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Sun trine Jupiter: a ray of light in the darkness

Sun trine Jupiter A Light in the Dark by Brooke Shaden.

I’m familiar with darkness. With my Sun, Moon and Venus in the 8th House all square to Pluto I even crave it at times. But like everyone sometimes I get lost in the dark and since Pluto went retrograde I’ve found myself firmly in the grip of fear. Those who’ve been experiencing a similar loss of bearings will be relieved to know that Sun trine Jupiter is here to light our way. And be sure to check out my article Pluto retrograde: confronting the shadow self.

Sun trine Jupiter is an energy of optimism, buoyancy and creative good fortune and with the Sun in Taurus it has the capacity to make us feel both grounded and abundant. It can literally buoy us up as we navigate the deep and dangerous waters of the Plutonian underworld where our shadow selves wait to be freed of the chains we have unconsciously imposed on them.

Sun trine Jupiter also offers an outlet to the tension of the ongoing t-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune which has been amplifying feelings of disappointment and disillusionment in all those who are personally touched by it. Opening up new possibilities and a sense of positivity it can help us move beyond our conditioned expectations of failure or betrayal.

A sextile from the Sun to Neptune provides additional support in the form of increased receptivity to our intuitive knowing and to divine guidance. Together with Sun trine Jupiter this is the perfect energy for rekindling a sense of faith in ourselves and in the future so that we can continue our journey through the shadow realms, knowing that although we walk in darkness we will always find our way.

Sun trine Jupiter is exact on Wednesday 4 May and will remain active until Saturday 14 May.

How will Sun trine Jupiter affect you?

Those with the Sun or Jupiter between 10 and 16 degrees of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will feel Sun trine Jupiter most strongly. In my case this transit will create a lovely grand trine with my Venus at 15 degrees Capricorn, which is currently being hit directly by transiting Pluto. This will bring much needed relief and healing in my relationships.

If your chart is triggered strongly by Sun trine Jupiter take a look to see through which houses these two bright and confident luminaries are passing. This will give you insight into the areas of life where this energy will most likely be found.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

Venus has moved into Taurus, sign of its rulership, and is currently in applying sextile to the Moon in Pisces. For those who are encountering challenges in their relationships this will bring much needed support in the form of empathy, compassion and understanding. In general Venus in Taurus brings a joy sensual pleasures, relaxation and connection with other through physical contact. Think snuggling, massage and hot baths!  For more on this check out my article Venus in Taurus: connect with nature.

To further support the process of healing in our relationships Mercury is making a brief sextile aspect to Chiron. This transit is exact today and active until Friday 6 April when the New Moon rises in Aries, the sign of new beginnings. Use this energy to say the things you need to say to make things right. This is the time to apologise for the pain of harsh words spoken or for inconsiderate actions.

Working with Sun trine Jupiter

Sun trine Jupiter is a brief but potent transit that can give us the boost we need as we navigate our own inner realms during this retrograde season. If you’ve been feeling these energies strongly please share your experiences below.

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  1. This is hopeful and I will be the first in line with my hands outstretched.

  2. Sun in Taurus moving through 6th house, Jupiter in Virgo moving through 10th house. Experiencing this time as a heavy energy, knuckling down to the details. But on the other side I do feel is creativity, the kind of creativity I will not need to question anymore, or back away from, because I have gone through this process

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