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Saturn in Sagittarius: taming wild horses

Finding the balance between freedom and commitment

Saturn in Sagittarius Taming Wild Horses by George Catlin

As the cosmic kaleidoscope shifts again the great teacher Saturn moves from dark, emotional Scorpio into freedom loving, philosophic Sagittarius. The Saturn in Sagittarius transit will last for approximately two and a half years, bringing change not only at the personal level but at the level of our social, ethical and governance systems as well.

Saturn is the principle that causes energy to coalesce into form, the structuring principle that allows the myriad things to become manifest in this physical reality. As the traditional ruler of both Aquarius and Capricorn, Saturn takes the ideas of the Airy Aquarius and builds them into the concrete structures of earthy Capricorn. Saturn holds things together.

As such, Saturn rules all forms of limitation and constraint, bringing order to chaos but also sometimes a sense of heaviness and stagnation. When our relationship to Saturn is not as healthy as it should be we may feel resentful about our commitments, or bogged down in routine and responsibility. For example a relationship founded on Saturn energy has a great deal of strength and mutual commitment, but when this Saturn energy is over-emphasised we may find the relationship feels burdensome, boring or stale.

Sagittarius is a very different energy to Saturn. The archetypal adventurer, ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance and good fortune, Sagittarius always falls on his feet. He loves to explore new cultures and is always curious to see things from other people’s perspective. While Saturn is all about order and structure, Sagittarius wants to break out of the box, and is always seeking to expand his ideas about the world, always wanting to learn more. Along with travel and adventure Jupiter rules higher learning, developing a holistic worldview and coming to realise that our truth is only one way of seeing the world.

How will the Saturn in Sagittarius transit affect me?

With Saturn in Sagittarius, the principles of contraction (Saturn) and expansion (Jupiter) will come into relationship. How this plays out for you personally will have a lot to do with how you’ve been managing these principles so far. Depending on which has been most dominant in your life, you may be called upon to question any dogmatically held beliefs you have, to expand your view of the world from the narrow point of view you may have been taking, or you may encounter situations that require you to step up and take responsibility, to focus your energy and to bring more order and structure into your life.

For example if you’ve been living your life according to the more excessive, hedonistic principles of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, running away from any difficult situation you find yourself in, refusing to commit to any form of structure, indulging too frequently in alcohol, rich foods and other stimulants, promising more than you can deliver and then blithely cutting it all loose when it gets too much to handle, without a thought for how this may impact on other people’s lives, well then expect Saturn in Sagittarius to deliver a pretty loud wake up call.

On the other hand if you’re prone to taking everything a little too seriously, dogmatically aligning yourself with a set of moral beliefs or refusing to allow yourself to step outside of your ordered daily routines and structures then Saturn in Sagittarius may bring opportunities to let go of your highly ordered existence and embrace the adventurer within, to open up to a new path, particularly through a course of study, or to seek out new points of view, or other moral perspectives.

Take a look at your natal chart to see in which house(s) the Saturn in Sagittarius transit is occurring, and whether you have any personal planets in Sagittarius that will be triggered. This will give you the key to understanding how this transit will affect you personally. Take some time to explore your personal relationship to the principles of expansion and contraction, chaos and order, freedom and commitment. Notice any emphasis one way or the other. Do not try to force change, neither struggle against it. Instead, allow the universe to gently move you into alignment with its perfect balance.

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Image Taming Wild Horses by George Catlin.

35 Comments on Saturn in Sagittarius: taming wild horses

  1. Rebecca Pennington // December 31, 2014 at 5:58 am // Reply

    DOB 4/16/48 @approx 5:15 in Old Hickory Tenn Bipolar; Alone; very lonely. Presently divorce divorced; can’t seem to hook up with anyone. Will this end soon?

    • Hi Rebecca, I’m very sad to hear of your troubles. Unfortunately I cannot provide any guidance without taking a proper look at your natal chart. If you like I can do a reading for you. I am offering 25% discount on all readings at present in celebration of the new year. You will find details on the store page. All the best, Faith

  2. I have Saturn in Sag 8 degrees. A return is up ahead. Should be fun.

  3. Dear Insight, Wow! I am intrigued by your Saturn in Sagittarius insight. For, in truth, it seems to totally fit my relationship with my spirit Teacher. I should start to call him Saturn. He is definitely into structure and rules. I am Sanitarian all the way, and I relate quite comfortably with Jupiter, my natural leader, as you explain. Perhaps this helps to explain they dynamic relationship I have with Spirit, as shared in our posts. He is teaching me cosmic rules of order (and why), and I share with readers my experience of resistance to structure. I’ve shared your post both on Twitter and Facebook. Though my interests are practical and applied in everyday life spiritual philosophy, your style of Insight Astrology seems to fit very well. Spirit seems to have conspired to insure that I live a simple lifestyle, but any free insights would be most welcome. Thank you.

    • Hello Jean, Thanks for taking the time to reach out and connect. I took a look at your website. My husband is very interested in the I Ching and although I find it difficult to understand I sense deep wisdom in the symbolism. I like your photo too – your garden looks beautiful! I’ll be writing again on Saturn in the next week – he turned retrograde a few days ago and this will shift the energy inward for most of us, especially when he returns to Scorpio for a brief while. I notice you’ve subscribed so you should get this post in your inbox. You’ll also receive my three-monthly newsletter which due out any day now and contains special offers for subscribers. You may also be interested to know that for the next few days everyone who completes my quick reader survey – at – will go in to a draw to receive a free reading. Looking forward to engaging with you further… Faith

  4. Thank you for this interesting article – I think that it helped me to grasp, finally, the main trends in my life! Most surprisingly it looks like I have managed to combine so far the opposing principles of Saturn and Jupiter, as I have been leading both a hedonistic and, at the same time, responsible life but in different areas in my life!!! That’s amazing how excessive qualities of these planets led me to almost exhaustion. Now I realize where and how I should cut down on.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Anna. When two planets are at odds with each other in our chart we often compartmentalise the qualities of each rather than do the hard work to balance and integrate them. I know I do!

  5. Hi, thank you for the info. I have the Sun in Sagittarius and I just came out of my Saturn in Scorpio return in my 4th house. It was T.O.U.G.H and for all the better. I was stripped to the bone. Now Saturn is in my Sun sign. What does this mean? Thank you :)

    • Hi Nina… Well at some time Saturn will conjunct your Sun. This will probably feel a bit heavy as you may have to face up to any blockages inside you that are keeping you from manifesting your life in an empowered way. You’ll have to take responsibility for that… But you will also have a great deal of determination and strength to make things happen in your life and to achieve your goals… BTW did you read our post on Coming out the other side of Saturn return in Scorpio? You might find it interesting…

  6. Thank you for answering. Would love to do a progress reading with you in the near future :)

  7. I am not sure what this will mean to me. Sagittarius 1st house, Jupiter conjunct Mid-Heaven in Virgo, Mercury in 4th house Aries, Mars conjunct Venus and Saturn on cusp of 2nd and 3rd house Aquarius. Saturn to me represents the challenge of those factors seeming to constrain me from pursuing my vocation. I am going to use this time for working methodically on my specific relationship to communicating my reasoning to others. If I allow myself to work through this mental obstacle of what this challenge may or may not make possible for me with regard to what I can achieve in my life, the rest I think will work itself out as I simply apply myself to working through how I see my relationship to communication as constraining or enabling me and my future.

    • Thanks for sharing Liv… It’s often very difficult to foresee how a particular transit will affect us personally, but understanding the archetypes can help us to recognise the impact when it happens. We can then respond to it consciously rather than reacting unconsciously…

  8. The title is exactly right but the article is so general.

  9. Saturn shall conjunct my 12 deg Sag MC, though natally Saturn has a trine to MC from 18.5 deg Aries. Jupiter natally is at 26 deg Leo. Tr Uranus is also conjuncting natal Saturn. Glad if you comment please… Your articles are very relevant and I like reading them. Wishing you well… Namaste!

  10. Saturn is currently going through my 1st house in Sag. I also have my natal Sun, Neptune and Mercury conjunct in this house and Saturn will be transiting over these 3 planets in January 2016. The conduction will also be sextiling my natal Pluto in the 12th house of Libra and trining my natal Jupiter in the 6th house of Aries and opposing Mars in Gemini in my 8th house. I’m guessing I have a few hefty matters to deal with… am not sure what they may be (myself vs daily work)… but am hoping the sextile and trine will make the transit a little smoother or aid in some way.

    • A Saturn transit to the 1st House is always a bit of a shake up. It’s all about taking responsibility for who you present yourself to be and becoming a more authentic person. The trine to natal Jupiter and sextile to Pluto will certainly make things easier. The opposition to Mars will likely be frustrating… Is it between the 2nd and 8th Houses? If so time to find balance between being grounded in this here and now material reality and digging beneath the surface to understand what lies beneath. Good luck!

  11. Great interpretation. I have Saturn in Sagittarius and conjuncts my moon. Also have Saturn in the 10th house. Any insight on this? :)

    • Hi Lindsey… Saturn is well-placed in the 10th as it is the house of its rulership, however it does suggest you will have to work hard for your success. Moon conjunct Saturn could play out in various ways depending on other aspects… x

  12. In the birth chart I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, how will the happy Jupiter be affected by the grumpy daddy Saturn in the same place? Just recovering after my first Saturn’s return in Scorpio, experience that make anxious about anything Saturn related :)

    • Don’t be anxious Loan… In my experience the best way to deal with difficult transits is to let go and just go with the flow. Anxiety really blocks that flow… Also, happy Jupiter can learn a lot from ‘grumpy’ Saturn: like how to be moderate and stick to a plan. Good luck :)

  13. Thanks great post Faith! I am just wondering with a transit you need to also consider your (in this case natal Jupiter and Saturn) placement right? Both of these are in Libra in the 10th. Will they also be activated more now?

    Saturn is now right on my natal Venus in the 1st house in Saggitarius. What can I expect?

    Than a bit this year Saturn will be transitting my natal Neptune in the 1st house in Saggitarius. I did start some new things but hopefully I can moderate and stick to a follow up plan and structure that would be some nice Saturnian energy but instead I experience limitations at the moment on many levels.

    In general I feel that it must slow me down and give me structure which is a good thing.

    • Hey Esther… It is helpful to consider natal placements when looking at transits to natal planets. Natal Saturn and Jupiter will not be activated as such but the natal placement of Saturn will affect how you experience the transits to Venus and Neptune. In this case Saturn moving over your natal Venus is likely to bring up issues around taking responsibility in your relationships. When Saturn gets to Neptune you’ll be taking a look at whether your dreams are realistic and there may be some disillusionment and facing up to how things really are. Good luck!

  14. I am going through my second Saturn return and after reading your post couldn’t agree more to you view. Second chances are powerful ways to correct all the mistakes, add some life changing editing, and come up with a great upgrade to my life story. It has been up lifting in all the important areas of my life where I had been stuck (Saturn) and in need of new structures (Sagittarius). I still have one more year to go with this energy and feel truly inspired.

  15. sag is my 1st house
    moon/neptune/uranus capricorn 2nd house
    saturn transit my first house with pluto transit my moon too
    but jupiter now in libra (my sun)

  16. When Saturn transit on Jan 24th 2017, it will aspect (10th aspect) Jupiter in the Virgo. How will impact Jupiter dasa during the period?

  17. In my birth chart I have Saturn in my 11th house Sagittarius and it looks to be aligned with my sun and trines in my 1,2,3,4,9,11&12th house…idk if I’m reading this right or not I need help how to read the trines and alignments

  18. Hi Faith, like the article. I have this transit in my 1st house. As of now, I guess Im becoming more serious about myself, my health. I read that having Saturn in the 1st transit means new beginnings and I feel like that is true. But I’m trying to pay more attention to the transits affecting my life, as I was told doesn’t have significance unless it hits a natal planet.

  19. Gajendranath Usgaonkar // February 15, 2017 at 3:44 pm // Reply

    I have saturn in sag as well as jupiter in sag, now saturn has entered sag, how i will feel, is it ok.

  20. Any advice for someone born 11/29/83 with Sun, Uranus, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Ascendant in Sag? Saturn is Currently floating around my Mercury at 24 Sag and my Neptune/Ascendant both at 28 Sag. Does the Jupiter transit through Libra and my natal Venus at 23 Libra provide any luck/relief, or just more heartache and limitations?

  21. Natasha Taylor // April 25, 2017 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    This was a very good article. Saturn is in Sagittarius in my natal chart. I don’t mean to go off topic, but I don’t know how to connect this to my Sun in Cancer and Moon in Cancer.

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