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Saturn Jupiter Square: opposites collide

The adventurer butts his head against a brickwall

Saturn Jupiter square Image author unknown

The Saturn Jupiter square has already been affecting us now for a while. This yearlong aspect will be with us from September 2014 to September 2015. During this time we will feel torn between our adventurer and our builder, at one moment planning a lifelong enterprise while at the next fantasising about running away to join the circus.

Lorna Bevan from the Cosmic Intelligence Agency describes the Saturn Jupiter square when she writes, “Without Saturn, Jupiter would remain ungrounded and unrealistic, unable to manifest itself in the world. Without Jupiter, there would be no purpose or meaning to the structures created by Saturn. Jupiter is the entrepreneur with the vision, and Saturn is the ability to turn the vision into reality. We need both.”

She goes on:

“Jupiter is a Yang planet so in Leo, a fiery Yang sign, overdoing, over optimism or pouring petrol on flames are the shadow manifestations. As is religious fanaticism, terrorism and black and white “I am right and you are wrong” thinking… The way to make headway out of all the void slumps is to deliberately amplify the soul qualities of Jupiter in Leo by being playful, childlike, pure and creative. Then the mastery of  your new found flow will allow you to accept and inhabit the role of teacher, mentor, coach and model.”

How the Saturn Jupiter square will affect you

  1. The signs Jupiter and Saturn occupy in your natal chart, and their strengths or weakness through aspect and rulership, will tell you who is the likely champion in this battle
  2. The houses that the planets are tenanting will tell you in what areas of life the Saturn Jupiter square will manifest. Does the conditions of these houses suit our champion, or the underdog?
  3. The supporting or stressful aspects each planet makes will give you an idea of each fighter’s support team

The funniest thing is: we’ll be betting on the loser. The only way to resolve the square is for the two signs to be equal and opposite in force. Therefore if one is particularly powerful we need to work to calm that energy. If we do not we will find ourselves brought into balance anyway, but probably not in a very pleasant way. Sickness, accident and exhaustion are some the things you will manifest if you allow existing imbalance to get deeper.

My experience of the Jupiter Saturn square

In my chart, Jupiter has the hot seat of the 1st House, a powerful placing for any planet. Jupiter in Gemini is the adventurer who just cannot stay in one place for very long. Gemini’s curiosity and talent for closing deals means that there’s always something a little more interesting around the corner. In some cases, where the Sun was very weak for example, this would create a character with no staying power who cannot complete anything he starts.

A close opposition between Jupiter and Mercury in the 7th in Sagittarius brings these two planets into close relationship. The mind is very wide-ranging and broad, but unable to take notice of or understand details. As these two rule their opponent’s sign (Jupiter being the ruler of Sagittarius and Mercury ruling Gemini) they are also said to be in Mutual Reception. This intensifies the effect of the opposition but also gives each some insight into the other.

My natal Saturn is placed in Leo, giving it a kingly determination never to fail. It is stubborn and likely to have little patience for a less than perfect performance. Saturn is aspected by loose trine to Mercury (Jupiter’s nemesis), bringing much needed organisational structure and willpower to Mercury’s ever expanding thought patterns.

Saturn is located within the last half degree of Leo. I suspect this means that I was on the verge of learning the Leo Saturn lesson in my last lifetime, but blew it at the last minute! When I was born Saturn was in retrograde motion, so I am clearly going back to recover some of the material I just ‘didn’t get’ last time round!

One important thing here is that Saturn and Jupiter are in positive sextile aspect to each other, so during the Saturn Jupiter square that is occurring now they are fairly evening paired. Until you start looking at the current placings!

Jupiter is now in Leo. The house it is in will depend on your birth chart. Jupiter in Leo is fiery, regally expectant of success and eager to rope everyone and anyone in to help. Saturn is in Scorpio, just as stubborn and fixed as Leo, but cold, dark and deep to Leo’s superficiality, bluff and performance. Saturn in Scorpio wants to introvert, to get deep with one or perhaps a few special others, and is more than happy in his own company.

The problem is that introversion actually doesn’t suit Saturn, who becomes gloomy and depressed without the optimism of others around him. Fortunately Saturn is in Leo in the birth chart so there is a certain understanding for Jupiter’s viewpoint here which helps bring things back into balance.

Still, this Saturn Jupiter square is likely to create quite a lot of inner tension, particularly for those of us who may have let things get a little out of whack. Look forward to how you will emerge in the end of September 2015!

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