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Sun square Saturn with a side of chaos and mayhem

Sun square Saturn Sublimation by Heather McLean.

The Sun is currently square Pluto and Jupiter and will square Saturn on 21 April. This is a very uncomfortable energy denoting excess, proselytizing, power struggle and obstacles. Those who are affected may come up against authority figures, or find themselves in power struggles. During the coming week many people will struggle with feelings of dis-empowerment, depression and overwhelm as they come to terms with our current reality.

Fortunately this transit is supported by trines and sextiles between Venus, Mars and Mercury, which will help with relationships and especially with communicating our experiences with others. The Sun will also form a trine / sextile configuration with the Moon’s Nodes. This help release some of the pent up energy and help you balance the needs of the outer world and career (Capricorn) with the needs of your household and family (Cancer).

As the Sun moves out of square aspect to Saturn, around 25 April, it will conjunct Uranus at 6 degrees Taurus, just as Uranus squares Mars. This, combined with a series of squares from Mercury to the stellium in Capricorn, will likely be quite dramatic in terms of it’s impacts on the economic structures of our society.

All this is happening against the back drop of Jupiter conjunct Pluto. This was exact on 6 April but the two don’t move out of orb of one another until the beginning of August. Jupiter and Pluto make three exact contacts in 2020, with the next two being on 30 June and 12 November. This conjunction is closely connected with the peak, or peaks, of the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as the social upheavals that are accompanying it.

How will Sun square Saturn affect you

If your chart is triggered by any of these transits, particularly if you have planets or points in the final degrees of the Cardinal signs or the early degrees of the Fixed signs, you are likely being strongly impacted.

For example I have Chiron at 1 degree of Taurus, exactly square transiting Saturn. I am feeling this transit very strongly. In particular I am struggling with self-doubt and a sense that no matter how hard I try I don’t seem to be able to reach my goals.

Sun square Saturn has a tendency to constrict our creative energy and undermine our self-confidence, and in the current climate this will almost certainly be the case for anyone whose natal chart is triggered by the transit. Be aware that this energy will last only for a short while and don’t force yourself to be positive or productive at this time.

Sun square Saturn is a window of opportunity for those who are willing to take it, because it allows you to explore deep feelings of fear and oppression related to our current circumstances. Are you fearful that governments are becoming too authoritarian? Explore that fear. Are you concerned about vulnerable loved ones? Don’t shy away from these feelings.

The houses through which Saturn and the Sun are currently transiting in your natal chart will tell you which area of your life may need attention at this time. In my case Saturn is in the 8th House and the Sun is in the 11th. This highlights a tension between my outward self-expression and the troubles I am carrying privately in the deepest part of my psyche.

If you are unsure how this transit applies to you download a free natal chart at and then grab a copy of my free ebook The Language of Astrology to learn how to track transits in your own life.

How you can work with Sun square Saturn

Over the next week Sun square Saturn may be challenging for many. How are you working with this energy? If you have this aspect in your natal chart what techniques can you share for making the most of the heaviness and self-doubt that Sun square Saturn can bring? Please share your experiences below.

6 Comments on Sun square Saturn with a side of chaos and mayhem

  1. I think this energy has played out in the form of a huuuge fight between my BF and I this week.

    We are opposites by sign, and thus everything gets blown into bigger proportions when we are fighting. After “cooling down” both of us, we had a good, hard, long chat about values, personality differences, differences in preferences for many things etc.
    It wasn’t pleasant, it wasn’t pretty – but it was time to put the turkey on the table and talk about it. So we did. Acknowledging each persons differences is not very easy for neither a Scorpio or Taurus. We’re not mutable signs after all. We are very fixed in our ways, beliefs and values. Every progress has been a result of immense struggle. So this energy has certainly brought up issues we’ve put under the rug for some long time. Some new insights were being made during this fight, so at least we used it to our best ability ;-)

  2. Dear Faith, thank you for sharing. A bit hard to understand. I can only say that I had a huge fight with my boyfriend that was on the day of the eclipse and we have’t spoken since….:-( I felt I needed to put reality on the table and confront him with what was already in my thoughts for some time. He is just very angry now I assume. I need to let the Taurus come to his sences. Sounds a bit like what Annette experienced. We all experienced confrontation in our relationship.

  3. I have my natal Moon/jupiter conjunction at 1 degree Leo (5th house) and Saturn is currently opposing it. The best I could come up is patience, not reacting immediately and learning more about energy and chakras and trying to understand how can I implement it for me. Uranus is currently on top of my chiron trining venus/mc in capricorn so I basically try and find peace of mind whenever I can.

  4. I’ve never regarded chiron too much in natal charts. Recently, I’ve become interested. Can you recommend a good book about chiron? Need an ephemeris as well..thanks. jophiel

  5. Thank you for your information and how to deal with this all Anna

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