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Saturn square Neptune in retrospect: dissolve the past, awaken to now

A guest post by Rose Reiki

Saturn square Neptune Image author unknown.

The Saturn square Neptune transit is coming to its end. Our landscapes, both inner and outer, have been changed, are still changing. And we are being asked every day to accept these changes – to accept the nature of change as our rhythm and simply enjoy the ride of our evolution. This is no small request and we still have 10 years to observe of this cycle before these two planets meet again in 2025 to start anew, in Aries.

On a personal level, changes during Saturn square Neptune have been and are going to be deep and varied. Realities we thought were reality are dissolving and we are being brought back to this idea that our work is in neither the past or the future – but it is Right Now.

“I cannot make you understand. I cannot make anyone understand what is happening inside of me. I cannot even explain it to myself.” Franz Kafka – Metamorphosis

Here are some of the themes that Saturn square Neptune has brought into my awareness, which have led to the changes I am currently enacting in my day to day life:

  • Defending/creating space
  • Releasing conditioned/habitual reactions
  • Controlling time
  • Taking responsibility for what I am creating
  • Allowing change of mind/heart/body
  • Allowing imagination and releasing worry
  • Moving from 9-5 jobs to creating services that support myself and the community
  • Going with the Flow

That is just the short list. On a deeper level, Saturn square Neptune is stretching and shifting me in ways that I have no words for yet. But when I started my healing journey in 2012, every day since then has led to this awakening of what needs to change in order for me to not only heal, but to thrive in this life.

A lot of my personal healing during Saturn square Neptune centered on the Authority Wound: being able to trust myself, to know myself and feel secure where ever I am. When those things are off balance, I tend to be hyper-vigilant over my surroundings and the people in them. I want to know what people are doing so that I can know if I am safe/secure or not. I want to be able to tell people (in subtle or not so subtle ways) a better way to do things, because I know the outcomes of those solutions.

And of course, my way, my perception, is better and not at all biased, right?

That is just one of the many illusions that has been shattered during Saturn square Neptune. I began the process of learning why I react the way I do and how it is nobody’s responsibility but my own to feel secure. I had to learn how to open up the space around me so that my family could stop doing the egg-shell walk around my emotions. Instead of defending my spaces, I had to create new ones for myself and everybody around me.

During Saturn square Neptune I had to learn that everybody is their own authority. I had to learn how to really take ownership of my own. This is uncomfortable to say the least and it is confusing when you are a parent. As I have recognised some very basic rights my child has as a human being, those rights have healed exponentially in myself. It is messy and the lines are blurred, but the greatest illusion is that there are any lines at all that separate any of us into a form or rank – including the ingrained parent/child relationship.

Parenting, in itself, has been one of the greatest catalysts in my healing. But during the Saturn square Neptune cycle I became aware of how blocked my imagination was. I have spent the first 6 years of my son’s life not knowing how to play with him I would have panic attacks over the thought of role-playing with action figures and I would become defensive over my space. I did not want to play and I felt helpless as I watched the effect this had on my son. He didn’t understand that it was a core wounding in me and not a rejection of him.

Within the last 2 years of my healing, and especially during Saturn square Neptune, I have been able to release the belief that I had to put “adult business” first and foremost in my life and connect with the Present Moment Masters that we are blessed to birth into this world and observe. Seriously, unless you pull a child from this place (like we do with every incessant demand of their time) they reside solely in the present moment. They are creators, learners and observers of this time and space.

The Saturn square Neptune transit has shown me how valuable a resource my child is in this area. How do I create what I want to create in my life? By being able to imagine it, first. So I started pillow fighting more, tickling more, laughing more, learning Minecraft more, and just being more open than I have ever been to his ideas, his interests, what his world consists of, apart from me and my beliefs. I am learning how to live in the present moment and create my life from this space.

Saturn square Neptune has helped me take responsibility for what I create. Not blame, because blame happens when you create unconsciously. I blame someone I think has caused me a bad day. Responsibility is knowing I cannot have a bad day unless I allow it through my thoughts and beliefs. Responsibility is cleaning all of those up so that I respond to my environment and not try to control it. Responsibility is taking time to invest in my self-care, to ensure I feel secure in all these areas. It enables emotional freedom not only for myself, but for those around me.

I could go on and on about how Saturn square Neptune has unfolded and is still unfolding in my life but I want to touch on who this transit is effecting the most (from my perspective) and that is the Pluto in Libra Generation (1971-1984). When Saturn/Neptune were first conjunct in Capricorn 1989-90, the Pluto in Libra generation were coming into adulthood: that time when we reach the magical age of 18, when we have most of our authority and rights handed to us and are told to be of use in this world.

There was a major shift starting in economics, politics and world events at this time that had a profound effect on where this generation worked and how they wanted to live and their right to do so. With the Saturn square Neptune transit in 1998-99, some of the Pluto in Libra generation were experiencing their first Saturn Returns. Others, like myself, were reaching adulthood and jumping into the fray of work and figuring out life and our place in it.

The Pluto in Libra Generation is about transforming our relationships and learning how to balance the energies of Pluto and all its 8th house affairs with the heart-based reasoning that Libra offers. It is a balance of extremes in every relationship we have, be it with work, family, spouses, children and community. We are trying, consciously and unconsciously, to find the balance of self and other and release the shadows that keep one or all confined.

As Pluto is currently transiting Capricorn, this generation is experiencing its natal Libra/Capricorn square. Look around you to all that is being dismantled and brought into our awareness of the manipulation, corruption and false ideology that has built governments and societies. This generation is the middle generation between the old and new. We are a bridge of consciousness in our parenting, our health and in our communities as we forge new relationships, trying to find our place in what will be emerging as a new system.

The new system is You.

Saturn square Neptune is about replacing all false beliefs of authority that you still have (in that there is one over you) and showing you the truth. Your parents are not your authority, your boss is not your authority, your doctor is not your authority, your governments are not your (true) authority.

We are capable of governing our selves when we are healed from the atrocities that have been visited upon us. We are capable of taking the broken system we have and transforming it into something that serves the Whole and not the few. The Pluto in Libra generation is pivotal in this shift and the Saturn square Neptune cycle is how it shifts in each of us individually.

As I said before, we now have 10 years to observe and implement the changes brought about by this Saturn square Neptune transit, changes that are happening on a collective and individual level. In 10 years, when Neptune and Saturn meet again at 0 degrees Aries for a brand new cycle, Pluto will be entering Aquarius and individuality and freedom will be its calling card. Will you be ready?

Where do you think you will be in 10 years? Are you allowing the changes that are happening now to take you there? Can you see yourself thriving? Can you see yourself as Free? Can you let go of all that was to make room for what you can create in the now? Do you know you are so very capable of it?

We are all in this together. There is no wrong way to grow through this Saturn square Neptune cycle, as long as you can commit to being authentic in your shift and release the belief you can control anything other than yourself. The world is being rebuilt in our individual images.

Do what you love to do. Go where you want to go and let your children grow into who they imagine themselves to be. Put the cookie cutters away of how you think life and its relationships should be. Turn the focus entirely onto you and the responsibility you have to feel good in your body and your mind.

From that place, anything is possible and Peace is inevitable. Allow the shift to come from within and let yourself get carried by its flow.

Sending so much love to you, Rose

Mars direct Rose is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Practising Astrologer for over 15 years. Immersed in the healing arts, her focus on Energy Healing and Astrology facilitates a deeper understanding of how to improve Mental Health and Physical Well-being. She lives and practises near Toronto, Ontario. Enjoy her website Healing Everyday with Reiki.

How have you experienced Saturn square Neptune?

With the last of the three passes of the Saturn square Neptune transit exact on 10 September, we can now look back and see how we have changed through this important cycle. In what areas have you been called upon to face up to reality? Where have you had to rebuild your life on firmer foundations? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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7 Comments on Saturn square Neptune in retrospect: dissolve the past, awaken to now

  1. I have no idea how I have experienced it, I have little energy and a bunch of things I’d like to do. The thing is, the Neptune is in opposition with my natal Saturn and that will take quite a long time to pass. At least the Saturn square Saturn part of it is over. ;)

  2. Having little energy and a lot of things to do sounds exactly like how I would imagine a Neptune/Saturn Opposition! I think you described it perfectly :) As Neptune is the transiting planet, the impetus is on you to find the most meaning in anything that you do and when you are aligned with that, the energy to see it through actually feels effortless. When we are dreading something or doing things for other people that we are not truly aligned with (Saying an authentic yes or no to requests) than our energy levels are indicators of not being in tune with our highest self/purpose and goals.

    When we create meaning in our life through what we do, we are always on the right path. Thank you for your comment :)


  3. Thank you for the explanation! It would make me feel better if I didn’t realize I’m probably doing something wrong as I lack energy. ;)
    But actually it does make me feel better. I think it’s my karmic lesson for this life as my True node is in Virgo (6th house, close to Saturn for that matter). The bad part of it is that even though I’m aware it’s a lesson I need to learn, I get anxious when it’s not going fast enough (I’d say my Aries ASC is the one to blame here). And things haven’t been moving quickly for the last few years…
    There’s a lesson in patience I’ve been learning for a while now. :)

  4. Thank you for this inspiring post, Rose! As a member of the Pluto in Libra generation, I can relate to most of the experiences you’ve described as evoking the current Saturn in Sag square Neptune in Pisces transit’s effects.

    I find the latter part of this article, beginning with “There is no wrong way to grow through this Saturn square Neptune cycle, as long as you can commit to being authentic in your shift and release the belief you can control anything other than yourself,” particularly touching. It’s encouraging to know that we don’t have to “do” anything but “be” as we experience this “promised” process of self-transformation. Your lovingly healing recommendations at the end put me at ease. Thank you very much!

    • Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your words. These are the messages I receive in my own journey through these transits and I am so happy that they resonate with you as well. Deep breaths for all! :)

  5. Natal moon at 10 degrees Sagg, transiting Saturn conjunct natal moon, transiting Neptune squaring natal moon. Yikes! Depressing and muddy. Get this fucking transit over with already!!

    • It’s hard to see the growth when we’re in the middle of it – and if we are stretched beyond our comfort zones, it can feel especially difficult and uncomfortable. These transits and the world events around us are in a lot of ways, a type of emotional realignment- what doesn’t feel good, we are being asked to change. Not wait for the change to be visited upon us (because we may not like that change, either) but to use our emotions as our guide and make the incremental changes in ways that makes us feel better bit by bit. Be gentle with yourself xo

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