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Sun trine Pluto: the art of living dangerously

Sun trine Pluto The Years of Youth by Elena Kukanova.

Why is it sometimes so difficult to go after what we want, to let go of the things we cling to for security and move courageously into new territory? How can we learn the art of living dangerously? Perhaps one of the reasons we find it so hard is because we are not coming from a strong foundation. The earthy dynamo of Sun trine Pluto, exact on 6 September, is here to teach us how to access our inner strength by grounding ourselves and taking care of our roots.

Although exact for just one day, some people will feel Sun trine Pluto for a good week or more. With the Sun in Virgo and Pluto well settled in Capricorn, these two powerful energies combine to bring us down to Earth. We can then project ourselves more powerfully into the world. It’s a bit like when you pull back the bow string in order to let the arrow fly free. In the Earth signs, Sun trine Pluto is an intense but steady transformative power that can be relied upon.

Sun trine Pluto is a short-lived transit but if used wisely it can be a powerful agent for creative manifestation. Creating a strong vision of what you wish to manifest in your life brings it more clearly into focus. Virgo is a great energy for strategic planning and Capricorn is all about working towards a goal so this is an excellent transit for launching a new project, or pushing forward with something that’s been stuck.

Sun trine Pluto helps us draw on resources we may have forgotten we have. It gives us perseverance and courage to push through the obstacles that have been holding us back, particularly those inner barriers – think Saturn in Scorpio! Just be careful of getting obsessed by your project and staying up all night only to bark at your kids all day because you’ve exhausted yourself!

Sun trine Pluto is a transit that is calling you to take up the reins of your own life. It brings to mind the tarot card of the Chariot: through will-power and determination we achieve victory. Your leadership and decision making-skills are likely to be strong during this time and you may find that you have more influence over others. Be careful however: ambition may push you to take advantage of this power and use it unwisely!

Meanwhile in another part of the cosmos…

Venus has been retrograde since 25 July and finally turns direct on 5 September. For seven days she remains stationary, giving us time to absorb the lessons we’ve learned during the retrograde period about relationships, personal worth and self-image. When she begins her forward motion you may find yourself taking action on realisations made during the retrograde period. This could fit in well with the Sun trine Pluto energy!

Also in the coming week Mars in Leo will move into trine aspect with Uranus in Aries, exact on 8 September. Likely you’ll feel a strong desire to assert your freedom and independence, as well as to express your individuality. In fact, this aspect will give you the courage to be exactly who you are, even if that means breaking a few rules. Unlike the earthy energy of Sun trine Pluto, this trine is in fire signs and can lend a real push to the strategic plans and visions you’ve developed through Sun trine Pluto.

How does Sun trine Pluto affect you?

Sun trine Pluto will affect you most strongly if you have planets or points between 10 and 13 degrees of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Look also to see through which House the Sun and Pluto are passing, as this will tell you in which areas of your life the transit will play out. For example in my chart the Sun is transiting the 3rd House of Communications and I’m finding myself particularly creative in this area right now!

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How are you experiencing Sun trine Pluto?

How have you been experiencing the empowering Sun trine Pluto transit? Do you intend to manifest something new and exciting when this transit is exact on 6 September? Are your natal planets triggered by Sun trine Pluto? In which areas of your life are you learning the art of living dangerously? Please share so we can all learn from each other…

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16 Comments on Sun trine Pluto: the art of living dangerously

  1. I really enjoyed this article Faith – thank you. The Sun crossed my Virgo IC and entered my 4th house on August 31st, at which time I was reading, researching, and preparing (by putting a home made video together so I can pace myself) to begin a more advanced form of yoga than I have ever practiced… in other words I was setting down the foundations for future practice (my natal Pluto is in Virgo and I often experience Plutonic transformations as related to techniques that support health & well being)… I then began the actual practice on September 1st and am just familiarizing myself with the rhythm… anchoring into a new daily practice as the Sun transits my 4th house (I have Cancer Rising too and my ‘body’ is my home)… I loved your metaphor of a bow with the string pulled back… (which happens to be one of the poses in this yoga practice) although this transit is short-lived it will indeed be a powerful catalyst that propels me into the future and (in my case) involve (hopefully) a very physical transformation (Pluto), which I had previously believed wasn’t possible for me due to past physical injury and restricted movement. So now I’m going beyond my own limitations in a very physical sense. So you can also see how spot on your interpretation was for me! :)

    • Thanks for sharing Ruth… It’s so useful to read the personal experiences of those whose charts are touched powerfully by a particular transit, and in this case mine isn’t! Your comment makes my article much richer…

  2. I like the good vibes coming from the cosmos these days… The retrograde Venus has taken its toll on my 7th house for sure, also with Saturn square venus in the mix both transiting and in composite of my relationship has been a real tough cookie. This aspect will hit my 8th house moon in Libra, at exactly 13 degrees squaring transiting Pluto and also natal Mars. Since 6th house is ruled by Cancer one would assume that these areas will be of interest right? I’ve just started in a new great job and the positive energy will surely give my plans a boost! Although at the same time maybe stir something up in my emotional life, since also Lilith has traveled to Libra. I have already experienced a lot of huge fears regarding relationship stuff, unknown fears and deep 12th house stuff stirring from the Pluto contact. That’s the beauty and complexity I looove with astrology – everything is connected, nothing can really stand alone :-)

    • Hi Anette, yes it’s fair to say that this transit of Pluto will stir up some emotional stuff around intimacy and partnership but you already Knew that right ;) I so agree with you about the disconnectedness of astrology – it’s quite wonderful I think!

      • Yeah, the connectedness is both a blessing and a curse. I have a crazy horoscope, so everytime I have an angle to the planets in the area (mainly 8th house, 9th house and Scorpio planet stelliums) there will be an uproar in either my emotional house or my identity. Pluto is squaring off with my Moon at the moment, in the 12th house no less, my Moon squares Mars natally and Pluto is having a blast these days with everything moving into Libra-area/8th house stuff for me. At least Saturn has left my sign (or will very soon), so that’s something at least… ;-)

        • Be thankful for small blessings eh ;) But seriously it sounds like you’re all over your chart and the self-awareness that creates can only bring you blessings in the future.

  3. How do I know which of my houses the planets are crossing when? I understood it for my birth horoscope but not as an ongoing process..

    • Good question Heidi… The Sun and Pluto are currently at approximately 13 degrees Virgo and Capricorn respectively. Look around the edge of your natal chart to see where these degrees fall and you will then be able to see which house the transits will relate to. You may also find that you have a natal planet or point on one or both of these degrees which will strengthen the impact of the transit for you… Hope that helps :)

  4. Thanks a lot for the answer? Now I found out, that the Sun is passing my 1st house and Pluto my 5th. I have the moon at 11 degrees Virgo, which makes it stronger, right? I’ll definitely take your mini lessons…

    • No problem Heidi… Have the Moon at 11 degrees Virgo certainly will make this transit stronger! Instead of being a vague diffuse energy it will touch your life in a personal way, particularly as it is passing through the 1st House which is one of the most important in your chart. Good luck with your journey of learning in astrology!

  5. Ah, thanks Faith. I’m getting a powerful shift and it’s great knowing what’s happening out there. <3

  6. I have 18 degree Capricorn sun, trine 18/19 degree Virgo Uranus/Pluto/Midheaven [10th house] in my natal chart. I do feel with these transits it’s a clearing out of the old and a regeneration. My career and the way I handle it does seem to have been refreshed.

  7. 9th January birthday…..

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