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Venus in Aries: strengths and opportunities in relationship

Venus in Aries Affection by Puuung.

With Venus now in Aries from 21 March 2021 you may feel a distinct shift in how you do relationships and connect with others. Venus is in its detriment in Aries, however that doesn’t mean that this combo doesn’t have anything positive to offer. This transit will be particularly empowering for those who tend towards martyrdom in their relationships. It can also spice things up if they’ve gotten a little bland.

Venus in Aries is considered to be in its detriment because Aries is the sign opposite Libra, which Venus rules. While Libra is all about cooperation, fairness and awareness of the other, all qualities that contribute mightily to a healthy relationship, Aries is more focused on the self and asserting one’s own individual needs and desires.

However while Venus in Aries has an obvious tendency to create conflict between the needs of the relationship and the needs of the self,  it also brings to relationships a certain openness and assertiveness that can be very helpful in firing things up when they’ve become a little stale or where two people have become a little cool or distant.

Venus in Aries can be a somewhat pushy energy and sometimes this isn’t such a bad thing. Two people who have drifted apart can be reconnected by a slightly more assertive show of affection, an impulsive hug, a reckless kiss on the cheek. While Libran consideration would honour a person’s ‘need for space’, the fearless initiative of Venus in Aries can tumble lovingly through a person’s defensive barricades.

So use the energy of this Venus transit to bravely show affection to those you care about instead of withholding love due to fear of rejection or because you’re nurturing some silly grudge. But do so with care: observe yourself and don’t overdo it in the pushiness department, respect the other person’s boundaries and match your actions to their responses. You don’t want to push them away in the process!

Venus is Aries can also be an asset if you have an unhealthy power dynamic in your relationship. Maybe the other person is controlling or you are compromising on things that matter to you. Dominance and submission in relationships is complex and many people enjoy playing out these roles in a healthy, consensual way. However if you feel you’re under the thumb, or a doormat, being abused or taken advantage of, then Venus in Aries can help you assert yourself and stand up for your own needs.

Venus in Aries in the natal chart

If you have Venus in Aries natally you’re not naturally wired to consider the needs of others. Instead you go for what you want, what you need. Therefore it’s essential to choose a partner who can assert themselves and let you know exactly what they need from you. If you choose someone with a tendency towards martyrdom, say Venus in Pisces, it may seem to work well at first, however over time resentment and anger are likely to build up.

Those with Venus in Aries in the natal chart have the advantage of being very assertive when it comes to love and will simply come out and declare what they feel, which can really help clear the air. They are also highly unlikely to be taken advantage of or abused.

Others may find Venus in Aries folk a little selfish or inconsiderate, perhaps lacking in the finer points of romance, decorum and diplomacy. Working on tact and empathy will be very helpful if your goal is to get along with others and avoid unnecessary conflict.

Like any planetary placement much depends on the aspects that are formed to other planets and points. For example a sextile or trine from natal Venus to the Moon or Neptune will help with empathy and emotional connection, while a square to Mars or Uranus will ramp up the potential for conflict and strife in relationships.

If you don’t have a natal chart, download one for free at, then download my ebook The Language of Astrology to learn how to read it and follow the transits in your own life.

Will transiting Venus in Aries affect you?

Venus in Aries will resonate most strongly for those who have Venus placed in Aries or the 1st House natally. You may also feel it if you have strong natal aspects between Venus and Mars. Those with planets or points in Aries will feel this energy very strongly when Venus transits these natal placements over the course of the month. The area of your life that will be most affected depends on which house Venus is transiting in your chart.

While Venus in Aries can be fiery, combative and a little pushy, it can also provide us with the bravado to show our feelings more openly and honestly. Those with this placement natally may be able to give us some tips on how this energy can be used to build healthier, more affectionate relationships. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences below.

4 Comments on Venus in Aries: strengths and opportunities in relationship

  1. This post touches on a couple things that are truly relevant to me personally at the moment, so it was a really good read. Thanks!
    (Mars and Midheaven in Aries are waiting for Venus).

  2. All the Arien aspects will be opposing my planets (moon, venus and uranus) in the 8th house!

  3. I have Mars in Libra. I’m not very or let me rather say, I’m not consistently assertive….. I would rather seek a balance than win. ( Although the people who live with me would disagree.) So how I feel myself to be is at odds with the feedback I get.

    I wonder how Venus in Aries will feel? Comfortable or uncomfortable (?)

  4. Very interesting. I have Venus conjunct Mars in Aries 6th house – thankfully it’s not a very tight orb – but that’s the only aspect to Venus in my chart. I often feel that Mars slightly puts Venus in the shadow because looking at Venus as the feminine the only way she can make herself known in my life is through the Masculine. The return is exact during the first week of April.

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