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Saturn conjunct South Node (and natal Venus!)

By Faith Thomas

Saturn conjunct South Node Image by Pexels

Saturn conjunct the South Node occurs once every twelve years and usually only lasts about a week. But this time, due to retrograde motion, Saturn touches the South Node three times and the entire transit lasts six months!

We’re at the end of it now, with the last exact contact occurring on September 28th. But since April of this year Saturn has been calling us all to account. We only have to look at the situation in the United States with attempts to impeach President Trump for his corrupt actions. Saturn does not let us get away with shirking our responsibilities.

Although Saturn conjunct South Node is primarily a societal transit, affecting us all at the macro-cosmic level, if personal planets or points are aspected in your natal chart this transit can create ripples in your own life as well. In particular, those with planets or points between 11 and 17 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will likely feel Saturn conjunct South Node quite strongly.

If you are personally affected, the way this transit impacts you depends on which house the two are passing through in your natal chart. The themes that will play out, according to house, are as follows:

  • 1st House – Identity and persona
  • 2nd House – Personal possessions and property
  • 3rd House – Communications, siblings and technology
  • 4th House – Family of origin, mother and home
  • 5th House – Children, creativity and romance
  • 6th House – Work, service and physical well-being
  • 7th House – Partnerships, marriage and collaboration
  • 8th House – Intimacy, sex, birth, death and inheritance
  • 9th House – Education, exploration and research
  • 10th House – Status, leadership and career
  • 11th House – Community, social networks and movements
  • 12th House – Inner life, mental health, self undoing

For me, Saturn and the South Node are in the 8th House, the house of birth, death and inheritance. Pluto also happens to be there too, currently sitting on my Moon. Over the past two years my father and we aunt have both died of Cancer. I have also birthed two daughters. Two souls making way for two more. How much more 8th House can you get?

Saturn also happens to be conjunct my natal Venus, emphasising commitment and responsibility. I have just returned from four days with my grandmother who is 91. It was a pleasure to be with her and she spoiled me preparing meals the week before, so that I didn’t have to cook, and urging me to sleep in every day. Then I came home to my family and everything got very real again. It’s the beginning of the school holidays – 14 days of nonstop childcare ahead. No more rest and relaxation for me!

Saturn conjunct Venus is here to remind me that love is not how we feel about others it’s how we act towards them, even when things are hard and you’re tired and uninspired and cranky.

Saturn can feel very claustrophobic. Its energy is structure and containment, especially in a tense aspect formation such as the opposition. It’s not fun. But the beauty of Saturn is that even though he puts you through the ringer, he also gives you the strength and perseverance to get through the challenging times.

Saturn conjunct natal Venus: everything feels heavy

Yesterday was a hard day and I found myself yelling at my kids. I hate it when this happens and I tend to recriminate myself quite harshly. Of course this isn’t a useful approach. Putting myself down because I was exhausted and lost my temper is not going to make me a better mum. I’m always reminding my husband that positive feedback is more effective with kids, why wouldn’t I use the same strategy with myself?

Saturn conjunct natal Venus is emphasising commitment, and Saturn conjunct the South Node guarantees that this commitment, though hard, is non- negotiable, perhaps fated, and that we will have to just have to screw our courage to the sticking point and hold on until the pressure abates.

Fortunately this contact from Saturn to my natal Venus can also give me the will-power and courage to get through this. The energy of Pluto, so close by and on my moon helps here too. It pushes us to look at the deeper reasons for our anger, and disarms some of the triggers that set us off.

Emotions such as anger, hate and self-recrimination are normal to all human beings and I am perfectly normal to have them. I don’t have to feel ashamed to have these emotions. I may feel regret, which is healthy and leads to changes in behavior that might have been rooted in that emotion.

Shame on the other hand leaves you paralysed. You feel dis-empowered. The problem, out of proportion in your head, seems insurmountable. Shame makes us hide our weaknesses from others, and so, because we are all hiding from each other we imagine that we are the only one that is weak. That only we are struggling and that everyone else is A ok.

To overcome shame we must let our gourd down and share our vulnerability with others. Many people feel they risk being hurt if they ‘expose’ themselves, but this is just the shame talking. It presupposes that others will want to punish or humiliate us, rather than expecting kindness.  The ironic thing is that people who do hurt others, either willingly or unwillingly, are often motivated by shame themselves.

By opening up about our fears, anger and shame we usually find that everyone else is the same. We all have demons.  We all have a dark side. And most of us are trying simultaneously to protect, nurture and exterminate it :)

But you can’t get rid of your dark side, any more that the Moon can get rid of hers. So, why not explore it instead? Who knows what gifts, talents and resources are hidden back there.

Reclaiming our dark side is about doubling our territory, but to do this we must first understand that darkness is a gift. We do this by recognising the beauty of darkness; it can be soothing, recuperative and even sometimes exciting! Why would we want to deny our ownership of this land?

We reclaim our dark side by letting go of shame and exploring Saturn is key to this. Saturn is our inner father, formed by our relationship with our real life father. For this reason, Saturn plays out differently for everyone. He may be kind and gentle, strict, disciplinarian, or even abusive. What kind of Saturn do you have within you?

Want to understand the impact of Saturn conjunct the South Node in your own life but don’t know where to begin? Download a natal chart for free at, then grab a copy of my free ebook, which explains exactly how to interpret your own natal chart and track the transits in your life.

8 Comments on Saturn conjunct South Node (and natal Venus!)

  1. Hi, Saturn is not my friend, being an Aries with Sag ascendant, Saturn makes my life hard! I am trying to sell my beautiful house since March, but with Saturn hanging around, plus Pluto, in my 2nd house, everything goes against it! Now I know why! It is almost unbelievable, but I guess, one plus is, that I am not doubting the effects of astrology any more!! Cheers

    • Sorry to hear about your worries selling the house! It’s also been my experience that Saturn can make it feel like life is “hard” … I have found it helpful to ask “Why?” would Saturn be placed where it is placed at this time in life … “Why?” might there be a “need” to learn the lessons of delay, limitations, added responsibilities, frustrations, etc.. in whatever house it’s passing through or whatever planet (aka part of the psyche) it’s aspecting … it takes courage and a desire to gain insight into your Life Path and the answers that come are not always fun (well, they are actually never “fun” with Saturn :) but I have found it an invaluable tool for me not to get lost in the depression and burden of it all.

  2. Tonya Brooks // October 3, 2019 at 12:29 pm // Reply

    What corrupt actions by Donald Trump? He has done NOTHING wrong. He will not be impeached and he will be elected in 2020.

  3. Wow, Faith! Saturn & Pluto in the 8th on your Moon and Venus is playing out in textbook form for you. Death, Birth, Transformation, the impulse to explore the Darker Side of our human experience … I am amazed and thrilled that you’re showing up as well as you are!! I agree that Saturn is heavy energy and when combined with the South Node of the Moon I think there’s something being asked of us (wherever they are moving in our charts) … something about taking responsibility for the lessons we’ve been shown in the past and integrating them more fully into our lives … Pluto has paved the way in this case as it’s still ahead of Saturn but Saturn/ South Node conjunction is now putting an exclamation point there!! For me, it’s the 4th House and I’m still uncovering the places where I’m attached in dis-empowering ways (Pluto’s lessons) and bringing these shadows to the light in order for them to be transformed! My hope is to get ahead of the curve before Pluto opposes my Sun and squares my Moon in the coming years LOL!!

    • Ouch! 4th House stuff can be intense and painful, even if the transit is relatively benign. It really is a blessing to be able to look at a transit chart and see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Otherwise I think I would lose all motivation to move forward! I think that’s why I am ‘showing up’ as you say xx

  4. Its transitioning sn now. 9th.
    Symbol says mountain pilgrimage deep nerves. After brst cancer 1999 and its trauma shock decision and the weak lungs I passed by seniors going hiking and asked if I could go. 2001.
    2 years later after mountains BC clearing my body lungs I attended a doula course of natural childbirth which opened my eyes and 2003 my greatest leap forward showed me infinite calm and 2014 showed me spirit revealing bright light. Now put that in conjunction with 1982 era of Saturn pluto in libra and the older female help in life with yoga classes and wisdom sharing and by 2003 I was balanced enuf to take that responsibility inwardly. Synbolically I used a pon pon plant as symbol to balance which I had at age 26 in my suburb home before I lost it all as recruit for abortion protests 1970 played havoc with me emotionally. Thereafter did I meet this yoga woman but I see it as all in the cards. Pon pon plant represents the pons and as I vocalized this moment aloud National Geo. published an April special edition on the Brain showing pons is balance point which is what further I wanted to do – rather than taking a position as to my sexual position. All that is the pre work of a welfare recipient that evolved because I kept doing yoga thro thick and thin. It ain t easy. I don t think sn progress capricorn that I ever was highly materialistic. Leo on 4th I lived in a forest on an ocean.
    Mars in cancer. Deepak said as we get closer to our creative core we get past the puzzle pieces and start to see the whole. The reality. I told my daughter she looked wholesome so thats a start maybe. I m working on it and wondering what the H is this Capricorn saturn pluto about. I think libra was my strong suit and this my weak. Its ninth. So the spirit is now 2014 unlocked. Now what .Hope this reads well.

  5. Actually I had various jobs but I read that 50% of the poverty level are women from that era.
    Like me encouraged to leave and stressed without education or plan and straddled with two young children, no alimony, and the backlash of that era on women. Later I decided I would not enter the superwomen contest. Fortunately cancer on my second Capricorn inheritance my money comes from scarce work and inheritance s the last being from my mother. Honestly it all works just like the chart represents. Its just reading it thats hard for me.

  6. Hi, in 2021 I’ll have Saturn conj South Node and opposite North node but in the same time Saturn make a lot sextile and trine transit to almost all my personal planets and also my Saturn and Jupiter
    what can I expect from this weird combination? it sounds like something so WOW and painful at the same time

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