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Sun square Jupiter: don’t bite off more than you can chew

Remember what happens when you fly too close to the Sun!

Sun square Jupiter Image author unknown

Feeling restless? Perhaps you’ve got big plans but know deep down the energy and resources are not in place yet to make your venture a success. Maybe you’re impatient; feel like you’ve waited long enough. Maybe you’re even thinking, ‘Hell, let’s go for it anyway…’ Well take a deep breath, count to ten and think again. The overly optimistic feelings you may have during this transit could lead you to jump in before you’re really ready.

Sun square Jupiter is a transit of short duration which happens once a year, but it’s a pressure point that could have you taking chances and overextending yourself in ways you regret later. The Sun is stimulating the expansive energy of Jupiter so right now you’re keen to show the world exactly what you’ve got to offer. Trouble is there’s a tendency here to offer more than you can deliver, to bite off more than you can chew (insert your own Sun square Jupiter cliche here ;)

Feelings of discontent may have you seeking out stimulation. Beware the ‘need for more’ that teacher Eckhart Tolle discusses in his book A New Earth. Sun square Jupiter wants to expand creatively but may feel blocked and the ego often tries to allay such feelings of frustration by substituting other forms of stimulation, such as loud music, alcohol, rich food or too much company. This will do nothing to help you move forward in your endeavour!

The tendency to over-extend that Sun square Jupiter brings reminds me of this beautiful article on The Disease of Being Busy by Omid Safi. Our culture has become one in which constant stress and business is considered a sign of a successful life. But such a life leaves little time for reflection, for our relationships or our own personal growth. This Sun square Saturn transit will intensify this compulsion to be busy. Temper it by taking a moment each day to ground yourself: sit under a tree, meditate, drink a cup of tea in full mindfulness. It will help you maintain your centre and avoid the tendency to over-do things.

The bright side is that, as with all ‘difficult’ transits, Sun square Jupiter represents two powerful energies that need to be balanced and reconciled. If you keep a cool head and take things one at a time you will find there is powerful creative potential here for you to tap.

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