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Mars ignites the Uranus Pluto square

Uranus Pluto square Image God of War by Lavneb Designs.

On 11th March Mars will conjoin Uranus in Aries, adding its restless, impetuous energy to the already strong and building tension of the Uranus Pluto square.

Those personally affected by the Uranus Pluto square have probably been feeling blocked in the areas of life affected by the transit, or are experiencing delays and difficulties in achieving their aims. It’s as though we’ve been offered one option, to change, but have then been told to sit tight in the waiting room of life while the Lord of Change deals with other cases.

The addition of Mars to this mix, along with the fact that we’re approaching the final exact connection of the Uranus Pluto square, probably has a lot of people feeling anxious and rebellious. There may be a strong urge to blow off everything we’ve been waiting for, jump a plane to Mexico and say to hell with whatever it was the Universe had in mind for us!

Feelings of restriction and claustrophobia combined with restlessness have been known to make cooler heads than ours do very stupid things! Feelings of powerless may prompt you to take action but the time is not yet right and the kind of action you’re likely to take at this moment is probably not going to be wise. The craving for freedom may feel overwhelming but you’ve already come so far and there’s only a short way to go before things begin to shift.

So hold tight and don’t let your ego get in the way. Together Mars and Uranus will want to take on Pluto now! And if left to their own devices they would send in the troops without a proper strategy. But impulsive and ruthless decisions made in the heat of the moment may have long-term repercussions. So stay cool. We need to wait just a little bit longer…

Fortunately Mercury enters Pisces on the same day. Although this can lead to communication problems that when combined with Mars and Uranus in Aries could have the more firey ones among us engaged in warlike arguments over trivial misunderstandings, it also connects us more deeply with our intuitive guidance. This can help keep us settled and on track despite the hysterical urgings of Mars and Uranus.

Working with the Uranus Pluto square in your chart

The Uranus Pluto square makes it’s final exact connection at 15 degrees Capricorn / Aries on 17th March and will then slowly dissipate until 12th May. To understand how this affects you have a look at your chart and see if you have any planets at or around 15 degrees of any sign. Not all will form aspects, but some will. All planets placed at 15 degrees of the Cardinal Qudruplicity (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) will be especially affected.

As I’ve mentioned, my natal Venus is at 15 degrees Capricorn, so I’m right there with all those readers who will breathe a long sigh of relief once the Uranus Pluto square is finally passed!

If one of your natal planets is caught up in the Uranus Pluto square check to see which house it falls in. This will tell you the areas of your life most affected by this powerful cosmic configuration. Even if you don’t have natal planets involved you can still see which houses Pluto and Uranus are passing through by checking where Capricorn and Aries fall in your chart.

If none of this makes any sense you can quickly brush up on your knowledge with my eight easy-to-understand free mini lessons, also available as an ebook. Or if that sounds like too much work you can book a personalised astrology reading and I’ll explain it all for you!

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Image God of War by Lavneb Designs.

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  1. This Mars conjuction to Uranua is certainly being a rough ride! however VERY transformational. I find I’m looking forward to what Uranus/Pluto square will have to offer us in it’s final pass and am already working towards bringing in the harvest. Thanks for your insightful commentary Faith.

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