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Sun trine Jupiter: a ray of light in the darkness

Sun trine Jupiter A Light in the Dark by Brooke Shaden.

I’m familiar with darkness. With my Sun, Moon and Venus in the 8th House all square to Pluto I even crave it at times. But like everyone sometimes I get lost in the dark and find myself firmly in the grip of fear. Those who’ve been experiencing a similar loss of bearings will be relieved to know that Sun trine Jupiter is here to light our way.

Sun trines Jupiter is exact on 15 October and is an energy of optimism, buoyancy and creative good fortune.

Sun trine Jupiter also offers an outlet to the tension of the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus, which although currently out of orb is still very much in process. Sun trine Jupiter shows us how structure and change can coexist and complement one another. Opening up new possibilities and a sense of positivity it can help us move beyond our self imposed limitations and blockages.

Sun trine Jupiter gives us faith in ourselves and in the future.

How will Sun trine Jupiter affect you?

Those with the Sun or Jupiter between 19 and 25 degrees of the Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will feel Sun trine Jupiter most strongly. If your chart is triggered strongly by Sun trine Jupiter take a look to see through which houses these two bright and confident luminaries are passing. This will give you insight into the areas of life where this energy will most likely be found.

To get started applying this forecast to your own life, grab a free birth chart at and download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

Sun trine Jupiter is a brief but potent transit that can give us the boost we need as we navigate more challenging transits. If you’ve been feeling these energies strongly please share your experiences below.

5 Comments on Sun trine Jupiter: a ray of light in the darkness

  1. This is hopeful and I will be the first in line with my hands outstretched.

  2. Sun in Taurus moving through 6th house, Jupiter in Virgo moving through 10th house. Experiencing this time as a heavy energy, knuckling down to the details. But on the other side I do feel is creativity, the kind of creativity I will not need to question anymore, or back away from, because I have gone through this process

    • The uranus/saturn square is in a square with my natal venus in leo. I am optimistic that sun trine jupiter will give me the boost I need to work through the changes both romantically and financially. This is an aspect in my solar return this year 6/27 bday (Natal sun in cancer 5 degrees). This aspect also has jupiter conjunct my natal north node. So I believe I am being ushered forward to let go of the old structures and relationships that are no longer serving me.

  3. Thank you Faith, jupiter is on my natal north node on the same degree in picis and I am willing to feel what it is going to do with me.

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