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Venus conjunct Mars in Leo: passionate connection

Venus conjunct Mars Image Union by Android Jones .

From 29 August Venus conjunct Mars brings relief from the heavy energy we’ve experienced throughout August as Jupiter, Venus and the Sun all squared Saturn. With Saturn ruling over authority, contraction, limits and rigidity, it’s likely that for many this last month has felt a bit like walking through wet concrete.

Jupiter squared Saturn on 3 August just as the wise teacher stationed direct at 28 degrees Scorpio. With Jupiter in Leo this was a bit like someone putting the brakes on your ability to express yourself. Personally it felt like I was operating from inside some kind of bubble; I could see out but trying to make an impression on the world was not easy. I also felt a lot of negativity and loss of confidence in my dreams. Keeping the faith seemed nigh impossible!

Retrograde Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo on 5 August, joining the square to Saturn and putting the squeeze on relationships. For me, connecting with others became a strain, especially when there was a sense that one person in a relationship was not taking full responsibility. Socially many people probably felt somewhat inhibited with a tendency to avoid social interaction. Kudos to those who resisted the urge to crawl into a hole and feel lonesome!

Just as Saturn, Jupiter and Venus moved out of orb, the faster moving but more powerful Sun moved into square aspect with Saturn, a transit that although exact yesterday will affect us for most of the coming week. If my own experience is anything to go by, this transit may seriously bend your self-confidence out of shape! Be sure to keep a close watch on your self-talk; a few positive affirmations would not go astray over the next few days!

Today the Moon in Scorpio is conjunct Saturn and square the Sun so don’t expect this weekend to be overly jolly and carefree. In fact you may find yourself ‘doing the work’ so to speak, dredging up long buried emotions. With Saturn heading back into Sagittarius on 18 September this will be the last conjunction of the Moon and Saturn in Scorpio for 28 years. Make the most of it and don’t shy away from getting down and dirty – it will be worth the effort.

Venus conjunct Mars – reward after the heavy Saturn work!

From 29 August Venus conjunct Mars at 15 degrees Leo will bring much needed relief as these strong masculine and feminine energies combine in Leo to create a passionate, sexy and creative energy. Connection between lovers is especially favoured and if your natal chart aligns well you can expect fireworks in the bedroom!

Although a fast moving transit Venus conjunct Mars will bring a very pleasant few days where you are likely to feel outgoing, social and attractive. Both physical and creative energy will be heightened so engaging in a group activity such as dancing, sport or performance will bring out the best in you. In fact physical activity of any kind will probably feel great!

With Venus conjunct Mars in Leo making a wide trine to Uranus in Aries this is a fiery, passionate energy that could have you jumping into a new relationship without thinking. If you choose the right person this will probably result in a pleasant though ephemeral connection, but if you’re not careful you could end up in a messy liaison with someone you don’t really trust or respect, especially as Venus is still in retrograde motion.

Venus conjunct Mars will last until 6 September when Venus stations direct, moving back into her active, outgoing mode. The effect of this transit will then begin to taper off, however the trine between Mars and Uranus will strengthen, followed closely by Venus moving into a close trine with Uranus. The good vibes will impact us through most of September making this is a great time for taking action, meeting new people and making connections that could change your way of looking at the world.

How will Venus conjunct Mars affect you?

Depending on the unique configuration of your natal chart, Venus conjunct Mars could have a strong impact or very little at all. Those with planets between 12 and 18 degrees of the fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) or fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) signs will feel Venus conjunct Mars particularly strongly. Look also to see through which house transiting Mars conjunct Venus is passing, as this will tell you which area of life will be most affected.

For example in my natal chart 15 degrees Leo is in the 3rd House of communication making this a transit that will probably have an inspired affect on my writing and help me to articulate my ideas with fervour. However with Venus conjunct Mars squaring my natal Uranus at 15 degrees Scorpio this is probably not the best time to take on difficult conversations that are not absolutely necessary.

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Do you have Venus conjunct Mars in your chart?

Those with Venus conjunct Mars in their natal chart may be able to share a little about the affect of this aspect. If you have this conjunction in your natal chart, which sign and house does it fall in? How do you experience Venus conjunct Mars in your life?