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Moon transits: tides of emotion

Bringing things up from the depths

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Moon transits bring up emotional responses in the areas of life ruled by the planet it is touching. During this time the moon enriches our emotional life in many positive ways. When aspects are difficult or certain triggers are activated in the chart the moon’s dark side is revealed and we need to shine the light of consciousness in these areas of our lives in order to heal them.

The major connections are through aspect to the planets (especially conjunction, opposition, trine and square) and to a lesser degree through the transit of the signs and houses. When the slower moving planet aspects the Moon by transit the affects are similar but much more pronounced and long lasting.

Moon transits to the Sun

You may experience a lack of self confidence, fear of failure, creative blocks and self-sabotage. You may struggle with indecision or undermine yourself by consciously trying to manifesting something while sub-consciously desiring something else, thus getting neither. Don’t push on through; see this as an opportunity to put your creative energy to use ion your inner world.

Moon transits to the Moon

There is a tendency to be preoccupied with concerns around gender, nurturing and parenthood (especially for women). The mother archetype will emerge (either in her divine or monstrous form) and early life trauma and old unhealed wounds will come to the surface. Instead of waiting on someone else to give you the nurturing you need try giving it to yourself; take a long hot bath, walk by the light of the moon or go night-swimming.

Moon transits to Mercury

You may experience communication problems, difficulty thinking straight or articulating your ideas. You might find yourself rationalising your emotional responses (explaining away the feelings), or over-thinking instead of trusting your intuition. Take the time to observe whether your emotions are in alignment with your thinking.

Moon transits to Venus

Beware of relationship dramas and the fear and vulnerability that may emerge around social interactions and relationships. Flirtation and/or manipulation through the ‘feminine wiles’ are easy games to fall into. Loneliness may be experienced when relationships do not meet your emotional needs.

Moon transits to Mars

Be conscious of defensiveness and anger, and the over-zealous or aggressive expression of emotions. You may be prone to rushing into things and making rash decisions. Selfishness is likely and you will probably not be very good at seeing other people’s needs or points of view.

Moon transits to Jupiter

Be careful to remain conscious of your emotions as over-reaction and hysteria can be the result if you push your self beyond your  limits. Be careful of biting off more than you can chew. There is also a tendency towards over-indulgence, self-destructive hedonism, drunkenness and debauchery. Take it easy!

Moon transits to Saturn

You may experience melancholy and depression, or feelings of heaviness and claustrophobia. You are likely to take everything just a little too seriously and others may find you a bit hard to be around. Don’t be a wet blanket. Use this time to explore where you need to either set firmer boundaries and order your life, or let go and allow some of your rigidity to dissolve.

Moon transits to Uranus

Be aware of rebellious tendencies and a frustration at conservatism. You may feel the need to throw caution to the wind, to leave behind what is perceived to be limiting to one’s freedom and start something new. Uranus can make us prone to sudden unexpected decisions so take a deep breath and calm your emotions before acting.

Moon transits to Neptune

Watch out for addictive patterns, idealisation of a lover or teacher, seeing a person or situation through rose-coloured glasses, self-sacrifice and martyrdom or playing the victim. Neptune can also help us tune into the emotions of others and this is great for communication and empathy; just take care that you don’t leave yourself open to catching someone’s emotional negativity.

Moon transits to Pluto

You may experience power struggles, controlling behaviour or manipulation (either in yourself or others). Trust issues could emerge, along with the tendency to sabotage good things in your life out of fear. You may feel both attraction and repulsion towards death and the darker aspects of your sexuality, and some people may feel a desire to be consumed, devoured or dominated.

All of these things can either manifest internally or be projected out onto another, often the partner. Eckhart Tolle’s concept of the pain body is useful here. Emotional pain possesses a person much like a demon and it is important to recognise that these feelings are not you. Try to stand aside from the feelings and observe them. Then you will realise that they are fleeting illusions created by us, through our unconscious propulsion towards evolution, in order to help ourselves grow.

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How do Moon Transits affect you?

If the Moon is prominent in your chart you may notice that Moon Transits affect you particularly strongly. This will especially be the case if you have the Moon in Cancer, located in the 4th House or heavily aspected. Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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  1. I think it’s very important that we let ourselves flow with these tides of emotion and not swim against them, otherwise we will get dumped on the beach! As Eckhart Tolle writes we need to allow things to be as they are and not struggle. This is the key to happiness and freedom.

  2. Linda rienzie // October 11, 2016 at 4:28 pm // Reply

    Just love the clarity Thank You

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