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Saturn conjunct Pluto: why you may not be feeling it and why I am!

Saturn is the ruler of structure, responsibilities, limitations and commitments while Pluto brings transformation through surrender to the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Saturn conjunct Pluto combines these two powerful energies. Saturn isn’t due to conjunct Pluto until 12 January 2020 but for some people, including me, this [read more...]

Neptune square Neptune: please don’t burst my bubble

Transiting Neptune square natal Neptune is a generational transit that we all experience at around the age of 42. It’s known as a transit of disillusionment and, along with the other generational transits that occur around the same period (Pluto square Pluto, Uranus opposed Uranus and the second Saturn opposed Saturn transit), it [read more...]

Chiron in Aries: Its healing influence on your ascendant, sign by sign

On 15 December, Chiron turns direct after over four months in retrograde motion. Chiron has been in Aries since the beginning of 2019, which represents the initiation of healing in whatever area of your life Chiron is passing through. In my previous article, The Journey of the Chiron archetype, I explored the symbolism of Chiron through [read more...]

Mercury in Pisces: you know that you know

Mercury in Pisces starts 16 March 2021, and offers a period of self-reflection and realignment within ourselves. It can give heightened sense of awareness in our present moments and can help us create the discipline that we need to experience our life in the fullest, best feeling way possible. Mercury in Pisces can help us slow down, [read more...]

Mars in Pisces: Invoke your divine will

Mars, our symbol for action, instinct and will, is currently transiting Pisces, the holder of connection, understanding and meaning. We’ll be experiencing Mars in Pisces from 19 December to 28 January, when enters into the empowerment of its natural ruler, Aries. How would it feel to trust yourself to make the right decision in [read more...]

Saturn square Neptune in retrospect: dissolve the past, awaken to now

The Saturn square Neptune transit is coming to its end. Our landscapes, both inner and outer, have been changed, are still changing. And we are being asked every day to accept these changes – to accept the nature of change as our rhythm and simply enjoy the ride of our evolution. This is no small request and we still have 10 years [read more...]

Mercury conjunct Jupiter: keep an open mind

Mercury conjunct Jupiter occurs for the third time this year on 5 March 2021. Mercury first passed over Jupiter on 12 January, then turned retrograde and passed back over the planet of expansion on 14 February. This is a fast moving transit of about a week’s duration but it can split open your mind and make you receptive to a new [read more...]

Mars in Sagittarius: may your aim be steady and true

Has anyone else been feeling the lighter, more outward going energy of Mars in Sagittarius? What a relief after his long stay in intensely introverted Scorpio! Mars entered the sign of the archer on 3 August, after shifting out of its retrograde cycle on 30 June. After traveling at a snail’s pace throughout July, Mars is finally [read more...]

Mars direct: shedding old skins

With Mars retrograde since 9 September, we’re being called upon to answer an important question about our state of being and consciousness: Have I let go of what is letting go of me, or am I fighting to maintain conditions I really don’t want because they are established, known and what I’ve always done? As Mars turns [read more...]

Venus in Leo: relating with confidence and creativity

With Venus in Leo from 27 June 2021 you may feel the urge to express your feminine side more openly and dramatically than usual. You’re likely to feel more confident about your style and appearance, more extroverted and less self-conscious. This is no time for hiding your talents away. You’ll want to be seen and appreciated [read more...]

Cancer season: sow the seed but let the fruit take care of itself

It’s Cancer season, and with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in the sign of the Mother there’s a strong energy of nurturing at work. However with Pluto opposing this stellium from Capricorn our attempts to nurture those we love can easily become fixated and controlling, especially if we haven’t done the work of [read more...]

Saturn Neptune square: everything will one day crumble

When I think about the Saturn Neptune square, the second contact of which will be exact on 17 June, I’m reminded of a quote from the poet W.B. Yeats: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” We all put our faith in impermanent things: jobs, marriages, people, living situations. [read more...]

Venus in Gemini: our inner compass points to joy

With Venus in Gemini from 9 May it’s time to ask ourselves: what does it mean to be happy without condition? To Love, without Condition? What does it mean to remove all of conditioning from yourself to receive love and feel happy? What would it mean to be able to generate and flow Love and Joy to you and through you whenever you [read more...]

Mercury trine Pluto: powerful communication

On 26 August Mercury trines Pluto as Venus opposes Chiron. Mercury trine Pluto is an extremely direct combination. It gets straight to the point and tends to bring things up that may have been festering beneath the surface for a while. Venus opposed Chiron suggests this may be painful for others around you so try to be gentle. Mercury [read more...]
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