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Saturn retrograde: the art of pruning

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Saturn retrograde? Oh no!

Due to lack of understanding and negative hype, the word ‘retrograde’ has a tendency to freak people out. In reality retrograde periods are second chances, opportunities to go back over old ground and complete missions we may not have got right the first time.

Saturn has a similarly bad reputation. In traditional astrology Saturn is considered to be malefic, bringing struggle and hardship. The term ‘Saturn retrograde’ is therefore loaded with connotations of difficulty, heaviness and loss. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

This period of Saturn retrograde began on Saturday 14th March and will last for 4 1/2 months before it turns direct again on 1st August. Moving back through Sagittarius it will reenter Scorpio from 16th June to 18th September.

What’s Saturn retrograde good for?

During Saturn retrograde we can review our initial responses to Saturn’s interaction with our Sagittarian energy. You can remind yourself of what this is all about in this post on Saturn in Sagittarius. More importantly we have a second chance to work with the Saturn in Scorpio energy, which is all about taking responsibility for our power. More on that in a later post.

Saturn retrograde is a time for pruning away anything that no longer serves you. The art of pruning is very Saturnian, exemplified in Japanese bonsai and more naturally in the rugged beauty of wind tossed trees exposed to the ravages of extreme conditions such as mountainous cliffs or coastal environments.

When I was younger the strong Jupiter in me found bonsai difficult to understand or accept. I wanted nature, and myself by implication, to be completely free. But as the years passed I began to see the strength and beauty that comes from enduring challenging times, and the value of pruning away excess.

Lisa Byrne of the Art of Simple sums this up beautifully, writing: “When we can become skilled at selectively knowing what to prune out of our lives, what remains becomes stronger, brighter, clearer. Our time and attention can be focused to produce beautiful, rich fruits.”

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

The Uranus-Pluto square add its strong energy of change to this mix, forming a final exact aspect today before slowing releasing its hold until 12th May. The expansive energy of the trine between Uranus and Jupiter is coming to an end as retrograding Jupiter shifts back out of orb, however it will still lend a little lightness and ease to the mix until 27th March.

Renewal comes in the form of the equinox on 20th March, which is also the time of the New Moon. This New Moon is in the last degree of Pisces, auguring in a new cycle of Arian energy, and is accompanied by a full solar eclipse. More on the significance of these and other cosmic events in the upcoming newsletter, which also features some special member-only goodies!

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