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Moon square Saturn and trine Pluto: emotional restraint

Moon square Saturn Post-nightmare by Mikael Aldo.

With Moon square Saturn exact on 23 February and a trine with Pluto currently perfecting there may be some very strong feelings that feel somehow difficult to express. Moon square Saturn can feel emotionally heavy and sometimes result in a very blue day! But the trine to Pluto will free things up somewhat and help channel the energy in a productive direction. Both aspects will continue to affect us until 27 February.

Moon square Saturn can be confronting as emotions that we’ve been ignoring come up to the surface to be healed. Try to allow these emotions to arise and just sit with them, rather than reacting or, worse, trying to avoid dealing with them. Withdrawing from others in order to get out of facing up to your emotional responsibilities may be tempting but will ultimately damage your relationships.

Be conscious of the fact that Moon square Saturn can stir up things that have their roots in past experiences, especially in the realm of childhood which is ruled by the Moon. Although you may think you’re angry or upset because of something that happened today it’s highly likely that the real reason is buried much deeper. Take the time to explore what is being triggered and tomorrow when the Moon trines Pluto there will be an opportunity to flush out and heal some of this stagnant energy.

There may also be a tendency to rebel childishly against responsibility during Moon square Saturn. ‘But I don’t won’t to!’ your inner child will whine… Unfortunately that sort of thing simply doesn’t cut it with Saturn and you’re more likely to get a metaphorical spanking than sympathy. Facing up to your emotional commitments is what’s required here and that means being strong and behaving like the adult that you are.

An astrologer friend said to me recently that Saturn is your friend ‘as long as you do the work’ and with Moon square Saturn it’s emotional work that’s required. Fortunately this is a brief transit that will be much relieved by the trine to Pluto, when much of this emotional energy will flow freely again and obstacles that seemed insurmountable today appear much more manageable tomorrow.

Perhaps the best way to deal with Moon square Saturn is to be firm but gently with yourself. Don’t shy away from doing what needs to be done, but at the same time beware of putting pressure on yourself to live up to some kind of impossible standard. Be cautious too as there can be a tendency to project these standards onto others and perceive them to be judging or condemning you when really this is coming from within you.

There is also a need to look to the balance between your home and career during Moon square Saturn and to ensure that both are receiving the time and attention they deserve. Remember that success is a little like the fruit of a healthy tree and no tree can bring forth fruit if its roots are not nourished. Our home is like our roots and accomplishment in our career will be short lived if we neglect to look after this important area of our lives.

How will the Moon square Saturn affect you?

Those with natal planets or points between 12 and 18 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces) will be especially affected by Moon square Saturn. If you’re personally affected look to see through which houses these planets are passing as this will give you a clue as to which area of your life will be most affected by this transit.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

The Sun entered Pisces on 20 February, joining Neptune and Chiron in the sign of the sage. During the coming month our creative magic will be best directed towards our spiritual growth and awakening so take some time out to do yoga, meditate or simply withdraw from the world and spend time in silent stillness. This energy will be especially strong when the Sun conjuncts Neptune on 29 February.

Jupiter is currently conjunct the North Node and opposed Chiron suggesting that the work we do over the next few weeks to heal the wounds of the past will have a powerful impact on our capacity to integrate our life lesson. This may involve facing up to some painful realities but the positive benefits will be well-worth the hard work.

Mercury is currently sextile Saturn and this will make Moon square Saturn a little easier to integrate by keeping our mind steady and sane. When emotions are strong Mercury, our intellect, will point out where we may be behaving irrationally and this can make all the difference between riding the wave of our emotions or being swept under and overwhelmed.

How are you experiencing Moon square Saturn?

Although it’s a brief transit, the Moon square Saturn can have a potent effect on those whose natal charts are triggered, as well as those who have strong Moon or Saturn energies in their personality. Have you been feeling this energy today? Please share your experiences below.

4 Comments on Moon square Saturn and trine Pluto: emotional restraint

  1. I have definitely been experiencing this square – raising issues of loneliness from my childhood. It is hard for me to walk through these emotions again, however I feel that maybe it is time for healing a part of me I did not know that I had been treating badly. Thank you for writing this post Faith, I think it helps me recognise there is a kind of solution on its way, and that I am capable of responding to the situation on my own terms and in my own way, not necessarily with the tools I was brought up to consider as only legitimate, if only I can approach the issue of my own healing in as mature a way as possible, as you say with both nurturing and responsibility

  2. I’ve felt this energy quite strongly yesterday and as with Liv I’ve had the same feelings of loneliness, from past experiences as well as new.

    Pluto is transiting my 12th house at the moment, squaring my 8th house Moon still (since 2013 it’s been in a square), and Pluto in a place like the 12th house causes strong feelings of isolation, sorrow, loneliness, self-undoing and such.

    Reading about this aspect yesterday “when the blues hit” actually helped me a lot to just roll with the punches. I do think it was actually strengthening for me, even if the pain was so acute. Now of course I can see it was intensified by the Saturn/Moon aspect too ;-)

    The “loner” tendencies are strong for me these years, but fortunately as I know about astrology I’m aware that “this too shall pass”. It’s a metaphysical “death” by Pluto’s hands. Yesterday I felt a bit of how this transit can also transform the pain into strength :-)

  3. While the Moon is squaring Saturn in the Heavens, it’s trining my natal Venus in Taurus. Saturn is transiting my natal Saturn in Leo… which squares that natal Venus in Taurus. I think I might be in neutral… either that or I have short circuited.

  4. Anonymous // June 2, 2017 at 5:13 pm // Reply

    Can you please write about how the transiting moon square your natal saturn is like, but if its happening as a lunar eclipse?

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