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Sun in Aquarius: time to manifest a new reality

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With the Sun in Aquarius for the coming month there’s a real opportunity to manifest something new and innovative in our lives and in the world around us. The Sun entered Aquarius on 19 January 2021 where it remains until 19 February when it moves into Pisces. This is a great time to initiate a new social enterprise or any kind of community project or group endeavour.

The Sun is our creative faculty, our magic. It’s the part of us that makes the law of attraction work the way it does: we attract to ourselves the energy we ourselves are emitting. Depending on which archetype, or sign, the Sun is being filtered through, we are likely to use our magic in subtly different ways. With the Sun in Aquarius the magic is focused on personal and societal evolution, and any creative act that takes us forward as a group will be blessed.

How will the Sun in Aquarius affect you?

Those who have natal planets or points in Aquarius will be affected most strongly by the Sun in Aquarius as the Sun will conjunct these planets by transit in the course of the coming month. Those who have the Sun in Aquarius natally will be particularly strongly affected as they will experience their solar return (or birthday) during this time. This is an important time to set intentions for the coming year.

When the Sun activates its own natal position, or any natal planet in Aquarius, it will empower these planets with creative power and magic. This will allow the Aquarian archetype to flow through you more easily, bringing its visionary characteristics to the forefront of your personality and helping you manifest the revolutionary ideas you harbour, perhaps deep down in your psyche.

Those with a truly burning desire to affect change in the world, the revolutionaries among us, may experience Sun in Aquarius as very empowering, although ongoing outer planet transits to personal natal positions may dampen this energy somewhat. You can harness this powerful creative buzz for change by working on building your social networks, developing some of your more unusual ideas and using social media to spread the word about your endeavours.

How will you make the most of Sun in Aquarius?

Whether or not you’re personally touched by the Sun in Aquarius you can still work with this energy to manifest change in your life. All you need is strong intention and a willingness to let go of the old to make way for the new. What areas of your life would you like to renew at this time? Where is there need for revolution and change? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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8 Comments on Sun in Aquarius: time to manifest a new reality

  1. This was a very good post as always, it brought me to consider Sun transits (something I don’t normally pay much attention to) in a different light, to take them “more seriously”, so to speak. Having my Ascendant in the very last degrees of Cancer, Aquarius takes up most of my 7th House – and that’s definitely an area of my life in which I’m trying to create positive change and evolution at the present time. So it was very good to read this and realize how the Sun’s yearly transit of Aquarius correlates. Thank you, Faith :)

  2. Sun will be moving through my 2nd and 3rd houses, crossing natal Mars, Saturn and Venus in Aquarius

  3. I’m feeling jazzed about this aquarian energy. Currently working with that Pluto/Mercury force, since they’re in my sign, to transform my mindset around money and finances. Funny, because I just joined a “club” and facebook group to do just that. I’d say the cosmos are on my side right about now. :)

  4. wish the best for you in your situation, you will pull through this

  5. It was a heavy time for me so i am looking fore wards to my sun at 10 degrees of aquarius. thank you Faith for keeping the faith and the trust high in myself and passing this time by listening your guiding. love and a big kiss Anna

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