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Sun square Saturn triggers Jupiter Chiron opposition: find balance

Sun square Saturn Sublimation by Heather McLean.

In the last few days Sun square Saturn has triggered something inside me. I’ve been feeling the Chiron / Jupiter opposition for some time; with Jupiter activating the Virgo North Node by conjunction I’ve been heavily focused on getting the practical details of my life in order and yet I’ve had this nagging feeling that something is missing. Now with the Sun conjunct Chiron and the South Node in Pisces, and Saturn moving in to create a t-square from Sagittarius, I’ve finally begun to realise what that something is.

Sun square Saturn

Sun square Saturn forms a t-square with the Jupiter Chiron opposition, activating the nodal axis.

Sun square Saturn is an uncomfortable energy at the best of times. It has a tendency to constrict our creative energy and undermine our self-confidence. But here we see a more complex dynamic emerging, with the Virgo / Pisces polarity strongly activated and the involvement of the nodal axis urging us to assess our current life direction to ensure it is alignment with who we are at the deepest level.

Polarity is something I consider very significant in astrology as it shows us clearly where there is imbalance in our lives. With Sun square Saturn and the Jupiter Chiron opposition both activating the Virgo / Pisces axis we need to be asking ourselves whether we are giving due attention both to the everyday details of our day-to-day lives, and to the unseen formless dimension from which our spirit draws sustenance and insight.

I was in a yoga class this morning when it struck me how long it had been since I’d taken time out to enjoy the beauty of ritual, practice meditation or simply to spend time in solitary reflection. Almost too long ago to remember! Perhaps this opposition between Jupiter and Chiron has been prodding me to realise this for a while, but it’s taken a kick from Sun square Saturn to really drive it home: my life has become spiritually malnourished.

All t-squares create a tension that prompts us to address the balance between the polarity involved in the opposition. With the Sun square Saturn and conjunct Chiron this prompting is unlikely to feel comfortable. In fact we may find it distinctly unpleasant, particularly as Jupiter tends to amplify whatever it touches. The sooner we make the necessary adjustments the sooner we will begin to feel at ease once more.

Sun square Saturn is a short lived aspect that will only last until 17 March and due to the retrograde phases of both Jupiter and Saturn their t-square with Chiron will not perfect until New Years eve 2016. Nevertheless there is a window of opportunity here for those who are willing to take it.

How will Sun square Saturn affect you…

Those with planets or points between 13 and 25 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) will feel Sun square Saturn most strongly. For example my Midheaven and IC are currently conjunct either end of the nodal axis, with natal Neptune at 17 degrees Sagittarius almost exactly conjunct transiting Saturn. This is no doubt why I am feeling this configuration so strongly.

The houses through which Saturn, the Sun and Jupiter are currently transiting in your natal chart will tell you which area of your life may need attention at this time. In my case the focus in on the balance between my outer expression (10th House) and my inner life (4th House).

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos

Fortunately there are a number of supportive aspects that will help us work with the tension of Sun square Saturn and the nodal axis t-square. A trine from Saturn to Uranus in proactive Aries will help motivate us towards constructive change, while Pluto in Capricorn makes a sextile to the Sun and a trine to Jupiter / North Node giving us personal power and determination to make these changes stick.

How are you working with Sun square Saturn?

Over the next week Sun square Saturn may be challenging for many, but it also has the potential to help us achieve greater balance and harmony in our lives. How are you working with this energy? If you have this aspect in your natal chart what techniques can you share for making the most of the heaviness and self-doubt that Sun square Saturn can bring? Please share your experiences below.

3 Comments on Sun square Saturn triggers Jupiter Chiron opposition: find balance

  1. I think this energy has played out in the form of a huuuge fight between my BF and I this week.

    We are opposites by sign, and thus everything gets blown into bigger proportions when we are fighting. After “cooling down” both of us, we had a good, hard, long chat about values, personality differences, differences in preferences for many things etc.
    It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t pretty – but it was time to put the turkey on the table and talk about it. So we did. Acknowledging each persons differences is not very easy for neither a Scorpio or Taurus. We’re not mutable signs after all. We are very fixed in our ways, beliefs and values. Every progress has been a result of immense struggle. So this energy has certainly brought up issues we’ve put under the rug for some long time. Some new insights were being made during this fight, so at least we used it to our best ability ;-)

  2. Dear Faith, thank you for sharing. A bit hard to understand. I can only say that I had a huge fight with my boyfriend that was on the day of the eclipse and we have’t spoken since….:-( I felt I needed to put reality on the table and confront him with what was already in my thoughts for some time. He is just very angry now I assume. I need to let the Taurus come to his sences. Sounds a bit like what Annette experienced. We all experienced confrontation in our relationship.

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