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Venus in Capricorn as Mercury activates Uranus-Pluto square

Venus in Capricorn Disconnected by Erin Ko.

Venus moved into cool as a cucumber Capricorn on Sunday and this will be a definite calming energy as Mercury conjoins Pluto and triggers the very-much-still-active Uranus-Pluto square. This is a volatile combination that may have you speaking a little more harshly than you might otherwise, perhaps even getting caught up in verbal conflicts over power. There is also a danger of obsessive and negative thoughts so stay awake and aware!

The problem with Venus in Capricorn is that her coolness doesn’t come from a place of detached, quiet acceptance. Instead Venus in Capricorn tends towards the strategic in relationships and remains a little apart and emotionally uninvolved because it suits her need to be objective and independent. She avoids dramas of all kinds, seeing them as impediments to her progress, but this can mean that she fails to engage with others on a deeper level.

Mercury conjunct Pluto is exact today but has been creeping up on us for the past week. In fact Mercury conjunct Pluto has been exact already, on Friday 22 January, while Mercury was in retrograde motion. Now in direct motion Mercury’s energy is again turned outward and things that may have been bubbling beneath the surface, particularly resentments towards those you feel are in a more powerful position than you, may erupt in dramatic ways.

Mercury conjunct Pluto remains in orb until Tuesday 4 February so watch your thoughts and words during the coming week. There may be a tendency to fixate on negative or self-destructive thoughts and to lash out at others. The cool detachment of Venus in Capricorn may come in useful here as you will be more conscious of the long-term impacts of your sharp words on the relationships you value and this may temper your actions.

Be careful however, as Venus in Capricorn can be prone to bottling things up. Even when she feels very deeply about something – think Mars in Scorpio – she may have trouble expressing her feelings to those she loves. With Mercury conjunct Pluto and square Uranus you may find that things you’ve been holding in come rushing to the surface in a violent explosion, shocking both you and those around you.

How will Venus in Capricorn affect you?

Venus in Capricorn will resonate most strongly for those with Venus placed in Capricorn or the 10th House natally. You may also feel it if you have natal aspects between Venus and Saturn. Those with planets or points in Capricorn will feel this energy most strongly as Venus transits these natal placements. For example in my chart I have the Sun, Moon and Venus in Capricorn; these planets will be triggered when Venus transits them in early February.

The area of your life that will be most affected depends on which houses Venus is transiting through in your chart. To check this look to see where the sign of Capricorn begins and ends in your chart. In my chart Capricorn begins at the end of the 7th House and continues through into the 8th, so this transit will impact these particular areas of my life.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

Two sextiles to the Mercury Pluto conjunction will lend a stabilising influence to the potential volatility of this transit. A sextile from Mars will help channel our intense and racing thoughts into positive action, while a sextile to Chiron will sooth any wounds we may inadvertently inflict with our sharp tongues. Use these sextiles to maximise the positive outcomes of this transit.

On 30 January Venus in Capricorn sextiles Neptune, an aspect that has the potential to open up a deeper level of connection with others and to foster empathy and compassion for those around us, as well as for ourselves. Tapping into this energy can be very beneficial in the aftermath of Mercury conjunct Pluto, especially if you have bridges to mend with someone!

Working with Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn will affect our way of relating with others but some of us will feel it a lot more strongly than others. If you’re one of those who will be personally affected you may feel as though a barrier has suddenly come between you and those you love and it may be difficult to express how you feel, even as Mars in Scorpio brings strong emotions into play. Have you been feeling Venus in Capricorn? Please share your experiences below.

9 Comments on Venus in Capricorn as Mercury activates Uranus-Pluto square

  1. Fear of the unknown is coming up quite a bit for me at the moment, maybe this is more fear of making a mistake

  2. Today, as Venus sextiles my Sun, I finally got around to writing (manifesting = capricorn) my part of a co-written (Venus) story. The story is very Plutonian/Uranian…I realize I may be tuning into the “vibe of the times.”

  3. I didn’t know where to put this comment – either in the Aquarius post or here, but this quoute: “…Now in direct motion Mercury’s energy is again turned outward and things that may have been bubbling beneath the surface, particularly resentments towards those you feel are in a more powerful position than you, may erupt in dramatic ways” is really spot on.

    The exact day that Mercury turned direct, I got fired from my new job! But this is where the Aquarius theme comes swimming in, on the waves of the P/U square activated in my 12th house where Pluto is lurking in the waters these years.

    I now see the bigger picture of what this aspect was to upheave for my part. One of the things was my emotional maturity/resilience (transit Pluto squaring natal moon in 8th from 2013 – 2015) – but the thing is… I have gone from a totally “corporate girl personality” and career-style to the complete opposite. During these years I met a great man which I left my roots and home town for – and my job was all about performance and large corporate / enterprise stuff. Prestige? You got it! But… heart? No.

    The man who fired me (my boss’s husband) was really nasty. Things exploding right in my head! But after a week or so I’ve come to realize that this was really for the best! Because after all of this upheaval, I’m not the same anymore. I don’t fit into the corporate spirit in the way I used to do. I want to use my skills in something totally new, something with a higher purpose for humanity (Hello, Aquarius!)

    My ascendant is at 4 degrees Aquarius, Uranus is placed 4 degrees from my MC in the 9th house – and I have MC at Sagittarius. The 10th house is not only about career, but WHO ARE YOU in the public eye, in the outer world. And right now I simply can’t go back to this career life/style.. But WHAT then?

    The fact is – I don’t know. But I finally feel “closure” on the past 3-4 years of upheaval. Pluto will be sextiling my sun in a short time, and I hope that this will strengthen my personality. Also, I am glad that Saturn will teach me WHO I REALLY AM during his visit to my 10th house.

    So… sometimes getting fired is really an opportunity to find your real self, who you really are beneath all that armor of the daily life!

  4. Also, I am a stellium Scorpio with 4 personal + Jupiter in the 9th house. Almost all my planets are in the 8th house or Scorpio, so it has taken a little while to sink in, since Scorpios are preeeetty steadfast once a course is laid out :P

    So, making us listen AND change course + self image requires … lots of P/U squares ;-)

    • Sounds like you’re really riding these changes in a positive way Anette. Nice one! BTW have you considered joining the Know Yourself forum? I think you would really enjoy it… x

      • Hi Faith!
        Oh I completely agree, finally I’m seeing the bigger picture here. I don’t think you can outrun your destiny, but at least a lot of what has happened now makes good sense to me. Life must be lived in forward motion but being understood in backwards motion as Kierkegaard once wrote.

        I think all of us have had at least some area where our life has been turned upside down, but for a cardinal energy that has certainly been the case these past years! I’m only glad that it’s soon over, but also glad that I’m not a different (and – I think – better) person after all of this.

        I will definitely check out the Know Yourself Forum – thanks for the tip!

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