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Pluto conjunct natal Venus: intense transformative love

Growing you and your relationships one death at a time

Pluto conjunct Venus transit Death becomes her by Zephyri ~

The Pluto conjunct Venus transit is a once in a lifetime process of transformation in relationships! It heralds intense and sometimes obsessive love affairs, many of which are one-sided. It can bring controlling, obsessive people into your life or it can transform you through a passionate encounter that may become a lifelong partnership. It all depends on which other planets that are brought into the mix, by natal aspect, house or sign rulership.

Pluto is a very slow moving planet taking roughly 240 years to complete a cycle. Therefore you will have only one Pluto conjunct Venus transit in your lifetime and some people will not have one at all. However, because of the retrograde motion of Pluto the transit may become exact several time over a two to three year period so that its intense energy ebbs and flows a little. This give you some breathing space from all the sometimes arduous but always transformative personal work that is likely to be occurring through your relationships and in the area of your life ruled by the house that Venus occupies.

These little waves form part of the structure of the transformation itself, and many astrologers have noticed that the transits of the outer planets do their work in this three stage process. At the time of the first exact pass of the transit a major change is initiated and is usually resisted by the native, on the second pass there is a level of acceptance and surrender, and on the third pass the native is able to integrate the change into their life and great transformation occurs. This is very likely to be the pattern with the Pluto conjunct Venus transit.

My experience of the Pluto conjunct Venus transit

At present I am coming up to the first pass of the transit, although Pluto has already come close to my Venus before going retrograde so I have already been feeling it’s affects for some time! So far I have immigrated from my home in New Zealand to cold, overcrowded Europe and married my Belgium lover, all in the space of a year. The relationship we share is intense to say the least. Every day I am confronted with new aspects of my being that I have had to let go of: my family, my career, my language. Yet deep inside me I know that this is the right path.

As with all transits, my Pluto conjunct Venus transit is individualised by the natal sign and house placings, as well as the natal aspects. In my case natal Venus is conjunct the Sun and Moon which means Pluto is set to transit these two key personal planets as well. Venus is located in the 8th house (ruled by Pluto) and has a close square to natal Pluto, accentuates the influence of Pluto dramatically and bringing out some of the darker aspects of the planet of sex and death. Finally my Capricorn Venus finds all this intensity and loss of control extremely difficult and tries desperately to impose some kind of order, security and stability. But Capricorns structures won’t hold back Pluto! Breaking down structures is Pluto’s specialty.

Pluto’s other specialty is death and when applied to Venus we’re talking about the loss of innocence, the death of the naive irresponsible girl and the birth of a woman, empowered to transform her relationships and take responsibility for her role in their success or demise. New Capricorn values are likely to come to the fore, including self-control, determination and commitment.

Navigating a Pluto conjunct Venus transit, as with any of the outer planet transits, all comes down to letting go. If you try to hold on to the parts of yourself that are being challenged, or resist the changes that will inevitably occur, you will find it both exhausting and painful. However if you are able to relax and surrender to the evolutionary process you will emerge filled with new power and insight. For as Lynn Koiner points out in her article Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit, “Pluto transits occur when one is about to make a great new leap forward, to leave the past behind and embrace a new beginning. This is what Pluto wants us to do – empower ourselves by letting go of the past and taking a transformative leap forward in our lives.”

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Image Death Becomes Her by Zephyri.

30 Comments on Pluto conjunct natal Venus: intense transformative love

  1. When Venus passed over my transiting Pluto in my 12th house (both 11th and 12th house in Capricorn, so it might have been when Pluto shifted houses?!) – I met my current boyfriend. Within half a year I had moved away to another part of the country and starting over, giving up a great job for a new beginning which I also just *knew* was the right thing deep inside. Also at the time, there was a lot of fear and anxiety inside that I couldn’t name and in 2014 January Venus was going retrograde too in the 12th house, forcing me to release myself from every experience in love I knew. My natal Venus is in Scorpio and meeting my bf around the lunar eclipse the 1st of November 2013, was intense to say the least. We have a very Scorpionian relationship with deep trust, commitment and honesty. All in all I can only agree with this article even though mine was only a minor transit – it still packed a punch!!

    • Plutonian relationships sure are strong and they completely strip us back so that everything we once were has to be left behind. I can understand why you were experiencing such anxiety. I still am!

  2. Oh, and did I mention that he (ofc) has this “dark” Plutonian look and eyes I already knew since I’d seen them in my dreams? Otherworldly eyes really, as if a part of him is from a completely different dimension… With a Sun, Moon and Mercury in 12th House and his Venus in Pisces. A perfect fit for a Scorpio with 7 planets in either 8th house (Moon, Pluto, Saturn) – or Scorpio (Venus, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury)…

  3. I agree.

  4. Hi. I’m currently experiencing the early stages of my Pluto transit to natal Venus in Capricorn. The debate I have is whether my Venus sits in the first or second house (it is the former using Placidus which I generally stick to) but I often feel my Venus issues are very money and possessions related – although obviously there is a strong connection with these factors due to the Venus/Taurean rulership of these factors. Natally, Venus is trine Pluto in Virgo in my chart so I’m hopeful that this transit may be slightly easier and more ‘flowing’. However, Venus is also the centre of a natal t-square connecting to Mars in Libra in opposition to Moon conjunct Saturn in Aries on my IC!!! Relationships have often been fractious and difficult for me inevitably. Interesting points on the thread here is how the Pluto transit has heralded a physical move in both your cases. Anxiety is certainly present for me, not least as the transit appears to be signifying challenges around financial and physical (home) security.

    • Some really interesting observations Jo. I feel a little jealous of your trine to natal Pluto as mine is in square aspect but the difficult aspects to Mars and Saturn/Moon in your chart will be challenge enough. I’m well into this transit now and it’s not so bad really. As long as I flow with it that is! As soon as I begin to struggle things get pretty rough! Bon chance!

  5. My Venus is in Cancer so Transiting Pluto is in direct opposition… I wish no one to experience it. For me it meant emotional abuse, rejection and loss of love. It was made even more challenging by the fact that transiting Uranus is/was squaring my Venus. Finally I have a difficult aspect to Venus in my natal chart ( Venus opposition Saturn/Neptune and Venus trine Pluto). I also have Saturn conjunct Moon in the natal chart.

    I do my best to hang on… Anyway it is what it is. I don’t think the next 2 transit of Pluto can hurt more than the first one did. I am also still unsure why one would need such horrible experiences to transform. I don’t think it’s good and I wish that to no one.

    • Thanks for sharing FS. Perhaps sometimes we only see how we have learned from these kind of traumatic experiences some time after when we realise how much we have changed…

  6. FS, I’m in same boat. I have natal Venus 12, conjunct Mars 14, conjunct Jupiter 19 all in 12th house Cancer. There are days that have passed with me saying out loud, Pluto is kicking my ass, I cannot take it anymore. Then Uranus squaring my 12th house planets. The only great things happening is I have been able to close a few sales deals and made several decent commission checks to offset when my partner left. She had been seeing an old flame, lying and making it my fault or just trying to make me crazy. She has got to be the biggest douche bag I’ve ever met. Any time it was time to come clean she’d deny deny deny. We were together for over 9 years and it was completely unnecessary, all the lying and garbage she put me thru. Her time is gonna come eventually.

  7. Navigating a Pluto conjunct Venus transit, as with any of the outer planet transits, all comes down to letting go. If you try to hold on to the parts of yourself that are being challenged, or resist the changes that will inevitably occur, you will find it both exhausting and painful. However if you are able to relax and surrender to the evolutionary process you will emerge filled with new power and insight. For as Lynn Koiner points out in her article Survival Tips for the Pluto Transit, “Pluto transits occur when one is about to make a great new leap forward, to leave the past behind and embrace a new beginning. This is what Pluto wants us to do— empower ourselves by letting go of the past and taking a transformative leap forward in our lives.” Yes to ALL of this! Pluto is exactly conjunction my Venus Right Now! I feel that have been prepared BIG TIME for this because, Over the past few Years Pluto has been passing through my fourth house and has Touched my Cappy Sun and Mercury (My Chart Ruler)…also my Natal Venus is Square to my Natal Pluto so this is also my Pluto Square…Also I am a Natal 1st house Pluto…I have been stripped for sure…I had to shed my innocence and naivity which were very comfortable and “safe” for me throughout…Now I get to be aware of Wickedness and Deviant nature both within me and without…not as scary as I thought…only leaning on my “Good” (acceptable) traits Had not been giving me a very whole experience in life…admitting that I have Darkness and Pain to contend with and accepting that sometimes I will make mistakes and choosing to, to the best of my ability, be Loving has been So Liberating!!! No more false Ego or Entitlement or Surface level interaction! I am Being Reborn, Refashioned, Repurposed…Returned to Natal Perfection❤️

    • Hi Jah… It sounds like we have many similar natal placements and I strongly relate to what you have written here. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I THANK GOD JUPITER IS IN VIRGO. It is transiting my 10th and my 11th. After 4 years of unemployment, 10 years of chronic illness, a stormy divorce with the father of my children who wanted to take my children away from me. After all my friends are gone, as I live in France away from my country (Gabon, Central Africa) and away from my all family (i have moon in sagittarius;)). After all the dating and friendship that I have tried to create suddenly vanished, since i’ve divorced …

    So much pain and suffering… Sorye i’m not english.

    I have no resentment toward my ex-husband and his family for pulling me so down, for trying to take my children away from me. My ex husband is French. We met when he came into my country, Gabon, When I Was 23. We Both Were students. He Was 25. He lived in the house next door to mine. I Was 25 when i came in France, his country. We got married the same year.
    Both uranus as pluton made a hard aspect in my native planets. And i lost everything : my country, my people, my family, my health, my dreams about love, and commitment, and career, and family. It was horrible !

    Well those was the transits (2003-2014):
    – Pluto conjuncted my Moon (18° Sagittarius), squared my Venus (17 ° Virgo), my Sun (29 ° Virgo) and my natal Jupiter in Pisces (10 °). Then it squared my Mars / Pluto conjunction (5 ° Libra). At the very same time,
    -Uranus opposed my Venus, my Sun, my Mars / Pluto conjunction (5 ° Libra) and squared my Moon in Sag.
    – Saturne conjuncted my Venus (17° Virgo), my Sun (29° Virgo), my Mars/Pluton conjonction (6° Libra) opposed my Jupiter (10° Pisces) and squared my Moon (18° Sagitarius)
    I am a Scorpio rising, My NN is in Sag conj Nept.

    This Jupiter in Virgo seems to me a breath after gone dead. I do not know how to say That in another way because i’m not good at English. I suffered so much! The transit of Jup in Virgo helps me to build new relationships. I am back to college :). My health is a little better. I think my faith in God helped me to go through all of this.

    It is already very hard to be a woman in this world, and make our dreams come true; but it’s even more difficult when you’re a coloured woman. I am a black woman living in an European country. There are so many people to tell you that you have not the right to choose the place where you want to live, nor to love the man you love, nor to do the job you want to do (I am an accountant assistant), nor go where you want … I front this every day. It’s so insidious. I go into a store, I go to a concert, and people talk to me condescendingly. Or they downright despise me openly.

    When I respond to an ad for an apartment or a job, they tell me that the offer no longer exists. Yet the announcement reappears in the newspaper. Or someone I know postulates after me and get the job while it is less qualified. They offer me little jobs while I have a degree. They did offer me that apartments in bad neighborhoods while I’m educated. Every day I have to stand there for my dreams, all alone ; stand against all those who are convinced that I have no right to do like this, to live somewhere or to love someone, somewhere, somewhat. Excuse me again for my english.

    Every day I have to face all of those who want to restrict my freedom and my dreams. I have to teach them what they already know deep inside them: I am just a woman like any other, a mother like any other, who aspires to love and be loved ; who aspires to the recognition, the sense of belonging. It’s very hard to do it alone with two children. But I have no resentment. I just do my best and I teach my children to do the same: believe in themselves, in their dreams. My eldest son is in third year of college. He learns to become an electrical engineer. My little daughter is in middle school. Since Jupiter is in Virgo, this is the first time that people look at me and talk to me as to another “person”, here in France. It happened in the past, but it was a few times, here and there, completely by accident. The rest of the time, I was treated with condescension, indifference, suspicion or contempt. Today, people talk to me warmly. And not just the seniors, like in the past :) (maybe the blame is on Saturn in Cancer, 9th ?)

    For the first time I really have a good return when I speak to people, men, women, children. I always enjoyed talking with others, I like the differences between us, I find it rewarding. I like to speak to new people. I like to help strangers in the street, people who need me. I like to give a hand, (hold the door, helping seniors to bring their shopping, find valuable information for lost people , say hello with a smile and a cheerful voice …) I like to be nice without expecting anything in return. If you give me a smile, I am fulfilled. And this is the first time that people act with me with kindness. Gone, condescending looks, contemptuous voice, contemptuous silence … now, people talk to me as an equal …

    So thank God for this transit of Jupiter in Virgo, transiting my Venus, just as Pluto trines of my Venus. I won all the trials that my ex-husband and his family had filed against me, to ruin my reputation and take my children away drom me. Without money, nor house. I took refuge in a home for battered women with my children, to avoid finding myself homeless with the children. But, I forgave them, I ‘ve learned my children to forgive them too, trying to restore their relationship with their father. It seems to work now. Slowly. Tensions have eased. By dint of putting words on our pain, our wounds, I managed to restore dialogue. It seemed that I was talking in a vacuum, before. Now my ex-husband seems to hear me. That’s all for the best for my children. I will do the same with their paternal grandparents, when time will come.

    I hope to get a permanent job as an accountant after graduating. I hope to find love, while Pluto (or Jupiter) is trining my Venus in Virgo, and, later, my Sun, And later still, my conjunction Mars / Pluto 6 ° Libra. I wonder what will come when he will transit my Mercury/Uranus conjonction in 12th house (Libra 25°-28°)

    Everywhere I see applied the motto: “I have, therefore I am”, while the sky makes us develop “our true inner self” to serve the common good! Meanwhile, the planet is dying, resources are dwindling, threatening our own survival as a species… I remember reading somewhere that, in latest times, sins will be so increased that love becomes increasingly scarce on earth. (Perhaps this is in the Bible, perhaps not?) This prophecy sounds frighteningly true today.

    How we got there is a part of the solution. The other is how each of us can and must act, at his own level, to change the trend. The only actions that will make a différence are those that will be made in dedication and without expecting anything in return. For, if we expect any reward (a smile, money, power or attention) for ourselves, it will prevent any true and permanent results in the community.

    We must learn to give without expecting in return, to sow patiently, without seeing immediate results; to sow for the future generations could be blessed. Nobody wants to do that, nowadays, everyone wants everything for himself, immediately. I think it is this attitude that kills the results in the bud. Nobody sacrifice himself for himself. Love is to give his life for the good of the others. I think that is the spirit of Jup in Virgo and it smells so good to me. Sorry again for my bad english.

    To resume, I can say that now I have the high hand on the situation. That is the real power Pluto gave to you, after have taken everything from you. Thank you so much for your job, Faith.

  9. May I ask , I’m about to experience this transiting Pluto on my natal Venus at 20 Capricorn but I also have my progressed mars just about to conjunct my natal Venus! Is this indicative of a controlling obsessive new love or perhaps big success in business? I’m about to launch a big new business and raising finance for it right now. It’s been v well received. Plus this February solar eclipse in Pisces on 26th Feb. My birthday is the 24th Feb and there was a solar eclipse 24 hrs after my both in 1971. Is this significant ? Thank you. Susan x

  10. I have Pluto approaching my Capricorn Venus. What else could happen that hasn’t already ? I am still in the thick of Saturn grating back and forth over my Venus and she wont be done with me until maybe February, another few months to go. Its been gruelling to my health (1st house venus ) love life (what love life ) and especially my financial security. I lost my job and have had around 8 different jobs, none of which worked out. I am dedicated to not compromising on any of these areas and i am defining new goals with the self worth i have left. I am sick of my own stuckness around this. I want everything to be done properly and that is not coming fast. Also i have to admit to myself that i have so much pain in my body that holding down a job is difficult. Apparently i have fibromyalgia, otherwise no known cause for the pain. Meanwhile i have Neptune exact conjunct Chiron as well. Did i say this is painful? Yes, some days i feel as though everything is pointless and that maybe im dying and everything is pointless. I have felt sad and depressed but determined. Jupiter is magnifying Saturn as well. I guess i needed a double dose of karmic lessons. There have been blessings too. I lost my house suddenly and i thought i would be homeless but a friend offered me to rent one of hers. I have big dreams and it is taking strength and digging real deep to face my blocks around them.

  11. I am in the same boat. Venus on cusp of 8th house, in Capricorn.
    Its scary, empowering, but the creepy people are accosting me from every direction. Real Oddballs. I do my best to avoid them. Even moving & selling house. No available lovers yet.
    Also wondering if you do readings. Its a tough time.

    • Yes I do readings. From $30US for 15 mins. You can order here. All the best with this challenging transit. It’s all in the past for me now so I can look back and see how the changes that occurred then have contributed to my becoming the person I am now <3

    • Hi Banes.. im going exactly troughs the same transit same sign same house as you.
      its crazy.. exboyfriend don’t want to accept barkeep.. coming home and been aggressive,stalking me.. and ppl in general.. the crazy ones at accosting me.. could u please shade some light on what else i should expect? its my first pass.. but i feel i want the toxic ppl that were in my life to go.

      thank u so much.. this will help me so much

  12. Philo-soph // May 19, 2021 at 3:54 am // Reply

    Pluto conjunct my natal Venus in my 6th house started in feb 2021. When would I meet my life partner? I’ve been single for ages!

    • Hi there,just read your comment in 2023…
      6th house Venus conjunction will likely bring transformation of how you balance health and work aspects of your life. Maybe even transforming the way you generate and control income. Venus is not about life partners imo, but things you appreciate and love in life, things that you will obsess about during the transit period. I would love to hear though if you found love or maybe a strange crush during that period

      Wondering what happened for you?

  13. Mine are coming up all 3 transits in a span of 11 months. Now the last retrograde started 0.02 degrees before the conjunct so I’m feeling it since this past spring. Not sure how to handle the situation, the thing I’m clinging on is my relationship, which has potential, but somewhat not at the level of connection I’ve hoped for.

  14. Hello every one..i have venus in capricorn cusp 8th house at 29.29 degree and pluto will very soon conjunct my venus… please what to expect (conjunction in 8th house)
    Please help… i met a new person now 3 or 4 months before this transit will start..
    is it possible that he will be my pluto or will this relationship fade bc someone else will be coming… im deeply in love with my current partner… i really need some insight..

  15. i had by progression venus pluto which culminated in beautiful inner vision of dove 2013. So in a week or so venus will cross pluto in Capricorn my ninth house and mars . can t imagine what. So far only my neighbours up and down are into heavy dramatic emotions and acting out. i did get in the way of a bit of it which further hurt my spinal functioning which i hope i can bring back with yoga when things calm abit after March 3rd 2022.

  16. My partner is having transit Pluto cnj natal Venus right now and I will be having it too when it moves into aqua at 0degrees . We both lived in opposite hemispheres and spoke different languages 2 years later we have moved to another part of the world , we learned each other’s language and are also married now too, embarking on travelling the world and starting new careers, we also have nodal conjunctions as well as Mars Venus and Lilith. Saturn was conjunct my natal sun and Venus , Jupiter in my 7th when we married and north node in the 8th

  17. Hi all, I just stumbled upon this in 2023. I am in the middle of a pluto transit conjunct my natal Venus, which began back in 2021, but I am feeling the effects strongly since December 2022. My natal venus is in Capricorn in my 5th house. People talk a lot about this once in a lifetime transit and the potential for it to bring an intense transformational connection with someone. I had a burn bright burn fast fling with someone which ended in February and have never felt this deeply heartbroken yet inspired for change, not even by my ex of 3 years. Safe to say this connection has painfully revealed all the baggage I have yet to heal blatantly in my face, and I am looking forward to working on myself with what has been revealed from my psyche (his Leo sun lands in my 12th house, I am a Virgo rising). However, I am left in a depressive rut, because something about how it all happened feels wrong, as if a connection was snatched from me before I could fully live and experience it. Like I will be missing this person forever. I truly don’t see myself being so into someone ever again. I am not sure what kind of guidance I am seeking through this post, if I just wanted to share about what I’ve been feeling and going through because I don’t have anyone to talk about this to. I would appreciate any commentary, solidarity, observation,etc to help me get through this painstaking yet magical transit.

    • ‚„ However, I am left in a depressive rut, because something about how it all happened feels wrong, as if a connection was snatched from me before I could fully live and experience it.“

      My natal Venus is 24 degrees of Cap in the 5th house.
      Two years ago, I met someone who actually turned out to be a deeply transformative love from the inside out. The Pluto transit to my Venus was about to expire as Pluto slowly moved into the square to natal Pluto. My life was collapsing beneath me. Everything that was dear to me was snatched away. My job, people, and him. The external circumstances rolled over. And so I stood in the ruins of my life, not knowing how I would ever put these pieces back together.
      Only now, two years later, do I understand the significance and meaning of the two Pluto transits. I quoted you above and I understand every single word only too well.
      The pain has healed well now. The strength to finally move on is noticeably stronger. And so slowly I see also, the new germinate and the former debris, which I have shoveled away laboriously. I never saw that man again. I also don’t know if it would be good or bad to meet him again. But of one thing I am very sure: Pluto is an honest, sincere candidate. I hate him when he is present, but afterwards I appreciate his visit very much.
      All the best for you.

  18. Pluto will enter Aquarius on the 23rd of March 2023, my venus is in Aquarius 1 degree 6th house. I am worried about this approaching transit and I am already feeling it. My turbulent relationship (so called) is deteriorating fast and yet we love each other and we call each other soulmates. But all we seem to do is hurt each other. Sometimes I feel like my head and heart explode

  19. Waiting for my 9th degree aqua natal venus to be transited by pluto ~2029. I feel that will be very powerfull. Uranus will trine my natal venus (and NN), Neptun sextile my natal venus and Jupiter will conjunct moon at the begining of the transit.

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