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Venus conjunct Pluto: focus on healing relationships

Venus conjunct Pluto Image author unknown.

Venus conjunct Pluto provides an excellent opportunity to focus on relationship issues, as it’s all about going into the deep end with another. Intimacy, deep and meaningful conversations and hot sex are all favoured. The intensity of this transit is enhanced by the fact that it occurs on the same day as the Full Moon in Leo.

Venus conjunct Pluto is exact on 28 January, but we will have about four days either side of this date to make the most of this energy, which will provide powerful focus and intention for working on the dynamics of our closest connections with others.

Paying close attention to the needs to other, particularly through active listening, will be very helpful in working with the energy of Venus conjunct Pluto. As these two planets are currently located in the objective focused sign of Capricorn it’s easy to lose sight of or dismiss another person’s perspective because we are so focused on what we perceive to be the problem or goal to be achieved.

One of my favourite books on relating is The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm. Fromm writes “Love isn’t something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.”  In Venus conjunct Pluto we can find this discipline and concentration, albeit for just a little while.

How will Venus conjunct Pluto affect you?

Those who have natal planets or points between 21 and 27 degrees of Capricorn will feel Venus conjunct Pluto most strongly. If you have planets or points between 21 and 27 degrees of the other Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer or Libra) Venus conjunct Pluto will create a square or opposition in your chart, and you are likely to feel this transit as stressful and tense.

On the other hand, those who have planets between 21 and 27 degrees of the other Earth signs (Taurus or Virgo) will experience Venus conjunct Pluto as easier, because the transit will form a trine aspect in their natal chart.

It’s also useful to examine your chart to see through which house Venus and Pluto are transiting as this will give you clues as to which area of your life is likely to be most affected. Just find 24 degrees Capricorn on your natal chart and look to see which house it falls in.

Working positively with Venus conjunct Pluto

Venus conjunct Pluto has the potential to play out either positively or negatively depending on how it interacts with your natal chart. Its impact will also have a lot to do with how conscious you are over the coming week and how clear you are of your intentions for healing and change in your relationships. Does Venus conjunct Pluto trigger your chart? How do you intend to utilise this energy?

To understand how this transit applies to your own life, grab a free birth chart at and download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

9 Comments on Venus conjunct Pluto: focus on healing relationships

  1. This was simply lovely to read, Faith. I want to open my heart to believing in the best of my friends. I’ve got Venus and Pluto transiting progressed Uranus/Neptune in 12th house, or natal Uranus/Neptune in 1st house, both of these seem relevant to me

  2. I’ve always wondered how Venus square Moon plays out because that’s what I will be experiencing. Venus and Pluto will be in my 12th house, but my moon is at 12,55 degrees Libra/8th house… Intimacy stuff maybe??

    Jupiter conjunct north node have indeed brought opportunities though – I’ve just received info about a position in a large company and it comes a WEEK AFTER I lost my current one!? Wow!

    The new job is all about details, measuring… Stuff like that – hello Virgo! Will it be beneficial to use the energy of Mercury’s boost the 6th of February for an application you think?

    • *UPDATE*

      This aspect certainly is all about healing relationships. I’ve managed to heal a broken relationship from long ago, and (sort of) forgiven the person during the recent days, at last realizing how bad how bad it hurts when you let love die because of youthful ignorance and immaturity.
      It hurts! This sorrow has been inside me for so long. Yesterday I finally said goodbye to some of it and feel more healed somehow, even if it was only happening in my mind and heart (which were both healed) :-)

  3. This was a great read indeed Faith. This energy is so raw and so real.
    I can feel this playing out in the dynamics of the love toward myself however, vs. with any others.

    I am a sun Virgo with my natal Uranus, Venus and Moon conjunct all within 14 degrees Libra. Which is all happening in my 8th house.

    This is all happening while Uranus is opposition to my natal Uranus.

    I am an emotional mess right now – so much stuff is resurfacing that I thought I had already resolved, and it really isn’t pretty at all.

    I am truly grateful for you sharing this.

  4. I’m an Aquarius and at the moment trying not to fall in love too quickly. Can you help me

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