this comment. I think you were right about this being a time to learn to manifest my own authority and build up structure. And much can be said about networks and Uranus which is what I have experienced the past two months. That my workplace is all about networks and not hierarchies. The people organize themselves in small networks and not – by far – with hierarchies. It has been confusing (Neptune transit squaring my MC) but I hope I will learn something from being my own boss.

        I have a question regarding Pluto though. At the time my whole life was turned up and down and I “lost almost everything except my job” Pluto was transiting Capricorn and he passed the border from the 11th house to my 12th house. My MC is at 8 degrees Sagittarius – but my 12th house ALSO starts 8 degrees into Capricorn. Could this be related since MC and 10th house has ties to Capricorn which is the sign Pluto is transiting?

        If so your article would make very much sense for me! Hope to read your answer and that you can find time to answer me :-) Thanks!

        • Hey Anette… sorry for my slow reply… it’s been very hectic around here! With regard to your question about transiting Pluto, when Pluto was transiting 8 degrees Capricorn it was in semi-sextile aspect to your MC at 8 degrees Sagittarius. While this is a minor aspect it has a harmonious energy that would have been supportive of your ambitions and career goals. Bearing in mind other simultaneous transits of course! Hope that helps… x

          • Hi Faith,

            Thanks for answering! :-) I think you’re right there – and spot on! Yes, I kept my job and things related to that. But I forgot that at the same time (actually it was almost EXACT on the exact day it all happened) – I was having my first Saturn return in the 8th house in Libra. And my natal Saturn is conjunct by less than 1 degree with my natal Pluto too.

            So the “death takes it all” theme was a major force here. I think it was a major “clean-up” state where the dams was just flooded and everything poured out and took it all with it. And when the flood was opened there was no going back and everything it had held onto was dried up. I couldn’t have gone back to fix it even if I had wanted. (And boy, did I want to fix it!). My boyfriend dumped me, threw me out of our apartment, I lost my home city, had to move far away into seclusion, lost my friends and I almost lost my will to live. That was a very tough time. For a Plutonian this was even harder.

            But looking back it was for the best, because I gained so much clarity about everything and regain equibrillium (ah.. Libra Saturn, you were so right..)

  7. Hi Faith,

    I have Saturn Conjunct Uranus in the 10th both sending a trine to Jupiter in the 2nd. Saturn is close to my MH and I just quit a job a few days ago because of a boss that was on a major power trip. I feel similar to others who have commented as I thought that job was going to be a platform for my future (which was Human Resources ironically) but after all of that drama I aim to seek a career with more freedom and a sense of creative expression (probably because I have my Sun in the 5th house). I am still not sure if I am on the right track as I usually have a good plan I focus on. But I just feel that every time I work for someone something goes wrong, I meet overbearing bosses and feel unappreciated. Any guidance is welcome. Great post btw!!! :)

    • Hi Rachel… thanks for sharing. Usually when Saturn makes a transit to the Mid-Heaven we are being called to take responsibility for who we really want to be in this world. Not just in terms of making a living, that’s 6th House stuff, but the role we want to play, our true vocation as it were. This can take a lot of courage as we have a lot of pressure on us to get a sensible, well-paid job. Follow your heart in all matters and all will be well… x

  8. This article has been really helpful. My Midheaven is at 16 45′ Capricorn. Pluto is conjuncting it and Uranus is squaring it. (I also have Jupiter and the North Node conjuncting my natal Pluto and Uranus.) This has to be a huge change? Should I hold onto my hat?

    • Hey Ash… yes Pluto on the MC will certainly bring some shifts and you may struggle with them at first with that square to Uranus. But given that the Uranus-Pluto square is now almost complete I think you’ll find this will ultimately brings very positive change for you. Good luck!

  9. Hi, I am living a paradox, because I have Jupiter transiting my house 1, however I have Saturn opposing my midheaven, and I am currently looking for a job, therefore I am worry about this opposition, would it mean I won’t find a job? Thank you in advance

    • Hi Kelly… Transits can play out in many ways. With Saturn on the IC it could mean that you are taking your commitments to family more seriously at this time, or that there are challenges in your home-life. The energies are complex and much depends on the other aspects that are formed and/or activated in the chart. It does not necessarily mean that you will have trouble finding a job. xx

  10. Hi Faith, thank you for getting back to me so soon. It is a relief to know that at least it is not necessarily what i fear in regards to finding a job.


  11. Interesting post. Transiting Uranus is getting close to my MC (4 degrees yet) but is currently opposing my Pluto (3rd house near IC). Would the meaning of Uranus transiting MC remain the same? Would it be worse? Would I lose something?

    • Hey Lisa… Transiting Uranus in opposition to Natal Pluto is a significant aspect in itself so yes it would affect you in a very different way than if Uranus were simply transiting your MC. Being an opposition it will require some adjustment, specifically in terms of balancing matters of the 4th and 10th Houses (Home vs Career to put it extremely simply). Because this is Uranus and Pluto we’re talking about there is likely to be some upheaval involved and this can be difficult if you struggle. Try not to hold on to things that are no longer useful, let go of trying to control the process and enjoy the ride :)

      • Thanks for your response Faith,

        I am currently experiencing the second hit of Uranus transit to natal Pluto. The first one hit harsh and unexpected and it involved indeed matters of the 4th and as I have the ruler of my MC there my 10th has also been shaken up.

        Uranus rules my 7th so I guess that the adjustments will come from personal or business relationships. I am in fact struggling at all levels ….could it be related to the fact that my natal pluto on the third house is natally square my venus on 12th and venus rules my 4th and also Taurus which is included on my 10th even if my MC is Aries.

        For how long would this go on? I feel like if my whole life is breaking into pieces due to circumstances that are not under my control.

        Thank you so much for your insight!

  12. Hello Faith, very very interested post!
    Here’s my situation and it’s happening right now but seems that transit planets doesn’t affect my MC. Transiting Saturn transiting my MC (Aries) and Jupiter who’s in exact conjunction to MC (natal) – have feeling that nothing’s happen right now – don’t have any opportunity for which I starved last couple years (status and reputation). Also transiting Uranus conjunct my natal Jupiter and crossing through my 10th house – maybe I have rebellious feeling – nothing else. At the same time transiting Saturn conjunct my natal Saturn and makes me feel depressed, because in few past years I invest all my money in my self (I believed in my instinct). This is time that I got nothing and expect all! What you think about that in short answer? I feel very depressed because all I want in past few years not became true just one megalomanic dream (want to be a famous model with natal Venus in 10th Taurus house – probably my instinct is bad! (Leo Asc, Taurus Sun, Aquarius Moon). Thanks for answer and that great text!

  13. Jupiter Trining my MC
    Uranus Square my MC
    Pluto Conjunct my MC

    No job prospects. Not looking good. All I feel is I am restless and I want change, which is far from coming.

    • Hey Ella… Sometimes these transits, especially Pluto and Uranus, are very slow acting at the outset. The feeling of restlessness you feel is a part of the process and should be honoured. Ride this energy by taking action for change instead of waiting for something to fall in your lap. x

  14. What do you think of this. I have a job review coming up in 6 months (1 or 2 Dec 2016). I have had a few difficulties with my job and my next review could result in my leaving or staying. The aspects are many and almost all exact:
    – Transiting Saturn, Jupiter and Mars all in good aspect to each other.
    – Saturn and Mars are trine & sextile my natal Saturn at 16 Aries. Not sure whether this is good (trines/sextiles) or bad (transits activate Saturn). Saturn rules my Capricorn 10th BTW
    – Jupiter opposite natal Saturn. Is this good (Jupiter) or bad (opposition and aaturn activation)
    – Pluto in the tenth square Saturn
    – Venus in the tenth, conjunct midheavean but square sun
    – Moon in the tenth, depending on time of day, could be square Saturn, or conjunct transiting venus

    I also know the chart for the job start date and it has a bunch of transits too.

    Some of the good
    – Tr Jupiter job charts sun – Is this good (Jupiter) or bad just a focus on my job
    – Tr Jupiter sextile job’s Jupiter. Job Jupiter is in the job charts 10th
    – Tr Jupiter sextile job Mars
    – Tr Jupiter 4 degrees past job venus

    The bad
    – Tr Jupiter opposite job Uranus
    – Tr Saturn conj job Mars
    – Tr Pluto square job Sun
    – Tr Pluto sextile job Saturn (by five degrees)
    – Tr Pluto trine job moon.
    – Tr Mars opposite job Jupiter

    It’s hard to believe all of this is occurring at once and believe it or not almost every aspect is exact.

    Any way to process this? Seems like the universe wouldn’t need so many transits to fire me or keep me.

  15. Hello chiron retro conjunct my midheaven at 24° Pisces! Any insight?

  16. Thank you for this!

    On September 26, I have both Jupiter and the Sun conjunct my MC. The annual Sun-Jupiter conjunction (at 3°37 Libra) will occur pretty precisely at my natal midheaven (3°34 Libra). Any thoughts on what to expect/how to process this?

  17. My natal midheaven is in Pisces. Transiting Chiron and Neptune in Pisces are currently nearing my MC. The latest solar eclipse in Virgo and the lunar eclipse in Pisces, along with Mercury retrograde in Virgo, brought up a range of profession-related introspection, regrets, loss of orientation and inability to clarify in which direction it would help me to head next in my life, resulting in a type of emotional suffering, which my ego would like to believe was a type of ascension-related anxiety.

    This whole scheme of transits, not counting the on-going square between transiting Saturn in Sagittarius – (transiting my natal Mars conjunct my natal Neptune and my natal Mars conjunct my natal Sun, all in Sagittarius in the sixth house) – and the transiting Neptune in Pisces (currently not far from my 10th house cusp), has resulted in a deluge of self-criticism and unexpressed criticism of others, of victim-like feelings, and of a sense that I am lost at a cross-roads in my life, even as I am aware that something is coming to end, while I can’t see what gift awaits me next.

    In addition, becoming one with inner-peace and learning to embrace Christ-like love of humanity has been on my mind and in my heart, even as the ego keeps reminding me not to forget my individual needs and become a mere puppet-like servant to others’ egoic selves. Wrap up all of these feelings and reflections into one unsettling ball of fire being put out by healing Piscean waters, and that’s how I’ve been experiencing my current Midheaven transits.

  18. I’ve got Saturn currently transiting my Pluto-MC conjunction in Sagittarius, being squared by Neptune transiting my Moon-ASC conjunction in Pisces. Not fun, and I’m only 16!

  19. What would mean for me the tomorrow Full Moon in Aries conjunct transit Uranus on my MC?

  20. Hi Faith,

    Saturn will soon be transiting my Medium Coeli, forming a Square. Transiting Saturn is in 1st House in Sagitarius. During that same time Sun is forming a square with Moon but also sextile with Saturn and Jupiter. These all will be happening at a time when I will be defending my doctoral research – that is, negotiating endings and potentially new beginnings – can I please ask your thoughts on this?

    Thank you.

  21. I quit my job to write when Saturn was conjunct my mid-heaven and Uranus was conjunct my 9th house cusp. My dissatisfaction prior to quitting was intense, but it was necessary to kick me out of the door. (I didn’t realise then because didn’t know so much about astrology. I also had my Jupiter return in the 9th house a few days after I finished. (Gave my notice when sun was conjunct natal Neptune in the 4th house after suddenly making the decision the day before out of the blue).

  22. Hi Faith, My names are first name=MBANEFO, Baptismal name=FRANCIS, Surname=OKUDO. Born on 23 April 1973 in Ogidi, Idemili L.G.A of Anambra state of Nigeria. Right now i reside in ogidi my place of birth. I have been experiencing a situation in my carrer life that i don’t know how to breakthrough from for more than a decade, i would work hard to start a carrer, it will pick up successfully to the point i would confidently say am good at my established carrer and then the whole thing will colapse leaven me confused and totally broke and begging for food for years before i could manage to start another and before i would start againing from my hard works the whole thing will colapse again? Pls what is responsible for my going through these circle over and over again and again? What will be the precise solution? Thanks for your kindness and insight!

    • hello mbanefo, for precise insights into your personal situation / career… you always need to look into your birthplace,and country, year of birth, month and day of birth and precise birth time. birth time is very important to make accurate astrology charts. when you order a birth chart or a transit or career or partner chart on the internet you always need to fill in these details. you can also make your own free chart and a lot of free information online, like at astro com. also faith here has a store where you can order charts. good luck, regards, nadia.

  23. Hi could you assist me. I’m an avid reader of these posts and appreciate a considered insight into my current transits. Transiting Uranus will conjunct my midheaven in Aries 14 May 2017
    I would like to know what this would mean for my career as I’m extremely driven in my career (Sun in 10th house). I always think the worst so hope its not a negative period in my life….all is going well currently in career but Uranus I understand as sudden, unexpected changes? My birth date is 24 April 1967: born 12.20pm; cape town south Africa. I’d appreciate guidance pls

  24. Can anyone predict or suggest anything about progress in my career? My DOB-15-7-1966 TIME 11.20 PM

  25. Namaste, I observed that in my progressed chart , Jupiter (and Saturn) will conjunct in transit to Aquarius 5 degrees MC.

    Ditto in my upcoming SR chart , same taurus rising, same Aquarius MC conjunction Jupiter and MC.

    Being jobless since long, and @50 am I being over enthusiastic about these?

    • The 1oth House is less to do with your job and more to do with your vocation, so these transits won’t necessarily mean paid work. They are more likely to relate to increased prominence or clarity about your role or true calling in life. Good luck!

  26. My MC is currently transiting my 2nd house of Sag, lining up with my MC at my time of birth. On June 15 does this mean a big career change involving big $?

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